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    Just going to leave this here... :p
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    Hyper-V vs VMware

    ***DISCLAIMER*** This thread is not intended to start a religious war on Hyper-V vs VMware! I recently held a session at a technical conference intended to outline the actual differences between Hyper-V and VMware that isn't found in the marketing fluff, blogs, and FUD out there on the...
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    Host still thinks it has registered VMs after reboot

    Got a 5.0 cluster running on UCS and just put a host in maintenance mode and upgraded the firmware on it. It comes up fine but doesn't reconnect to vCenter on its own. vCenter reports the user name or password is incorrect. No big deal. I choose "Reconnect" and input the root account info...
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    Block bug in ESXi 5.5

    Anyone heard of this? A co-worker forwarded me an email he received from another co-worker who is heavy on the Netapp side stating that Netapp has found an issue with ESXi 5.5 on block storage (FC, FCOE, and iSCSI) across all hardware vendors. Currently there is no ETA on a patch but in the...
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    vSphere Replication Product Interoperability Matrix typo?

    Does neither Replication 5.5 or 5.1 support ESXi 5.1 U2 or is that a mistake? According to the Product Interoperability Matrix ESXi 5.1 U2 is not supported for Replication 5.5 or 5.1.
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    Synology and VMware tricks

    Any of you guys using Synologies have any little tips or tricks you've used when running it as a VMware datastore? I just got a DS1812+ yesterday. I've got mine set up right now as an NFS datastore with two SSDs as cache and 5 drives in RAID 5 with one volume on it. I was expecting to be...
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    Onboard NICs and Jumbo frames

    Don't ever take for granted that a desktop onboard NIC can do jumbo frames. Wasted an hour in my lab troubleshooting a networking issue and this ended up being the case. Felt like I had time warped back to 2005. Who makes motherboards with NICs that don't support Jumbos? What does that save...
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    vCenter fun

    In my lab I have 3 domain controllers: 2 running Windows 2012 and a brand new one running 2012 R2. Last night I decided I wanted to get all of them up to 2012 R2 so I moved the FSMO and Schema master roles to the existing 2012 R2 machine, demoted the first DC, removed it from the domain, and...
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    vSphere 5.5 is out

    Got disgusted watching the Minnesota Vikings fall for a fake punt and a fake field goal within a 5 minute span so jumped on my computer and happened to check VMware's download page. 5.5 download commencing. This should take my mind off how bad my football team sucks.
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    Nexus 1000v upgrade

    Let me preface this by saying I have never worked on the Nexus 1000v before, outside of a short stint of setting it up in my lab then uninstalling it. After being tasked with assisting a client with upgrading their VMware environment and Nexus switches, I've been going through the process in my...
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    UCS C-Series and VIC 1225

    Anyone deployed this with VMware? I'm setting this up for a client where we're putting vSphere 5.1 on C-series hosts not managed by UCSM. I've created 8 vNICs with 1, 3, 5, and 7 pinned to uplink 0 and 2, 4, 6, and 8 pinned to uplink 1. I then create a vSwitch for management on vNIC 1 and 2...
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    UCS and Multi-NIC VMotion

    How have you guys been setting this up? One of the advantages of UCS is that if architected correctly, we can ensure VMotion traffic will stay local to the Fabric Interconnects. Prior to vSphere 5, we'd pin VMotion to Fabric A or B only with one vmnic as active and the other as standby...
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    VMWorld 2013 roll call!

    Who's going?
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    Breaking SSO HA

    Working with a client who mistakenly set up SSO in HA mode with the primary node being in their primary DC and the secondary node being in their DR site. Obviously this won't do them much good when the primary DC goes down and the secondary HA node can no longer reach the SSO database and since...
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    Migrating ESXi Boot LUNs

    Got a customer who is replacing their old Clariion with a VNX. A while back I set up their UCS environment and configured ESXi to boot from SAN. Obviously using Storage Vmotion for the VMs was a breeze but now I'm tasked with moving the boot LUNs. My original plan was to use SAN Copy, update...
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    Fun issue with Starwind iSCSI

    Been running Starwind iSCSI since August or so and haven't had a single problem with it. Noticed that there have been a few updates since then including a fix that disables VAAI as they've seen issues with it. "OK," I thought. "I have to reboot my file server anyway for Windows updates so...
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    Does this laptop not exist?

    I'm in the market for a new laptop but am tired of toting around a 15" 6lb beast when I travel. Using a laptop that large just does not work on an airplane. So I've been looking at 14" and 13.3" laptops but am exacerbated by the fact that every manufacturer has a hard on for 1366x768...
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    PEX 2013

    Who's going this year? I'll be there early for the boot camps along with a handful of other people I work with. Should be fun. If anyone wants to meet up for drinks, speak up. I've met a couple of you in person and it would be interesting to put a few more faces to the names.
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    Passed the VCAP5-DCD tonight

    Holy shit that was a brutal test. Almost 4 hours of multiple answer and Visio style design scenarios. Definitely harder than the DCA. Time to plant my ass on the couch and crack open a bottle of wine with my wife. :D
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    Windows 2012 SAN

    Going to build a Windows 2012 SAN to see how it performs compared to ZFS. Here's the specs: AMD Athlon II X2 2.8GHz 32GB RAM 8x 2TB 7200RPM drives 2x 240GB Intel 330 SSD drives Intel PRO 1000/VT quad port Gb NIC I plan on creating a Storage Pool comprised of the 8x 2TB drives with one...
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    Took the VCAP5-DCA today

    Doozy of a test. The time limit was the worst part. I'm confident I successfully completed more than half the tasks and partially completed all but 4 of the others. But I won't find out if I passed for 3 weeks. Anyone else take it? Thoughts?
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    At my wits end!

