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    When is Ethereum Proof of Work/mining actually going dodo?

    When are we actually not gonna be able to mine for Ethereum anymore? My best guess after sifting through FUD is 1st quarter 2022 around February. Anyone have better intel? Speculation and random guesses are welcome.
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    9900KF 5.4, lapped die, direct die, no avx offset, no hyperthreading, evga 390 dark

    Thought to share since this is hard forum. Haven't ran it longer than just over 5min, don't know if I will cause not a realistic use case for me. Pain in the rear to lap a die, my first time, took .3mm off the top. Not a pro here by any means, just an enthusiast having fun. Scores 1612 on C15...
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    EPYC 72F3 vs 5800X

    Viable competitor? 72F3 boosts to 4.1 but is it overclockable? Has 256MB L3 Cache vs 32MB on the 5800X. What socket is it, anyone know? EPYC 73F3 with 16 cores 256MB L3 Cache also looks tasty.
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    Titan A anyone?

    Anyone waiting to see if a full chip Titan A comes along? 3090 is cool but it's a neutered Ampere A100. A100 has "13,824" cores, while 3090 has "10,496". That 3,328 core difference would be over 30% more performance than a 3090...
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    RTX 30 Specs Are up

    Guess I will be getting a 3090 after all. Nvidia website says it has 10496 Cuda Cores sweet! :troll: Turns out those aren't physical cores but more of a marketing number based on expected performance. Weak. 3080 is decent...
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    Will there be a Titan A, or is 3090 it?

    Any indications of a Titan A out there?
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    Asus ROG Phone 3

    Anyone else looking at picking one up next month? Doesn't support Verizon or TMobile/Sprint though from my understanding. There are reports from folks on xda forums that it has VoLTE out of the box...
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    Socket GPU's

    Was thinking (or not), why do I have to pay for more HBM memory and another gpu "motherboard" when nextgen GPU's arrive if I already have high end stuff on my Titan V? I only want the GPU chip! GPU's should be modular, change my mind.
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    Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut issue

    Recently bought some Conductonaut and it appears to have solids in it that would prevent a flat mating surface, I have experienced high temps because of it. See pic. Is this normal?
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    Samsung HMD Odyssey

    Who's picking one up? I plan to pick one up for flight sims. Flyinside is working on microsoft mr support, and steam support appears to be solid. Also gonna do racing games and DCS World flying.
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    Headset for Sit down gaming and sims

    Best headset for sit down sims racing/flying/space? Would like 6dof to be able to look around things in an aircraft cockpit. Which does it better, the Oculus or HTC or other? Which has better sensors for this? Don't plan to move out of my seat.
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    Replacement for CMStorm with Browns

    Need to find a replacement for my trusty tenkeyless CMstorm with Cherry MX Browns. The reason is that I want a keyboard that has the numpad because I find games are using them more often. I intend to continue with the browns, just need a full keyboard. Don't need anything fancy like a rave...