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    "Server RAM" for Ryzen 2700X?

    I am able to purchase some of this RAM -> quite cheaply, does anyone know if it is compatible with an X470 motherboard and a 2700X? I can't find any reason why this wouldn't work, especially since many AM4 boards list...
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    GTX 680 -> 4GB 770 or 780?

    Looking to upgrade/sidegrade my GTX 680. Primarily for Skyrim + mods @ 1920x1080, should I get a 4GB 770 or a 780? I am actually content with my 680, the problem is Skyrim with a ton of texture mods tends to stutter like crazy when turning around in a new area. Once the textures are loaded...
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    Recommend me a 27" AMVA /PVA/non-TN/non-IPS monitor for casual gaming

    I am finally getting fed up with the IPS glow on my U2412m. Ideally, I want to upgrade to a 27" @ 1920x1080 AMVA panel monitor which can play games like Skyrim/FPS singleplayers/etc without any noticeable input lag/ghosting ( I do not notice any ghosting on my U2412m, even in games like CoD...
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    NV Surround (3x 2412m) GTX 680 or SLI GTX 660 TI

    Hello all, I am thinking of trying out NV surround gaming on my 3 Dell 2412m monitors. Currently I have a single GTX 680 2GB. Would I be better off keeping this single card or selling it and purchasing 2x GTX 660 TIs in SLI?
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    Issues with PSU "sag" in my Lian Li v350

    For whatever reason, when I mount the psu in my v350 it sags and it looks like shit. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I am currently modding the case, and just recently put it back together. However, this PSU sag issue has been present since the beginning....:(
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    PMs not working

    Hey all, It seems as if my PMs are not working :( I tried sending a message and it does not show up in the sent folder.