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    i7 920 overclocking help!

    Right now I'm @ 3.8GHz with a QPI of 190. I can't seem to get past this wall, even with a 3841A batch processor it's requiring a lot of voltage to hold its own, I'm at 1.37 at the moment and way too lazy to keep running P95 for 12 hours everytime I move down a notch. QPI of 200 = forget it...
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    Need advice on getting into the sound game...HT speakers for PC gaming?

    I'm trying to figure out, if I have 6 identical bookshelf speakers (2 in front of me, 4 on the rooms corners) connected to receiver terminals via speaker wire, what is required to connect the receiver to a computer for full surround sound? As in, I can tell what clearly direction a bullet comes...
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    Quick how to use Memtest86+ question...

    Ran all 3 sticks on Memtest86+ v2.11 for 15 hours and it passed 20 times while I was asleep. Specs in sig, it's a i7 build. Do I have to test them individually too? If so, where do I place individual sticks? As in, do I take them out and put them on slot 1 or do I test the sticks in their...
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    Best card to get for 1680x1050 monitor?

    For a single slot solution, and a single 1680x1050 monitor, which would be the best card to get for the user, with future games in mind? Meaning, which card would be great now, and age well down the year (or max out games into the high 30FPS)? Is the GTX295 the best card for this monitor? Or...
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    GTA 4 Keeps Crashing/Freezing Even After Patch #2

    I just got the game, forget about trying to run it on the highest settings it doesnt even load the first level. I put it on medium and got into the car but it froze my entire system (specs in sig) after 2 minutes. The benchmark goes down after a few seconds. Sometimes it crashes right before...
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    Memtest-86 v3.5 only errors when all 3 ddr3 sticks are together?

    I've been testing each stick individually, they take about 10 minutes each and it says "Pass", thats when I take one out and put in another. They all "passed" but when I put all 3 of them together and test that I get 22 errors on slot 1 and the test freezes. Also it only shows slots 0, 1, 2...
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    Does Mirror's Edge sometimes have wierd AA for anyone else?

    Specs in sig, pretty much GTX 285 SLI (182.06) with everything highest and 16XQAA, most lines look good, but it seems when many lines are closer to each other they get funky. And it's extremely noticable when moving your view, couldn't show how that felt in the screenshot. And here's...
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    Can I put my GTX 285 in the third EVGA X58 PCI-E slot?

    It only runs in x8 speed when you have 3 cards right? Well I have two and to keep them cooler I want to put them in the top slot and the bottom slot. Both should run at x16, right?
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    Cryostatis, anyone? Also, Singularity?

    Crysostatis looks very interesting, yet Bioshock-ish from the screenshots and little videos I found. Supposedly it released Feb 13 in America, but I haven't heard any opinions on it. IGN says it releases April 14th. Anyone have this game? Also it...
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    Anyone cable managed their Antec 1200 w/ a Corsair PSU?

    Specifically the HX1000? I'm having a tough time doing properly, even though my PSU is modular (first time ever building let alone cable managing so go easy). I mean the left panel looks decent (pics in post #3) but the right panel behind the motherboard looks like an absolute mess. My SATA...
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    Memtest86 seems to be freezing (i7 build)

    OCZ Gold 3x2GB DDR3-1600 On build finish, went to BIOS and kicked up the RAM ratio to 2:12 and left everything default (BCLK 133 * 12 = 1596, close enough until I OC the CPU to 200 BCLK). Got a bunch of nvlddmkm.sys errors randomly in Vista, read in a lot of places it's due to bad RAM...
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    GTX 285 SLI running too hot idle...

    I don't understand it, it stays at these temps, I even have a Scythe 110CFM Kaze side fan on my Antec 1200 blowing into these cards (the side fan is plugged into the "Case Fan" port on the EVGA X58 motherboard), all Antec 1200 fans are on low. Anything I can do to fix this without ramping up the...
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    GTX 285 SLI ... P19266 in 3DMark Vantage?

