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    Reloading, which drive for OS, Corsair Force 3 or OCZ Vertex 2

    Installing some new hardware over the weekend. New mobo supports Sata 3. Should I load windows on my Corsair Force 3 240gb drive, or stick with my current Vertex 2 120gb for OS duties? The drive without the OS will be used for general programs, which makes the larger Force 3 more appealing as I...
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    Anyone here with over 10000hrs on their DDC?

    I'm just curious at the real world survival rates for Liang DDC pumps. I have at least 20,000hrs on mine, probably more. I've had it for about 3.5yrs...and its been in use for the majority of that time in a rig who's up-times are metered in months (server of sorts, never gets shutdown) It...
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    Degraded performance, low GPU utilization

    Hardware: Phenom II 965 BE AsRock 890fx Deluxe 3 4gb DDR3 @1600mhz HD 5850 XFX 650w PSU W7 64bit An E-buddy of mine built the rig last November, and things were working great. However sometime in December his game performance significantly deteriorated. What was once well over 200fps...