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    iPhone 3g sim tool

    3G: off Data Roaming: on Cellular Data Network -> APN: (user name & password are left blank) (faster APN, the above is for t-zones.)
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    iPhone 3g sim tool
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    [H] Steam Group (Team Fortress 2)

    Sent an invite as stated in 1st post. a*|[MoB]Dragon
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    Bittorrent Invites Trade/Giveaway

    Have 3 joost invites for trade.
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    How many Xbox360s have you burned through?

    Still have my 1st, freezes sometimes
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    What games have you regretted buying?

    Deus Ex: Invisible War
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    Games you wish people still played...

    Midtown Madness 2
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    8800GTS - $269!!!

    I have a 7900 GT, is it worth upgrading? Only game I have right now that I think can use it is FS X, looking @ getting UT3 and crysis when they release.
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    Mousepads.. Which one you guys like?
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    Broke something because of WII

    "How someone can possible let go of the thing is beyond me." :rolleyes: Yup, I do not even use the strap. Never even close to dropping it.
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    Mac Emulators - which and what controller?

    sixtyforce - nintendo 64, using a saitek gamepad.
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    Guncons + LCDs Light gun for any tv. Was going to buy one but I gave away PS2 when i bought XBox360.
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    Wii impressions. Leave your thoughts here!

    Can gamecube games save to the SD or do I have to buy a gamecube memory card?
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    Wii Situation

    "Did you have to wait? " nope like 20 min tops. started handing out tickets for 24 consoles at like 7:10. Got there like at 6:50. Sold out of extra controllers and red steel
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    Wii Situation

    Got one at Target and a free donut and coffee.
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    Wii Situation

    Only 11 at Wal-mart SC on Colfax, going to try Circuit City and then Target tomorrow.
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    Wii impressions. Leave your thoughts here!

    Target and Best Buy had campers outside both off of Colorado Blvd. Wal-mart had about 20 people in line and gamestop in same lot still had lights on with employees inside. Going to try Wal-mart.
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    Xbox 360 breakdowns

    Freezes in live games at 1st, Gears of War disk unreadable 1st time tried to play. Freezes in games sometimes now.
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    Whos ready for the Wii?

    Getting one Sunday, trying Circuit City 1st with that $40 off coupon.
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    Wii impressions. Leave your thoughts here!

    Will they price match that coupon at wal-mart or best buy?
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    Best "First-person Shooter" game to Date?

    Half Life 2, and I agree with list in above post. :)
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    Free Microsoft Business Kit

    I also got a free copy of office small business 2003 from Micosoft.
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    Trading games

    Do you get less trade in value if they do not have the covers?
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    South Park and WoW!!!

    "I thought this was one of the most awesome South Park episodes, along with the Chipokomon one." Same here.... :D
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    Trading games

    Which places accept trade in games without covers? More specifically does game crazy accept trades without cases.
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    CS Source keeps freezing.

    I was having same problem described by original poster, my northbridge was overheating.
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    Vista on a Macbook?

    To install Windows Vista, go through the bootcamp process (create your partition, driver disk, etc.) Then reboot with your vista disk there will be three partitions, 200 mb partition, mac osx one, and the one bootcamp made for WinXP. Delete the 200mb and the winxp and then install on the winxp...
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    Xbox 360 game question

    Anyone know when/if a dance dance revolution game for Xbox 360 will come out for the system.
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    What Consoles Will You Buy?

    Have XBOX 360, may purchase wii if cheap or when price drops and if it has games that are of interest to me.
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    Laptop ~$1k- what are my options?, there was a $300 off coupon earlier this week. Almost went for the E1505 but waiting to see new ibooks/macbooks 1st.
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    Can the new mini cpu's be upgraded?

    Since the graphics memory is shared can you up the amount dedicated to graphics like on other motherboards with integrated graphics.
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    Free download of Vivendi Ground Control PC Game

    Vivendi Universal Games and IGN/GameSpy have come together to offer the FREE download of the full Ground Control game title. Just enter your information in the form below to start your download of this exciting real-time strategy game absolutely FREE! Ground Control is a frenetically-paced...
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    Which console(s) do you own?

    Playstation 2 PSP Xbox 360
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    Dell Holiday Promotion

    $5SFL$2RNMKDSX $25 off Dell Electronics and Accessories purchase over $200.
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    Best Buy 10% off through Dec. 18 In store coupon.
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    Free Best Buy Bucks... (3 here)

    I have one...PM me