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    Getting the best bang for buck 1080ti

    I'm building a new pc, and am strongly considering going with the 1080ti. I missed out on the duke deal for $599 I posted a couple days ago and have decided i'll pick one up at BH photo/video since no taxes. I have a mid tower case and will get an 8700k. My plan is to go 2k for a couple years...
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    MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti DUKE 11G $599(after -20 MIR)

    I know the new cards are right around the corner but I haven't seen a 1080ti this price, ever. The question now is, pull the trigger or wait for the new cards? looks like all the 2080 preorders are sold out.
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    Logitech g910 Orion Spark $89.99

    Best Buy $89.99 With free shipping. It looked like amazon did have it at one point at the same price but then sold out.
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    Speaker Issue

    Okay so I got a bit of a complex issue, let me explain my setup. I run multiple monitors and a TV through my pc. When I'm using my pc I have a speaker system connected to my pc and headphones that I use. When I go multi-monitor to watch something on my TV I set my audio default device to my...
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    290(x) vs 390(x) crossfired. Which would you choose?

    I'm helping a friend put together a new computer who is starting from scratch. He's looking to sink around $1500 and we are wondering which is the best value right now in the GPU market. 290 Cards have the biggest price difference between manufactures, $220-$300 for a a while now.[/B] $229...
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    Great missed deal on 1150 MB?

    double post
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    Great missed deal on 1150 MB?

    So was watching this board yesterday ASUS Maximus VI EXTREME LGA 1150 Intel Z87 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard (Amazon) and was surprised nobody was talking about it. It was going for $199 -$50 rebate taking it to $149.99. Is this a common price for this board? Isn't this one of...
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    New Samsung 840 Evo burned me.

    So yesterday My drive stopped showing up correctly: Just bought the drive in November.Here's the errors Disk Editor gave me: Partition Wizards Info: PW Check Disk: I ran a surface test with Partition Wizard which showed no errors. I managed to extract all data I wanted off...
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    Two new R9 290's, three new problems.

    Just got the XFX 290's from the egg on BF, never had an install issue with a video card setup until now. 1. No boot screen. none. At first I thought there was a connection problem with the cards but when I left the computer run for a minute it went to the windows login screen. What would cause...
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    Looking for advice on a 290 setup

    Got 2x290's coming my way this week. I was running 2x460's for awhile. I have three 24" monitors and a 40" TV I run through the cards (Card1: 2 monitors , Card2: monitor and TV). I always had a pain in the ass time with trying to go from surround to dual display when I wanted to use the TV for...
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    Can't even format my HD!

    I'm running out of idea's, I could use some suggestions from you guys. I'm changed boot primary to cd/dvd drive in bios, i've turned harddrive boot completely off but pc is still loading in through the hard drive. I've even opened up the boot menu and chosen cd drive and it still won't work...
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    Best deal on a Mid-High range card right now...

    I've been eyeing these cards up: GREEN CAMP: -GTX 670 for $210 (after purchase with -PNY GTX 770 for $289 (After $20 promo) also has the PNY card currently for $311 -EVGA Superclocked GTX 770 about $315 after discounts Promo Code: EMCWWVP46 (saves $17.25) RED...
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    Best Gaming / Office chair?

    Hey guys, I've been looking for the best chair out there and was interested in some more opinions. Here's a list I'm currently looking at. Harrington Flash Executive Alera Red Leap Chair by Steelcase Leaders Executive Ikea's Markus Boss Executive Zline Executive I'm...
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    Need suggestions for video editing

    Hey folks, Right now I'm using this motherboard with this ram installed. I'm considering throwing a few extra bones at my rig and would like some input as to what I should do as far as upgrading the ram. I think the mobo tops out at 24gb of ram so I was considering buying a 12GB kit (4GBx3). If...
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    Any decent 1Tb+ HD's for video recording/editing under $150?

    Title. Pretty new to video recording but I plan on doing a lot coming up. Any advice on what stats I should be looking at for doing Video recording/editing? I'd like something 2Tb and Under $150 but willing to bend if I can get more bang for my buck. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Issue with surround

    So I have two 460's in SLI with bridge and when I choose the span display with surround option it puts one of my three monitor's to sleep. If I choose Activate all displays (disable SLI) all three monitors come up. What gives? all monitors are running at 1920x1080 res. One thing to note is while...
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    HITACHI - Confusing Hard Drive Marketing?

    So here's something interesting. I saw Newegg has a 3Tb external hard drive on sale for $129.99. Whats truly odd about it - besides it being a great price for 3 Tb - is what's inside. The drive inside is model #HDS723030ALA640. That's a 64 Mb cache, 7200 RPM, SATA 3 drive! Newegg doesn't have...
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    Data Corruption?

    So I'm building a new computer and the day I plan on moving my 1Tb external hard drive data over to the 2Tb the drives stop working. I have a Fantom External in a raid setup(2 500gb WD's), I've owned it i'd say about two years. I put the external in the car to use at my friends house and I kept...
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    AMD CPU + AMD cards = Better?

    I've heard some sales rhetoric that AMD cpu's paired with AMD video cards perform better. Has there been any real testing done recently to prove this to be true or false? In theory It's totally probable. It wouldn't be the first time a company in the industry intentionally made their product...