    Not sure what settings the community runs at, all I did was choose PERFORMANCE preset and it did 2 graphics tests, 2 cpu tests and 6 feature tests. Do you guys run all these? With stock i7 920 and stock 285s, I get P19266, seems like one guy on the ORB site says he got P17000 with a single...
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    Valve Complete Pack

    Looking for some new (not necessarily meaning recent) games to play, realized every single one is made from Valve. I want to try CS:S for FPS practice, TF2 for team-play and need to buy L4D eventually. Also I want all those Half-Life's, I love every single one of them so far but never played the...
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    Will buy Deathadder if there's a solution to changing DPI in game.

    I'm starting to get too comfortable with the Lachesis, it's been about 2 weeks now and my rage for wanting to destroy this mouse because of it's uncomfortableness is fading. However, I find myself switching DPI in every single game that I play, it helps me a lot for guns (or it might be a...
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    Far Cry 2 blacks out sometimes?

    I installed FC2 on my i7 920/GTX 285 SLI/Vista x64 (aero enabled) setup (and installed 182.05 forceware yesterday) and FC2 blacks out when I move my mouse sometimes, like literally a black screen, I have to move it away and look elsewhere to go back to regular (first level in the car btw), what...
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    Should I trade in my Lachesis for a Deathadder?

    Has anyone had any decent/long-time usage with BOTH of these mice? I'm a righty, I have an unopened (since I'm thinking of trading it) Phantom White Lachesis that I hear nothing but complaints about cause it's supposedly not "comfortable". Does it get comfortable after a while or does it forever...
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    HOT, Almost Not! EVGA GTX 285 SC AR $303.88 Quick! DON'T POST! GO! 10 LEFT!
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    Games to buy for 1920x1200 GTX 285 SLI i7 4GHz setup?

    So I paid for this bamf hardware, now I wanna put it to use. What games should I get that are graphically awesome and/or has good gameplay, to take advantage of my new setup? 2004-present or upcoming games accepted! My list so far: Far Cry 2 (Haven't read reviews yet, this one is a bit...
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    In-Progress i7/SLI Build: The Vortigaunt

    So this is my first build ever, been researching for about 2 months now to get the best deals and timing of purchases that I could. Only waiting for desk, chair, surge protector, RCA cable and WD6401AALS right now. Parts List: Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz CPU [Batch: 3841A] (Foreshadowing a...
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    12V Rail set up for 2 GTX 285s on HX1000?

    So do I have to plug in one GTX 285 into 12V1 and the other into a 12V2? Or do I plug both into the permanent/non-modular 12V2 (coming out of the circle)?
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    Does Antec 1200 come with HDD screws?

    I'm about to buy an OEM hard drive from Newegg, and was wondering if I need to purchase screws with it? Or does the Antec 1200 already come with them (or even have a non-screw system or something)? Thanks.
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    How to power Push+Pull for TRUE 120 on X58?

    I know for one fan only on the TRUE 120 heatsink, you would plug in the the fan into the motherboards CPU fan port (or so I've read). What do you do for a push/pull set-up, however?
  24. H to hook up Behringer MS20 2.0 speakers to computer >_< ?

    Right speaker is connect to left speaker through one black cable. Power goes to right speaker. Where's the cable that connects any of this to the motherboard!??! Please tell me I am being stupid, I will lose my mind if they did not supply the wiring to connect it to my motherboard...
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    Why is the HX1000 upside down in the Antec 1200?

    On I noticed everyone posting pics of their Antec 1200 had their HX1000 upside down, why is this? I would like to put it in the regular orientation with the fan on bottom, but I believe something about the Antec 1200 not being raised off the ground enough...
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    Best price:performance 775 mobo & quad-cpu?

