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    Did Global Agenda ever "fix" their widescreen woes?

    Regarding this post: Global Agenda announced that they are going subscriptionless (probably already a post somewhere in here on that), and the game is 33% off on Steam. I'm looking at it, and either my forum...
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    City of Heroes: Do you want Eyefinity support?

    Given the reaction from HardOCP over Global Agenda's treatment of multi-monitor support, and BioShock 2's multi-monitor problems, maybe the forces of Tech can be used for Good rather than Retribution. For those interested in the basic details, the thread on the City of Heroes forum is here...
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    What happened to the PCIe 16x 16x motherboards? Does it even matter for Crossfire?

    Currently my main system is using an Asus M2R32-MVP motherboard. The board has served me well, going from a Socket AM2 3200+ to the 6000+ to the current Phenom 9600... but after a disaster with a DFI LanParty x58-TH36 where I wound up with 12gigs of DDR3 memory (2 kits of triple channel 6gig...
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    Is the Cooljag Falcon II any good? I7 920 in Apevia X-Qpack Case

    Okay: short version. I've got an I7 920 processor on DFI's Micro-ATX Crossfire / SLI board. It's not running yet due to problems with incompatible memory ... but I hopefully should be in a position to obtain compatible memory next week. On the first power-up though, I noted that the stock...
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    Newegg RMA department - shipping "issues"

    figured I'd toss this up here since there are newegg ads all over the forums and HardOCP. small picture to show sort of what happened. This is the first time that I've ever had such brain dead...
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    Off the wall question about Windows 98 and NTFS

    In a chat room just a few minutes ago, I saw this comment Now... I called bunk on the comment stating that the only Windows 98 releases were Windows 98 (FE) and Windows 98 Second Edition. According to, these are the only two branded versions of Windows 98. So... my question...
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    IDF + Intel + Surferboy = wha?? Okay. Honestly. If your so addicted to email that you have to check it while surfing, there's something wrong with you.
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    System List : IANAG! (yeah, right)

    finally got around to giving my systems list a much needed overhaul I realize placing a list of systems in the [H] forum is the equivelent of asking to have my host /.'ed, but I'll risk it to be a showoff for once :D
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    Ack-its-lame... I mean, Acclaim going under Probably other linkups with more data out there... but it appears that Acclaim employees are now going without pay and that some have been locked out of their studios...
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    Replacement fan for 9800 PRO AIW

    hiya's... basically, my fan is dying on one of my ATI 9800 Pro AIW cards.... any suggestions for replacing the fan?
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    CS: Source not loading on A64 systems

    kinda of going for a reality check here. I have no troubles loading the CS : Source game onto my P4 and AXp systems. But when I try to load to any of the A64 systems the game loads up and I get the double faced ops, then the game CTD's. I've tried looking on the Steam Forums, but no help...
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    Reply to Steve's front page reg link for Nintendo

    once again I see a [H] news person display a shocking lack of knowledge about a subject. Wether or not you like it, Nintendo has the creds to speak about online functions and play that neither Sony Nor Microsoft have. Nintendo was one of the first gamer organizations to go online. Their so...
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    Need some more stupid mobo help, atapi error

    Recently given an old HP and old Compaq comuters I decided to rob the systems of parts and ressurect a Gigabyte GA-7ZX with a Duron 750 using the other computers RAM, Hard-drive, cables, Cd-drives and power supplies (the last of which turned into a no-go and I put a junk 500watt in there...
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    HiTech Hate seems to have misplaced his pro-Xbox post.

    I got this little PM from somebody. Seems to think he's something. Well Hitech-Hate. You misplaced your message. This should have gone to the trash bin. um. No. The Xbox is a standard PC with a non-standard Celeron Processor. Correct. The Xbox actually has a list of games that...
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    Small... slow... problem with a mobile.

    I already posted this on Anand... so now I'm going to see if the uber geeks here can help me fix this. Oh... and C'n'Q ? it is disabled. CPU-Z version 1.21. CPU(s) Number of CPUs 1 Code Name ClawHammer Specification Mobile AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 2800+ Family / Model /...
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    What keyboard mouse combo you use to game with?

    I was about to put this in the general hardware thread... then decided I post this here. I'm sure everybody has a preference for game controllers, wheels, and other devices, but I'd like to know... what keyboard mouse combo do you use? Me? I prefer Datel's/Mad-Catz PowerBoard/Sharkboard...
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    Need some help unlocking HT on Dell Optiplex GX270

    As the title states, I'm dealing a Dell Optiplex GX270 computer. The computer is running the Intel P4 2.8ghz. According to CPU-Z Number of CPUs 1 Code Name Northwood Specification Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz Family / Model / Stepping F 2 9 Extended Family / Model 0 0 Brand ID...
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    Need some help for a stupid networking mistake

    Some time ago I picked up 2 WRT55AG Linksys routers as I needed one to network, and the other as an access point... I figured... perhaps wrongly at the time, that I could just stick the second router in bridge mode and it'd work like an access point and draw and give the IP's from the first...