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    new cooler, these temps seem high? I feel i should be getting better temps, considering how low the voltage is. its a Corsair H60 (newer edition) and i have it set up as exhaust in rear of the case. Its also in pull from the rad, so the rad is facing the CPU. I figure since i have one intake and...
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    Far Cry 3 unplayable

    The artifacts big and small make this game unplayable. i can get a good 8 minutes out of it before i have to restart the whole game. Walls of green texture encapsulate me at random points in the game. im on 314.22 driver so maybe updating will fix it?
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    winrar vs 7zip vs win8 own compression?

    which should i depend on? Do all of them work on rar files?
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    MSAA vs FXAA vs CSAA vs whatever else

    anyone else confused? i try them out but dont see the difference except maybe FXAA adds blur.
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    Batman AC installs AMD Dual Core Optimizer on intel

    What in the actual insanity is this? found it uninstalled it but afraid it might have changed the kernal or something, this is stupid. its not enough i have to open gaming for windows. everytime i play a gow product i regret it dearly.
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    monitor calibration?

    i basically used the icc file from which is much better than what came on the disc, but i turn off its gamma adjustment because its too red while the rest seems to do okay. anyway the gamma now when i test it using this site...
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    Behringer MS40 vs M-Audio AV40

    i dont want them for mixing or whatever, just looking for good speakers at that price range. Need something that can give me bass on its own. im also considering AKAI RPM3, samson mediaone 4a, microlabs. its really hard to know because all i know are logitech and stuff. i probably should get...
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    Which GTX 670 should i get you think?

    Gigabyte GTX 670 WF2 2GB $399: Gigabyte GTX670 overclocked 2gb $419 Galaxy 670 GC 2gb v2...
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    which computer desk from ikea should I get?

    Im struggling between these two choices, galant and vika amon: Its for a small room, i guess the dimension i want should be close to 120cm x 60cm, should be able to...
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    What reliable but cheap power supply?

    I think i will be going fo a seasonic unless there is a really good one that is cheaper. I will be using it on a normal machine with one graphics card and intel IB cpu probably z77 socket. How many watts do i need? a 500w or 600w? I want to give it sufficient headroom. The one feature that I...
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    should i get the Dell U2412M or the asus pa248Q?

    Okay there is about a 100 $ difference between them, would like to get the cheapest IPS as long as its suitable for gaming. Im slightly on the fence though since I initially wanted a quality 120Hz for the smoothness (benq or asus) but its just never as cheap as the IPS. Then i said fine the dell...
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    Whats a good app for locating and tracking lost phones?

    but an app thats not so bloated like all those anti-virus apps. I dont think viruses are a major concern but theft is.
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    Nobody worried about "Flame"?

    I don't want to sound squeamish over a computer virus, but shouldn't we all be really disturbed by this new advanced virus? I've read these two articles:
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    do you use bit-perfect audio?

    Or is it bit-matched? Sound cards have an option to do bit-matched playback, and im guessing wasapi or asio have to be utilized by the media player in order for that to work. Is it worth it over the normal mode with sound resampled, remixed or whatever happens. I figured out how to get wasapi in...
  15. D DAILY DEALS up to 75% off pc games

    instead of making a thread for each game, lets just post it all here. Civ 5 for $7: Sim City 4 for $7:
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    Civ 5 for $7.49 at price might increase anytime.
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    Why is my internet connection more stable when I'm downloading?

    Let me explain the title; using a wireless PCI adapter for desktop is unstable and most of the time will have me wait until pages load sometimes they never load I don't know why. It has good days, it has bad days. Don't know what to blame, the adapter, the room, the router. Anyway, it...
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    is Razer Deathadder Dragon Age 2 edition same as original?

