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    scored one of these from work
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    new ubiquiti ac ap lite unreliable... buggy firmware...

    new ubiquiti ac ap lite unreliable... buggy firmware... I brought a few of these to test before I install them for a client and weeks of testing I'm finding these AP's to be buggy and unreliable. using the latest hotfix 4.7.6 controller/firmware updates and I still see issues with...
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    random sites do not load properly

    random sites do not load properly all I see is text and it seems like the css do not load at all. This is happening on multiple computers... any suggestions? I am using opendns servers but I also switched to and same results...
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    compact 16 port or more gigabit switch

    Hi I'm looking for a compact gigabit switch with 16 or more ports. The only one I could find is Does anyone else have any other...
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    windows 10 how to prevent email from linking with local windows account?

    windows 10 how to prevent email from linking with local windows account? I have a user that keeps linking her email with the local windows account. how can I stop this?
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    hikvision ios app ivms-4500 slow compared to android?

    I just upgrade from my android to iphone 6s and notice that the app doesn't respond the same as it does in quality of video stream as the android. I notice that I have to change to to fluent back to clear and then I get good video quality at 1080 compared to my android would automatically...
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    cisco switch line con 0 - what does stopbits 1 do?

    cisco switch line con 0 - what does stopbits 1 do? Does this disable the usb port for console?
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    ip kvm for 48 servers- what ip kvm are you using?

    what ip kvm are you using? or are you using idrac? if so how? is it better?
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    core i7 overkill for quickbooks?

    Is core i7 overkill for quickbooks? trying to spec a regular PC for client and they want a core i7 but ya its not my money. core i5-4590T 2.0ghz core i7-4785T 2.2ghz
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    old DLP projection tv no HDMI port want to use with steaming device

    I have a DLP projection tv that does not have a hdmi but it does have DVI and component ports. I would like to use this with a steaming device. I no longer have cable. Any suggestions? Thank you.
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    need logmein alternative that is decently priced

    I'm dumping logmein due to the massively price increase. Should have done it a long time ago. I need another recommendation that is priced decently and allows me the same functions preferably to remote to 10 pc's.
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    bad asus p6x58d motherboard...

    So my 6+ year PC finally called it quits... board will no longer post. it powers up but nothing. pulled all ram and it was able to post with memtest on one stick with 8 passes. I pulled ram and put another ram to test and it won't post again. put good ram that I pulled out back in and it...
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    mx record forward email to new email but...

    moving from a domain1 to domain2 mx record forward email to new email but... is going to how can I use mx record to do this?
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    Need help picking out parts/building a SSF Gaming PC

    1. What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming, Photoshop (or other intensive programs), Web browsing, strictly HTPC/Playback, etc. (If you have multiple things you want to do with the system, make sure you rank them from most important to least important). Using it for gaming. Playing BF4...
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    usb 2.0 over ethernet

    Looking for a cheap solution for usb over ethernet. Has to be 2.0 compliant. So far I found products online ranging from 100 bucks or more :( Is there some easy and low cost way to do this? I already have the ethernet wired at both sides.
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    iphone sharing contacts with wife

    Whats the best and easiest solution to sharing contacts with my wife? I want to be able to share my contacts and having them sync on my wife's phone. I also want to be able to have this sync with gmail. I know that icloud and gmail will not sync with eachother. I know that you have...
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    Apple 13" White unibody rubber padding peeling off... during upgrade arghh

    So here I am doing a side job for a memory upgrade... take the bottom case off... some how the rubber padding comes loose and the whole side is like a floppy vagina... otherwise a successful memory upgrade... explained to client about the rubber... totally flips out and was like fix it...
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    keystone jack for f-type to splitter?

    Not sure if this is the right room however My friend just built a house... not sure why he did this but he daisy chain the cable lines down stairs... Anyways there is one room where there are two coaxial cables and one cat 5 coming out of the wall from one wall plate... Because of this...
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    mp3 music player/server?

    So I need a recommendation... I would like to turn an old PC to just a music player/server connected to my home audio system. I also would like to be able to control it with my iphone anywhere in the house. I also want to be able to sync my itunes music from other PC's in my house to...
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    dual wan router?

    looking for a dual wan router anyone got any recommendations?
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    cisco 871 and linksys e4200 should i just retire the 871?