    A friend who owns a small business asked me if I would build him a computer. Knowing that I had some parts around, I agreed. Here are the specs: AMD Phenom II X4 945 @ stock MSI 870A-G54 motherboard, latest BIOS 4x2GB DDR3 1600 G.Skill RAM running at 1333 MHz, CL9 Hitachi 7K500 SATA hard...
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    ZFS performance tuning

    I've been reading information about getting the best performance out of ZFS and was looking for additional input. Currently I have 8x WD5000AAKX drives in a RAIDZ1 pool. These are 4k drives and OpenIndiana creates the pool with ashift=9. From what I'm reading, it would be advantageous to...
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    Motherboard recommendation for ZFS file server

    Would anyone have a recommendation for a motherboard to use on a ZFS file server? After over a month of struggling, I'm finding the ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 is not the solution. I'm using an IBM BR10i flashed with IT firmware, a cheap Syba card just to give me 4 more SATA ports, an Intel quad...
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    USB UPS + OpenIndiana

    Anyone have a USB UPS connected to an OpenIndiana host? My file server and ESXi hosts are connected to a CyberPower 1500VAR UPS. I've done some Googling and haven't found much and CyberPower only offers a Linux binary. I'd like a simple daemon that will tell the file server to power down...
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    Any advice?

    Decided two weeks ago to build my own ZFS file server to replace my aging Debian box. My old file server served as an iSCSI and NFS share for my vSphere lab plus a CIFS share for my family to store pictures, music, etc. Several iterations of ZFS based file servers should easily be able to...
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    Considering a ZFS build

    Currently I'm running a home built file server running Debian. It has 4x250GB WD RE3 drives connected to a Dell Perc5i in RAID 5 which I use as an iSCSI datastore for my two ESXi servers. On top of that, there are 3x1.5TB drives in software RAID 5 I use for my home file share (photos, videos...
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    VMware Converter error

    Performing some P2V's for a client and had a strange issue with Converter today. Ran a P2V on a Win2003 physical server using Converter Standalone 4.0.1. Everything runs great until the process gets to 69% then the speed drops to about 200KB/s. It eventually crawls to 70% after another 30...
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    Strange 4850 issue - screen too high

    I've had my Visiontek 4850 ever since it hit the shelves at BB. It replaced my eVGA 8800GT. After installing it I began to notice that the screen was a tad too high on my Westinghouse LVM-47w1 LCD TV. I have the res set to 1920x1080 at 60Hz. Here's what it looks like. I maximize an...
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    Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4 doesn't see HDD on cold boot

    Just built a system for a friend and everything runs great. However, when bringing the computer up from a cold boot it doesn't detect the hard drive. Pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del at the No System Disk error allows the mobo to see the hard drive and it boots up fine. The HDD is a 500GB Seagate...
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    Big 3dMark06 disparity

    My main system is in my sig and I ran a 3dMark06 when I first built it and got a 12,200 at stock CPU, slightly OCed GPU. I'm building a system for a friend that has the following: AMD X2 5400+ 4GB PC6400 RAM 512MB 8800GT 700/2000 Gigabye 570 SLI mobo After getting the OS and some...
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    Abit IP35-E overclocking

    Anyone had much luck with this board? I got one on the Newegg deal and an E3110 from and am looking to start overclocking this CPU. I've looked on the Abit forums for a guide to overclocking with the IP35-E but no luck. Anyone familiar with what settings should be tweaked on this...
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    Audio and Video selector

    Does anyone know of one that can do the following: Have HDMI output, HDMI inputs, component inputs, optical audio inputs, and an optical audio output? I've been able to find ones with HDMI in and out or optical audio in and out but not both combined plus component. My wife and guests...
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    Recommendations for a lap desk

    I have a home theater set up in my family room and have been using TV trays to set the keyboard and mouse on while I web surf or play games from the couch. However, this kills my wrists after a few minutes. Plus, I have a 17" laptop that I also set on the trays when I need to work while my...
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    Small, low power IPCop router

    I'm trying to find appropriate hardware to build a small (mini-ITX, nano-ITX, etc) Linux router to mount to the wall next to my fusebox. The entire area will have a wooden cabinet built around it for aesthetics. The cabinet will have an intake fan on the lower left and an outgoing fan on the...
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    Can't get Catalyst Control Center to install

    I recently got a used Inspiron 6400 from another member here, installed Vista 64 bit on it, and everything is working fine. The only problem I've had is that ATI CCC will not install. I've had to use modded ATI Catalyst drivers for the Mobility X1400 since Dell doesn't offer 64 bit drivers...
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    Could someone knowing PHP or Perl help me?

    My boss came to me today and tasked me with making a simple web page containing a company memo and to have at the bottom a spot where those who read it can enter their first name in one field and their last name in a second field then click "Submit" to verify they've read the memo. I got the...
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    Building a low power file server

    I've got a trio of Seagate 7200.10 SATA drives that I want to build a low power file server around. I'll be using Debian As of now, I've been looking at getting a Pentium M 730 CPU (runs at 27W) with the following MSI motherboard...
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    Recommend good 24 port Gb switch

    Right now I'm running a D-Link DGS-1024D and am less than impressed. I'm looking to replace it with something that supports jumbo frames. Management doesn't need to be very robust since it will just be the backbone for my home network. Another nice feature would be noise since the switch...
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    Anyone know where I can buy...

    more drive bay covers for a Thermaltake Armor case?