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    Counterfeit LG Monitor or price mistake?
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    So, I'm a idiot and need a recommendation on fixing my display.

    I have a 27" VG278HE that I got that had a scratch on it, while trying to buff out the scratch, I managed to fuck up the polarizer causing a 1/2" mark of white pixels on the lower-middle part of my screen. Anybody have experience replacing/repairing LCD polarizers?
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    Fury X - Price confirmed 649$

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    Good deal for a 500gb SSD?

    On craigslist and can do 100$ for a 500GB 850 Evo, worth the performance to justify the cash?
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    I can pick one up for 70$, worth it?
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    HD 518 Issues

    Detachable 2.5mm jack on hd 518 has problems.. Looking for a safe way to be able to keep the jack from moving, don't want to use super glue and ruin my cans.
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    Gigabyte UDR3 X58 Wont post/beep

    I bought a Core i7/X58 mobo combo off here and I got it and bought RAM from my local store and it wont boot. I tried a different psu, different video card, and a different stick of ram (same brand/model though..) that also worked in my P55 Core i3 Rig that runs perfectly fine. Is this a possible...