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    HD 6950 Eyefinity Screen Tearing

    So I recently upgraded to a HD 6950 to run a single eyefinity setup with my 2x Dell 2407wfp, and 1x L246WP-BN monitors. I was previously using a Accell displayport to dvi active ATI certified adapter with a HD 5770 video card. I was running eyefinity with no issues whats so ever. Since I've...
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    (HELP!) mini Displayport to regular displayport adapter (eyefinity)

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm going to be purchasing a xfx 6950 2gb for single eyefinity solution at resolution 5760x1200.. I currently have an accell displayport to dvi active adapter, but I realized all the new cards use mini displayport. Can anyone recommend me a mini...
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    Will a Q6600 bottleneck a Radeon 6970?

    Hey guys, I'm currently running eyefinity on 24in monitors with an Radeon 5770. I was wondering if my Q6600 cpu running at 3.0ghz or corsair 620 watt psu would bottle neck if I upgraded to a Radeon 6950 or 6970. I planning on building a new pc later this year, but I'm currently looking for a...
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    Eyefinity Setup (Need a Display Port Adapter)

    I have my eyefinity equipment ready to be setup, but I'm still missing a display port adapter. I preordered the Accell DP > DVI Active Single Link Adapter from, but I don't know when it will be shipped out. Would a display port to hdmi adapter work the same as the dvi or vga...
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    Video Card Suggestion for Eyefinity?

    Hey guys, I'm looking into purchasing a video card for a 5670x1200(16:10) eyefinity setup. Since I have a non sli or crossfire motherboard, I'm stuck with a single card solution. I just want a card to hold me down for about a year until I decide to purchase a new computer. So its either the...
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    Single Nvidia 295 GTX for Nvidia Surround (Non SLI Mobo)

    Hey guys, I wanted to know if I would be able to run a Nvidia 2d surround setup with a single 295 GTX on a non sli capable motherboard (Abit IP35). I'm trying to find the cheapest and most efficient to run 2d surround until I build a new pc sometime next year. I have a LG L246wp and 2x Dell...
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    Can my current setup support 460gtx or 470gtx SLI? (Corsair 620HX)

    Hey guys, I know there’s another post similar to this, but I just wanted to make sure my current setup would be able to run a eyefinity or nvidia surround configuration (3x 16:10 monitors). I currently do not want to build a new computer, so I was looking at my options to either...
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    Abit IP35 vs Abit IP35 Pro Overclocking

    I'm trying to learn how to overclock a Q6600 G0 higher then 3.0ghz on a Abit IP35 motherboard. I found multiple guides for the Abit IP35 Pro, but none for the regular IP35. Are the overclocking settings for the Pro the same for the regular board or are they different?? Thank you for your help!
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    Abit ip35 "AHCI" issue

    Hey guys, I'm trying to reinstall Vista 64bit on my Velociraptor with Ahci enabled, but I'm having a bit of an issue. When Ahci is enabled and I try to boot from the dvd rom, it doesnt get detected and goes striaght to booting from the hard drive. Both my dvd rom and hard drives are sata. If...
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    Official Razer Barracuda AC-1 Driver v2.23 (Vista)

    Official Vista drivers has finally came out,9