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    How to bypass CGNAT using a VPN to access my web server.

    I setup a webserver but my ISP blocks port forwarding because I am using mobile internet. The ISP is CGNAT. I need port 80 open I heard if i setup or use a VPN server i can link it to my webserver then my website will be visible to anyone? How exactly does this work? Where is the VPN located...
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    Upgrading processor. does code name and socket type matter?

    I need to upgrade my old CPU which has a socket of FCLGA1155 and it's a sandy bridge. The processor is Pentium Processor G640 Is that all i really need in order to upgrade? Will all FCLGA1155 socket types fit my motherboard? even if the code name doesn't match I looked online and i found a...
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    Mini pcie card to ethernet not working boot loop

    I wanted to add a second Ethernet port of my computer so i bought a mini pcie card to ethernet I installed it, and when i boot the computer I see the post message then it goes black and boots up again and i see the post message, it just keeps doing that, a boot loop if i take out the card, it...
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    What is this slot? msata, m.2 ssd? toughbook CF-31W

    I bought a cf-31 on an auction online, and i was looking around inside of it and i found a port which seems to look like either a wireless card or for a half size msata it already has a wifi card, so i dont see why it would have 2 slots for wireless card but i tried a big msata from my...
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    Can i put 2 severs/websites on 1 static ip?

    My isp only gives me 1 static ip and i have 2 servers, i put a switch after my modem then connected 2 cables to my servers is this possible? or would i need a router in front? i want to skip the router this is my setup
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    How to setup vlans Netgear

    I'm trying to setup 2 vlans. I got the router working but i have no idea how to setup vlans using a NetGear device. Netgear uses the words like untagged and tagged and PVID This is how my setup looks so far How do i setup those 3 ports on the switch? Do i tagged them, or untagged them and...
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    How to know if display port, dvi, vga adapter is active or active

    I am looking to purchase a couple of adapters, displayport to dvi displayport to vga but i need active adapters and not passive how can i know if they are active or passive?
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    will a dvi kvm switch affect my gaming? causal gamer

    i am causal gamer, play once a week my monitor only has 1 dvi port, and i have 2 desktops, which use dvi in the graphics card if i buy a dvi kvm switch, will there be lag when i play games?
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    VisionTek RX 570 Dual Fan OC 4GB - DVI Port?

    i got this VisionTek video card that has 5 ports: 3x display port, 1 x hdmi, 1 div i tried to setup 3 screens using the following ports: 1 display port, 1 hdmi, 1 div but the dvi port does not seem to be working, i tried different variations using the dvi port yes, i know i can use the...
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    fm transmitter/mp3 player/device that lets you delete songs

    i stream and rip music on my computer(muted) which i let run for 2 or 3 days straight, that's gives me many many songs, about 400 to 800 after deleting the duplicates in seconds with a linux command, so after that i copy the mp3's on a usb and insert the usb on my fm transmitter this is...
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    can i find my phone without data, wifi or data simcard

    i have a spare phone which i use in my car for gps, i use an app called offline maps for gps, works great lets say someone stole my phone, am i able to track my phone with an app? the thing is, its a spare phone and it doesn't have wifi, data, or sim card, i tried to track it using my...
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    23.8" LG 24MK430H Specifications Bezel

    How can i figure out what size the bezel is on any monitor, I'm trying to figure out exactly the height of this monitor the 23.8" LG 24MK430H i looked everywhere online but it doesn't say the bezel size, i looked on lg's site and all i can find is...
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    horizantial lines/waves from bottom to top on lcd monitor

    i have a LG Flatron W2242TQ that has horizontal waves/lines from the bottom to top of the monitor what exactly is causing this? another of my monitors is doing this also, video below
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    acer led monitor darker to lighter gradient running top to bottom

    i have a 23" acer monitor model: G236HL the bottom of the monitor is lighter than the top it's like a gradient it goes starting at the top(darker) slowly gets more (lighter)bottom what could be...
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    possible to thether mobile data to laptop via ethernet?

    I want to thether my mobile data to my laptop. but the wifi card broke in it, and the blue tooth broke also the ethernet port works fine,. is this even possible?? which adapter would I have to buy to plug into the charging port of my mobile phone to go to my laptop's ethernet port I know...
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    using a type c usb to ethernet while charging at the same time

    my plan is to keep my phone always plugged in to the Ethernet and always plugged in charging im thinking of buying this for my mobile phone, but the problem is if i plug that in then the port will be used up and i won't be able to charge it, that means i will have to unplug in for an...
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    task manager shows 4.02GHz but processor is only 3.60GHz

    i have a i7 7700 which is a 3.60 GHz processor, it also says base speed 3.60GHz in the picture, it's not a 7700k, so i can't overclock my processor but my task manager says it's currently at 4.02 GHZ under speed, how is it going past 3.60GHz if my processor is only a 3.60GHz
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    is the cable the same for both usb 3.0 and 3.1?

    i just realized why i have not been getting the max speeds when i was transfer files on my usb 3.0 flash drive it was because i was using a usb 2.0 cable, i didn't know the cables mattered i run the cable from my desktop to my desk so i can easily plug in the usb so now im looking online...
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    help me and explain to me my ssd speeds,

    all my hard drives are ssd's except for three, why are most of the timing cache 10,000 MB/sec i thought the non ssd's would be slower from my screenshot, can you guess which ones are non ssd's? i thought so too, but sdc says 515.54 mb and it's not even an ssd, why is so fast
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    fried my hard drives, bought same hard drive, tried chip board on old hard drive, but no luck

    Here's what happened, I fried my hard drives, which were about 6 months old. I used a cable from another psu and it fried my hard drives. I didn't know i'm not supposed to use cables from other psu's Well it's too late and my hard drive fried and they smell like smoke. And they don't spin. So...
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    Build my own city software

