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    problem with youtube

    Hi, sole user of the PC, everything is a-ok except YT. Early this morning and for the past two weeks same routine, listen to YT and play PoE, this morning was no exception, but i had to do a food/smokes run, get back, decided to watch some trailers and just get errors. others have no problems...
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    950 pro + firmware

    hey updated my firmware = 500MB+ read loss can i revert somehow ? test 1 - as installed read- 2,092MB/s - write- 940 -IOread 279.467 -write 62.773 test 2 - nvme_21 drv, firmware as bought read- 1,731 - write- 904 -IOread 278.113 -write 62.439 test 3 - nvme_21 drv, new firmware read-...
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    getting new display

    current is dell st24 on a evga 1070 ftw, G.Skill 32gb ddr4, i7-6700k, 950pro. looking for a 27" 1440p, 100h+, preffer IPS, freesync? gsync? bullet to the head? or maybe a 4k UHD?.. choices... Asus MG279Q - Asus PG278QR...
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    Crucial M500

    my new PC is running the samsung 950 pro 256GB M.2, but i want to connect my old crucial M500 240, i've tried and tried but can't get it to initialize. HELP PC space In Win 303 i7-6700k Corsair H60 Asus z170-A 950 Pro 256GB Seagate 6TB external G.Skill Aegis 2x16GB 2400 EVGA GTX 1070 FTW EVGA...
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    HannsG HL273HPB 27" ?

    anyone have xp with monitor ? looking for a 24"+ for a second PC, perhaps ? your input appreciated
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    freezing issue browser only

    so i've got this freezing issue only happening with FF and Chrome, i can't pin point when it'll happen next, both browsers were fully uninstalled and reinstalled and i had FF freeze on me with 2 tabs opened when i tried that youtube type 1980 thing. following a restart i ran WhoCrashed and it...
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    keyboard issues

    M$ comfort curve 2000 nothing new was installed, à my backslash é forward slash shift 6 will be a question mark (not carrot) É shift question mark ç close bracket ^^ open bracket, gotta press it twice keyboard is set to Canada - US you get the idea, checked ALL settings...
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    wireless help needed

    help for a friend, he's tried pretty much everything, different drivers, different USB ports etc.. any ideas ? OS = Win 7
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    this is ridiculous

    $1200 case
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    got a big problem

    Hi, instead of repeating everything here's a link to what i've said and tried. TY.
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    i havent used this PC in over a yr, so i hook er up and problem is my barton 2500+ reset itself to 1.1ghz - this i fixed i had 2x512 pc3200 dual channel running @ 200mhz now it only recognizes 1x512 single chan nothing was touched since i stopped using the pc over a yr ago and i've tested...
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    PC Help (mobo)

    i got a Asus M2N-X AMD 5200+ X2 64-bit 2x2gig corsair dual channel 80 gig seagate 1 TB drive for back-up everytime i start my PC it works for 2-5-10 minutes then it just reboots and i can't boot for 5-10 mins. i'm sensing a mobo problem.. ideas please ? ?
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    new to SATA HD ?

    i've installed a 1.5TB Seagate HD, Win XP Pro installed but i can't install my mobo drv all the way. 2 Things not being installed are SM BUS and Ethernet drv (latest drv from nvidia) tried old drv 5.10 nForce and no go. I ran the setup it starts up the installer and won't go any farther (that...
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    Asus M2N-X

    currently have 2 x 1 gig dual chan corsairs in it would the mobo accept 2 x 2 gig dual chan ?
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    new rig revised

