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    Nvidia announces Streamline, universal framework for super-resolution technologies, Intel is onboard.

    Nvidia Streamline has been designed so that developers have an easy plug and play framework between the game and render API. As the creator of Streamline, Nvidia already has DLSS and DLAA plugins ready, and it is preparing an NIS plugin, as well as a real-time denoiser filter. "Instead of...
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    Any gaming laptops with a better screen than the Legion line?

    I'm on the hunt for a gaming laptop that will last me a little while. Looking through the crop of mid-range to more enthusiast tier, none of them have a screen comparable to the Legion series. I've digged through ASUS' G and SCAR, MSI's GP and GE, haven't seen Acer's models yet. All of the...
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    Graphite pads application

    I've been researching graphite pads as a potential replacement for thermal paste for my laptop, and I saw that every single application out there just dump the pad straight on the die/IHS. From what I understand TIM were used to fill in microscopic holes on the surface of the IHS/die and...
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    Buy a laptop with 7700HQ now or wait for potential 6C Coffee-Lake H laptops?

    As titled, I'm torn between just getting the Dell Inspiron 7677 now with I7 7700HQ and 1060 6GB MaxQ, or wait for mobile Coffee Lake with 6C. My understanding is that we should see mobile Coffee Lake show up next year, maybe Q1/Q2, since desktop parts have launched. Benchmarks have been leaked...
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    Colorful GPUs?

    Any1 used Colorful GPUs before? The cooler and power delivery seems solid, but past reviews have been pretty mixed. Over here it's the cheapest 1080Ti offering, so I'm pretty tempted to grab one.
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    First SMP game

    Obduction is now available This game seems to be the first one with SMP support. Can we get a quick test of this versus normal VR?
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    Zen gets even with Broadwell-E in Blender Rather iffy statement from AMD, but I think they must be quite confident to be able to state that directly. Zen's looking more and more appealing each day.
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    AMD 330% year over year

    Advanced Micro Devices +330% on the year, markedly outpacing all major semiconductor competitors Finally, some good news at last.
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    GTX 1080 custom extreme OC bios

    ASUS GTX 1080 Strix OC / LN2 Prep / BIOS / Experiences - Page 3 - HWBOT forum So this BIOS has no power limit and no voltage limit, and you can flash it onto the FE cards as well as a Palit 1080 JetStream one. Sounds interesting.
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    Mobile Pascal

    Over 100 models for these desktop mobile parts. AMD's mobile dreams this gen is absolutely crushed I think.
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    Sneak peek look at how NVIDIA emulates GPUs

    Very cool BTS look at how NVIDIA tests their GPUs. Anyone recognize the equipments?
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    GTX 1080 or 1070 + LG 24GM77

    As title states, I'm torn between buying a GTX 1080 and then a monitor upgrade later down the road, or a 1070 + the LG 24GM77 now, a 144Hz gaming screen that has pretty great reviews? Price are around the same for both options. Currently gaming on a BenQ GW2240 + GTX 970. I'm 100% sure the...
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    RX naming scheme revised.

    Some really weird technical specs in this structure if you ask me. :wideyed:
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    1080s best selling high-end GPU in history

    Geforce GTX 1080 sold out, selling excellent Well, fuck... Someone at NVIDIA must be having a big fat bonus check, plus vacations and hookers right about now. Founder's Edition must've padded NVIDIA's bottom line nicely.
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    Ubisoft is cancer.

    Seriously, fuck them.
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    NVIDIA failure testing lab

    Always interesting to see what's behind the makings of a GPU. Some pretty interesting figures in there. 0.1% yield improvement equates to roughly $7 million/quarter improvement.
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    NVIDIA unveils Founder Edition - AMD to blame?

    If you haven't, check out this video first. Jay made a good point regarding HTPC/Mini-ATX builds that pretty much requires blower fans. Pretty much everyone who buys reference buys it because of a. water blocks/b. early adopter/HTPC crowd. Is the Founder Edition NVIDIA's attempt to target...
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    AMD is Fabless, Almost Certain to Secure a Profit in Q2 2016

    AMD is Fabless, Almost Certain to Secure a Profit in Q2 2016 As reported here, RTG will now take over CPU development on top of GPU development. AMD management seems to be getting more and more competent. Great news!
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    Can I get the Go to unread post link back?

    Can't seem to find the link on the latest GUI. Without it navigating long threads become a huge nightmare to me :(
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    Cheap gaming smartphone

    Hi guys, I'm in the market for a budget gaming smartphone. I have 2 requirements, which is very low touch latency and smaller size, <5 inches. Budget will be around <$200 for a brand new hand set. Suggestions for used are also welcomed. The reason I'm asking is that I just found out that a...
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    Nvidia to host 1st Vulkan Dev conference What do you guys make of this? Do you expect Nvidia to spearhead Vulkan and AMD to meekly follows?
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    Driver improvements over time

    LTT just did a short vid on driver performance over time for a 480. Pretty good I must say. Though 3 years is a long time to wait for an extra 20-30% performance. But then again, I guess it's gonna be the norm from now on, what with the...
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    5820k or 4790k for IT pro

    Hi guys, I went and busted my 3570k trying to delid it. Seeing as how it's been almost 2 years since getting that build, I thought about getting an upgrade instead of just buying a replacement. So now I have 2 options. 1: Maximus VII Hero + i7 4790k + 16GB DDR3 (2133 CAS9/2400 CAS11). Will...