    I have some spare time on weekends, and i want to build my own city with mountains, houses, beaches i have some ideas in my head which i would like make, im am not good at drawing plus i like computers, i dont need people in my city, i simply want to build a city then show my friends what i...
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    Need a free webcam security software

    I got a usb camera that i bought from amazon, i installed it outside my front door, i use it as a security monitor currently i just use to see whos at my door, i dont have any recording software yet whats the best free security camera sofware. i looking for the software to record for 48...
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    Monitor On Time 3.9 million hours, black screen Samsung SyncMaster 225BW

    I have 2 monitors both are Samsung SyncMaster 225BW, both bought them used last year at a garage sale for 10 bucks The one monitor started giving me problem lately. It goes black after a while and i have to disconnect it from the power and leave it off for a few minutes, then it works for a...
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    vram fell of my memory stick

    im not sure what those square black things on my memory stick are called, i think they are vram? anyways, my "vram" fell off my memory stick how can i put them back on?
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    Rumblepad 2 not binding/showing controller picture buttons in games

    I recently installed my Logitech Rumblepad 2 on my desktop so i can play steam games. The controller seems to be working fine with no problems except.. The problem is when i am playing.. in the game it still says "E pick up" letter e as in the keyboard Why isn't it saying "Button...
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    Horizontal Colorful Lines Across Screen, Whats it mean in GPU terms

    What exactly does this mean in GPU terms, I tested several monitors, so i know its not the monitors, i tested several computers, so i know its not the computer Whats it mean when a GPU does this? What is my only solution, re-flash bios in gpu? i have another identical gpu and it works fine...
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    Why does my i7-7700 say Max Turbo Frequency 4.20 GHz

    What exactly does it mean up to 4.20Ghz, if my CPU is not a K processor, How exactly can i overclock/turbo boost my cpu if it's not a K processor, can someone explain this to me, this is my processor I...
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    What is CPU Cooler, mine always say 100% 5000 RPM

    What exactly is the CPU Cooler. Im going to assume its the CPU liquid/water cooler. This is the first system i've owned that has one of those liquid/water cooling Can someone explain something to me, under my thermal settings, it always says 100% and about 5000RPM i looked inside my...
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    jobs keep stopping - nginx

    I am using nginx as a reverse proxy. Everything works normal but after a couple days my website stops working. even if i reboot, it doesn't work. I have rebuild the server again, but again in three days it stops working, i think it has something to do with the hostname and jobs In the nginx...
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    help me understand hard drive speeds, 2 hard drives

    Hi! I have 2 laptop hard drives, im a little confused to why the slower rpm hard drive is faster than the other one。 i thought the slower rpm would equal slower drive but in my case it is the slower one is faster. One hard drive is 3.0 gps and the other one is 6.0gps double the speed...
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    I have 6,000usd help me build a rig

    My grandma gave me 5,000 for my birthday and i have 1,000 I really want to build a second mining rig. I don't pay for electricity so i want to take advantage of this. I already have a hard drive, so the only parts i need is 1. mining case with fans 2. 5 video cards 3. motherboard 4. processor...
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    RX 480 8GB doesn't show temperature

    for some reason my RX 480 8GB is not showing the temperature, ive tried msi afterburner, gpu-z and open hardware monitor but no success anyone have any idea why? i have 3 other cards but they are nvidias, and the temperature works fine is this normal for amd? do i need some special amd...
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    why do we need 400w if it only pulls 120w video cards & psu's

    I'm learning about psu's but i am a little confused lets take for example a gtx 1060 6gb It says: Graphics Card Power: 120W Recommended System Power: 400W i found out on a psu you should look at the 12v rail, what i...
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    which is better for gaming, core 2 duo E8400 or quad Q8200

    I am not a big gamer, i game about once a week, but when i game , i game big i have 2 computers, im trying to figure out which one is faster Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 @ 2.33Ghz or Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0 ghz they are both lga 775, so i can easily swap the processors, which one is...
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    psu burning smell/overloaded? how much psu do i need - mining

    well, my calculations were wrong or something, i'm not sure what happened, but heres the story i bought a killawatt meter so i could see how much watts my video cards use, the video cards in question are: gtx 970 4gb gtx 1060 6gb after testing, while mining, my cards used about: gtx 970 -...
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    how to install lineageOS/ twrp confused

    I am trying to install LineageOS on an old mobile that i no longer use It's a samsung note 2 But i am confused about the process What exactly is the first step? I heard i am supposed to back up my current mobile? Which program do i use to do that. Is the program called Offical TWRP APP...
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    can i put 7 video cards in this motherboard using risers?

    i want to make a mining rig using nicehash or winminer, i dont want to buy a new motherboard or other parts, as i have everything i need since i never sell my old computer parts, the only 3 things i need is: 7 x risers 1 x 1000w psu 7 x video cards the question is, can i put 7 video cards...
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    Can vmware esxi do this? multiple & different OS at the same time?

    currently i have 2 servers at home, but instead of using 2 servers i just want to use 1 server, because having 2 servers is overkill, i have windows serverOS on one server and linux serverOS of the other the servers are just for getting experience and learning i can easily install both...
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    Krack wifi attack, which devices are vunerable

    I'm a little confused about which devices exactly are the ones who are vulnerable and what exactly i should do I don't use wifi except at home, my question is, which devices are vunerable for example, i have: wireless router cellphone on wifi laptop on wifi i noticed cisco release a...
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    weird plug on old external IDE hard drive, what is it

    I found an old external hard drive at a garage sale, it still works, its about 160gb it has a weird plug, does anyone know what this is for? its not connected to anything, its brothering me, not knowing what it does, and what i could use it for