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    r9 390 (unlocked card / shaders) capable of 390x specs

    bump relisted at lower price
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    NVIDIA GIFT - For Honor or Ghost Recon Wildlands Code (PC) [fast email DELIVERY]

    Must have nvidia 1070 or 1080.. Asking $32 on ebay with fast email delivery after payment cleared.
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    r9 390 (unlocked card / shaders) capable of 390x specs

    I am selling my R9 390 (basically an R9 390X) just posting it here to see what happens.
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    500gb HDD - $59.99

    Yeah I too remember when HD's were cheaper for more space.
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    What is your Win Experience Index or any other benchmark score with your RAM?

    not bad at all man for an older system. :)
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    What is your Win Experience Index or any other benchmark score with your RAM?

    7.3 ram the last time I checked with an older machine. Q6600 oc'ed with gskill ddr2 800 ram.
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    Corsair 500R Mid-Tower Case

    Dang that case looks really nice. Looks to have really well Ventilation too.
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    7970 or 580 ? What do you reccommand for this rig (see rig spec)

    Are you having the Crossfire problem or performance issues in general? both lol? Yeah this has happened before in the past, but they do fix the issues when new drivers eventually come.
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    Star Trek 2 Filming has Begun

    I may have to check this one out.
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    Expect Windows 8 in October

    I may try it out when it comes out.
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    Can my HX 620 handle it?

    That 850TX v2 is all you need really for future upgrade possibilities.
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    G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) Deskt

    Gskill does have a quality product and usually at a good price too.
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    7970 or 580 ? What do you reccommand for this rig (see rig spec)

    Yes, they still have early drivers it can only get better from here on.
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    7970 or 580 ? What do you reccommand for this rig (see rig spec)

    Go for the 7970, unless you can get the 580 for quite a bit less. The asus 580 on newegg has a lower price atm + rebate..
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    7970 squealing noise when playing games?

    Yeah the hot glue is a good idea, people do it all the time. It will not hurt anything at all, a lot of car audio amplifier components have hot glue inside of the amp to stop the vibration from the bass from possibly damaging anything. Pretty much the same concept I guess lol. Usually the...
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    Goodbye Remote Control

    lol, so is that a rubber for the TV so to speak?
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    Best gaming monitor for around $250?

    Dang that Dell is cheap in price zer0gravity.
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    ASUS VG278H - The weirdest backlight bleeding I ever saw

    Maybe its just an issue with that particular model or a certain build date?? Hope you get it sorted out. I have an older VH222H asus and have no issues with it.
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    help me cats and monitor

    StayAway Motion-Activated Pet Deterrent or Innotek SSSCAT Cat Training Aid...
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    New Chinese Malware Attacks Department of Defense

    I bet they are saying "those Chinese are sneaky lil bastages".
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    XFX commercial?

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    7970 squealing noise when playing games?

    A computer I built for a customer awhile back had the famous squealing sound on the video card, but it did it pretty much all the time. It was a low squeal and sometimes got louder if you were doing something intensive on the pc. It worked 100% fine with no issues so we just kept it in the pc.
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    Antec Earthwatts 430 enough?

    It'll be fine for the current spare pc.
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    Anti-glare film for laptop screen needed

    See if these guys have what you need for your laptop, screen size etc. Or
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    XFX commercial?

    I just watched that video on youtube, wtf lol.
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    Decent card upgrade

    If you don't want to wait for the new cards to get released then, as everyone else said look into a used GTX 570, 6970, 6950, or 5870 and oc them a little..
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    Are PSU prices dropping like a rock recently?

    Which one are you deciding on buying Turtle Man?
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    i7 3930K LGA2011 vs i7 2700K LGA1155 vs waiting for Ivey Bridge?

    Just get the 2700K and overclock it.
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    Asus rma process sucks

    lol whambulance.
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    Best headset?

    I have always been a fan of plantronics or sennheiser.
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    Seasonic Platinum 1000w OR 860w, which runs cooler?

    I don't think it would be enough difference to worry about imo. The larger PSU would prob run just a hair cooler like stated since you would not be running it to or near its full capabilities.
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    Corsair TX750w enough for Xfire 6970s

    I would use the TX 750 without hesitation.
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    Any 7970s in stock?

    Nice man!!
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    Any 7970s in stock?

    Gigabyte isn't bad at all, I would buy one.
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    Any 7970s in stock?

    here is a visiontek lol. Eww this one says ships in 1-2 months lol..
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    Any 7970s in stock?

    yeah just diamond atm
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    Any 7970s in stock?

    Nice, newegg has them in stock again. Either yesterday or the day before I thought I saw them completely out lol.
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    xfx 850w horrible fan

    lol, what grandpatzer bought then. Maybe I need to take a nap lol, I have been on numerous forums all day long... My eyes are barley staying open. You have to agree though, after trying the xfx unit 2 times I would be trying another unit in general (even the comparable corsair unit). That...
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    Any 7970s in stock?

    I found 1 place with 2 in stock. I don't know anything about the website though..