    My bro is a producer using a 3-4 year old AMD mobo/CPU combo (dual core 3.0GHz) and ProTools is making the system weak to it's knees. We were wondering what the most recommend socket 775 mobo + cpu is (in terms of price to performance). I know nothing about 775 (besides the Q6600 being a very...
  27. H shipped my EVGA X58 motherboard in a big box with brown paper on top -_-

    Should I be worried? The EVGA X58 arrived in the bottom of a oversized box with what seems to be a big roll of gods toilet paper on top of it, let's not even get started with how bad the box was taped. Oh and the motherboard box is nice, but the plastic it's heat-wrapped in is ripped on...
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    Movies that are made for 1920x1200?

    Sorry I've never watched a blu-ray before nor do I know if that's what I need, but but what kind of movies do I need to be getting to watch them at full quality and resolution? I'm trying to watch a DVD and it looks pretty crappy on fullscreen. Any insight on this is appreciated.
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    Where to buy 24" LCD stands?

    I got a Samsung Syncmaster 2443bw with the HAS stand, which I need to replace, I was wondering where can I go to see a variety of stands to buy (preferably small footprint, black)? Can be attached to desk, can be stand-alone. Googling didn't help much, got some lots of results for...
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    How to enable/disable the second video card?

    I haven't received the 2 GTX 285s yet, but for *certain* games that can't use SLI or lose performance due to it, how would I disable the second card like I'm supposed to? Is it in the nVidia control panel that will come with my drivers from Also, am I supposed to get drivers for 285s...
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    Fastest non-velociraptor WDs?

    I can't afford VelociRaptors into my budget, so what's the next best thing for Western Digital? Minimum capacity is 100GB, maximum budget is about $80 (without shipping/taxes). Can I do better than this?: I don't know...
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    2.0-2.1 bookshelf style speakers for PCs?

    I could just buy bookshelf speakers, but I'd need drivers/receivers, cables, converters all types of expensive mess. Just asking if anyone knows any small-medium speakers that look like bookshelf speakers but made for computers? Got Swan M10s at the moment, looking for replacement w/...
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    XFX, BFG, or EVGA GTX 285?

    Not sure who to buy from, they are all great. I like XFXs designs the best, I want the card the overclocks nicely too (hopefully I can flash one of their BIOSes into a BIOS that allows heavier overclocking). XFX: - Advantage...
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    Step to Assembling Your Build

    So you bought the parts, what now? (looking for anyone who's built a computer from scratch before to contribute by adding or editing steps for us beginners, I'll edit first post as necessary). ====================================================== 1. Get a nice big surface to work on...
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    Length of Half-Life 2 Episodes?

    How long does Episode 1 and 2 last? How about on the hardest difficulty? I'm trying to figure out a way to make them last longer without walking like a snail, cause I hear they're only about 3-4 hours or less!?
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    Funniest words you learned from gaming?

    Word: Roflwaffle Where: COD4 Definition (per Urban Dictionary): A waffle made of rofl. For example, see and strap up for l337ness. It's actually my L4D Steam name now. Your turn.
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    Maybe already asked, but how about the Off-topic forum?

    Or a General Discussion forum that's basically random stuff or not related to any of the other forums. I had a question on something I forgot that I couldn't post anywhere since it didn't fit in any of the hardware threads. I got a few questions on blogging, some naming help, homework, etc...
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    Cases better than Antec 1200 <= $200? Any Lian-Li's?

    Hey! I got a $200 budget for the case, I couldn't find anything better than the Antec 1200 in terms of space, airflow and dust-filtering <= $200. Do you guys know of any? Are there any Lian-Li cases out there or would those be worse? Thanks!
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    How much to save, for an entire water-cooling setup?

    So if liquid cooling is that much better than air-cooling, how much should I save up for a liquid-cooling kit? I'm talking about everything that's recommended for a sweet liquid-cooling setup, including CPU blocks, GPU blocks, etc., etc. whatever. I want a good one, even though I'm new to...