    So I ended up getting a Linksys E4200 because the wireless on my 871 isn't fast enough and it would just slow the network down to a crawl if I was transferring or someone on my network was moving/download files from my NAS. Should I just retire the 871 since its pretty old and can't handle my...
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    sold used iphone, buyer complains...

    So I sold a used iphone that seems to work fine for me. Buyer later complains that the battery life sucks. Who's fault? Buyer wants credit for new battery... The item is used... and it worked fine for me. I didn't make much money on the iphone either and I would rather offer a full...
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    Dell 3007 WFP died... :( need recommendation for replacement

    So my Dell 3007 WFP of 5 years usage displayed took its toll tonight...I really enjoyed the 2560x1600 resolution landscape! Currently using my backup hanns.g 22" monitor for now... So my question is should I get the latest Dell U3011? Or eyefinity setup? I currently have a radeon 5850...
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    scan forms to editable pdf?

    Is there a good software that can do this? Anytime type of form and scan to PDF?
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    cisco 871 games keep dropping or lagging out

    Hi I have a problem with my cisco router and I have no clue what is causing it. I tried using QoS and the problem still occurs. Any time during a game or streaming video I would lose connection for example in wow I will be able frozen can't cast or do anything. If I'm watching a streaming video...
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    Temp too high?

    Asus P6X58D Premium Intel Core i7 920 @ 4.0Ghz 1.27750 voltage stable Idle 40C Load/Prime 80C Corsair H50 I was looking at the H70 hardocp review how do you get the temp's so low for the H50? Or is it...
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    OCZ vertex 2 60GB SSD Jerky Video

    Not sure if this is the correct room but I have been having video playback problems lately ever since I installed my OCZ Vertex 2 SSD 60GB. When I'm watching a divx,xvid or mkv video I have like 3-5 secs of video stutter or pausing throughout the entire video. This does not happen with...
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    adobe update

    I'm so sick of having to do adobe software updates every frigging week! It just so damn annoying. ARGH
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    Looking for App for iPad that supports pdf,chm,epub

    subject says it all I been trying to find an app that supports .pdf,epub,chm,etc. Easy to use, sort files, upload files. I currently have cloudreader but it doesn't support chm epub etc. I like how you can upload files by uploading it with the IP address. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    cisco 851w can't ping dns or go to internet...

    Hi For some reason I can't ping the dns or browse to the Internet. I have DSL and setup to dhcp. When I do a show ip int 4 it shows a ip address picked up for my ISP. So I know I can get a IP address but I can't ping the DNS which is and Thanks. ...
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    configing cisco 851w router can you please check my config

    Having problems connecting to the Internet. I am able to get a ip from the router however I can't get out to the Internet. Here is the config ! version 12.4 no service pad service timestamps debug datetime msec service timestamps log datetime msec service password-encryption ! hostname...
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    3rd Party Xbox 360 Case besides Lian-Li?

    Does anyone have a nice xbox 360 case besides the lian-li? I don't feel like paying $100 bucks for a lian-li ;) Any recommendations? Thanks
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    Where to get cat 5/6 cable? decent shipping prices?

    Hi Was wondering if anyone knows a good place to buy network cable from with decent shipping pricing? Thanks
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    Xbox 360 3 red light of death FIXED! w00t

    Just fixed my Xbox yesterday. After 4 years of heavy gaming usage it gave up with 3 red lights of death. I was about to send it it but found it that since it was out of warranty and it cost $150 may as well buy a new console? Did some googling and found out more about crappy x-clamps that...
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    Extending wireless range outside home project

    Hi All, This is the first time I'm trying to increase/extend my wireless signal. My goal here is to be able to pick up my current wireless network outside my home. Since my current network sits in the middle of the house I can get good wireless signal inside the house however outside...
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    New Core i7 920 Build/Upgrade

    Been waiting for a sign and I finally got it last night after my computer mobo died. Placed my order in with the egg and I'm gonna get my new Intel Core i7 build! Ordered: CPU - Intel Core i7 920:D Ram - CORSAIR DOMINATOR 6GB DDR3 1600 Mobo - ASUS P6X58D Premium Reusing: PSU - Enermax...