    It looks far better than the standard razer in my opinion because its red glow intead of the dreaded blue. But from pics i see it has more gloss to it which i think sucks if true, I could be wrong. What is the top plastic like in the original and is it the same for the dragon age 2 one?
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    netgear router acting funny

    I only use it on wireless, usually it works okay for the most part but I recently changed its firewall ports, added more for a game and now browsing on the internet is more difficult. Some sites are fine, like hard forum or google for example but most other sites while they do appear they never...
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    stupid question, how do you update drivers?

    does everyone just do the basic way, uninstall old and install new or do a complicated process of cleaning out the old files? Drivers used to be a pesky thing, they still are in windows 7 and new nvidia drivers? And there are people who do it through steam.
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    How to installing mounting bracket?

    the antec 620 uses the same bracket corsair uses, but its hard to install. I did it after a lot of struggle, now im gonna have to redo it again and this time I want to do it right. I did screw in the screws so the bracket can latch into the holes slightly, for some reason that didnt work for me...
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    Are these temps okay?

    with antec 620 and no oc, idle is at 37c, load at 63c. i think i put too much paste and dont know if the pump is seated correctly but temps should tell me if there is anything wrong. also its just one fan exhaust.
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    reinstall OS after changing RAM?

    I know most will say its necessary but I want to know if people experience problems when they choose no to reinstall?
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    Sid Meier's Civilization V - $16.98 just for 6 days!
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    How to remove thermal paste off cpu?

    I read somewhere to use a q-tip and alcohol, is this correct way to do it?
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    What CPU speed is needed to run BF3?

    im trying to overclock i7 920 but have no idea what the threshold is. at 2.6 i get like 70+ frames in BC2 on a hot cpu. I want it the same for BF3. will there be benchmarks done during beta?
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    The great Windows Post-installation Dilemma

    To update or not to update that is the question. Seriously at first I was under the impression its good practice to update windows fully first before installing any drivers so as to take care of any potential problems. Besides it makes sense, seeing how these newer drivers are tailored for a...
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    Am I the only one excited about Stronghold 3?

    I never get bored of it, it hits a right balance and not overly complicated.
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    Will you get Driver San fran?

    to me the game looks goofy as hell, like if God wanted to drive cars and not give a crap about people. So are you optimistic? will it be as good as burnout paradise?
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    Metro 2033 or Portal 2?

    never played any of them, which one is worth getting?
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    what is the difference between virtualization and cloud computing?

    I just dont understand why Cloud computing is made out to be something new when virtualization did the same thing? And why are companies opting for a "private cloud", doesnt that defeat the purpose? and how is a private cloud any different from the data centers they already have on their base...
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    What do you think of Cloud computing?

    Its a big deal now and seems to present a whole new issues for us like privacy and security. Media tells us we all will be in the "cloud". I keep reading on forums and such that the Cloud is just a marketing gimmick and that there was always a Cloud before. I'm not so sure about that, I know...
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    Google Games

    how come google doesnt do games yet? i know its not an entertainment art company, but they can make a different kind of games that serve a social or creative purpose for the end user. Like world building for instance.
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    Are all HDMI cables the same? The monster cable stuff is more expensive but for good reason right? As chances for failure are minimised.
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    Does one have to reinstall win7 for every hardware change?

    for instance months ago i replaced my video card but havent reinstalled windows. And i thought that was okay because all works fine. But in forums i read that its optimal to just reinstall.
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    How to use Tor with chrome/firefox?

    Its not working for me period, tried everything, only works with its own browser thing Tor sets up but not with firefox or chrome, even though i got the right proxy settings i think.
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    BF3 vs. Homefront vs. Brink

    if i only had money for ONE game, what should it be?
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    Why doesn't Nvidia make games?

    They make the hardware, why not make the games to run on it?
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    Can Intel's Thunderbolt create external video cards?

    it carries PCIe speeds so whats preventing me from taking the graphic card out of the case and using it as external with say a laptop?
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    How many are sick of those all COD youtube videos in the gaming category?

    They really ruined youtube for me, these COD whatever they are, just people talking about nonsense are the most viewed and they fill the whole gaming category.