    CPU = AMD X2 64bit 5200+ RAM = OCZ Plat rev.2. 2x1024MB dual chan DDR2-800Mhz GFX = XFX 8800GTS 320MB PSU = Powerup 550W MOBO = Asus M2N-X CASE = Thermaltake Wing RS100 /w 120mm fan rear, adding front 120mm fan Total = $800 Cdn after taxes hows it sound to you lads ?
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    new system

    please give opinions, prices are in $CAD cheapest i could find mobo = asus m2n-mx se = $56 ram = ocz plat rev.2 2x1024 = $100 ($65 after rebate) cpu = amd64 x2 5200+ 2.6ghz 2x1mbL2 = $137 gfx = XFX 8800GTS 320mb = $308 psu = powerup 550w = $49 case = powerup ak-18 = $31 this is way...
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    new system

    please give opinions, prices are in $CAD cheapest i could find mobo = asus m2n-mx se = $56 ram = ocz plat rev.2 2x1024 = $100 ($65 after rebate) cpu = amd64 x2 5200+ 2.6ghz 2x1mbL2 = $137 gfx = XFX 8800GTS 320mb = $308 psu = powerup 550w = $49 case = powerup ak-18 = $31 this is way...
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    Powerup 550W psu

    i'm doing a new build and plan on using this PSU 550w, they say +12v rail has 36amps but 550 / 12 = 45amps, i'm an electrician, i know better opinions ?
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    new rig question

    i plan on getting a second rig so i have a few questions, not about the rig but the OS (winxp sp2) amd x2 4800+ 64bit 2x1024mb dual channel gigabyte mobo bfg 8600gt oc 256mb pci-e i dont like vista so i'll still be using win xp sp2 (dx9) but the video card will be dx10, will i be able...
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    BFG 6800 OC unlocking pipelines QUESTION

    i dont have $$$ incase i mess up while unlocking the pipelines so i got a question.. i've got a BFG 6800 OC 128mp AGP8x i've opened up rivatuner and saw the only 2 hardware masked thingies i'm supposed to check to enable the 16pixels/6vertex SO if i do check em ON what happens then ?
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    BFG 6800 OC 128mb AGP 8x

    anyone in toronto/canada, in the downtown and lakeshore/kipling area.., have you seen any good deals on A BFG 6800nu OC 128mb AGP8x especially if it comes bundled with farcry, and whats their price if ya seen it/address/phone#/www/ ???
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    so whats the verdict on XFX 6600gt 128mb AGP ?

    my local store has em for $289 CD i'd be upgrading from an Asus Ti4200 64mb AGP8x
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    so i returned my ASUS V9999GT ------need help

    after buying the card then after reading the reviews here @ [H] about the card being falsely advertised (not having the DDR3 / lower clock spd) i returned the card for a 15% restocking fee, and am back to my ASUS Ti4200, frankly i'm very shocked that ASUS would pull something like that :( now...
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    proud new owner of a Asus v9999GT 128MB

    upgraded from a Ti4200x8agp 64mb 3dmark01se on old card 11940 - using 52.16 driver 3dmark01se on 6800GT almost 15k - using 66.93 driver i honestly expected more tried doom3/farcry/hl2/ imo only hl2 look better, sure the gameplay is smoother and all, but i dont notice the better...
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    i have a dilema

    i play alot of game and i love taking pictures.. i'd like a 6800GT 128MB or a 4-5 MP digi camera the 6800GT would cost $500 after taxes and the Digi camera (Sony) I would like to keep under $300 - or even $250... i have $1750 to spend and i'm stumped... :( from that $1750...
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    NEC 3500AG problem

    i'm using Nero6 ver, wheres that option that tells me what modes my burner supports ? i'm also having problems burning data DVD's "NOT CD's" with Nero6. when i first tried a dataDVD the burning bar froze up at 29%, had to ctrl+alt+del to close nero6 and then couldnt open the...
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    anyone has the GeForce 6600GT AGP ?

    i'm in the market of getting a new vid card, it's time to say goodbye to my awesome Asus GF4ti4200x8, but with 6800GT's going for $500++ i was wondering if anyone has experienced the 6600GT ?
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    fscrusher demo

    anyone got a link to fscrusher demo for q3a 1.32 ? i've googled it for 30 mins and nothing comes up :(
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    my next rig

    my rig whatcha guys think ?