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    Which B550 board?

    Starting a new build soon and was trying to see any major differences between the ASRock x570 Taichi and the ASRock B550 EXTREME4 Pros Price is...
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    So I just started my first HC seasonal character a few nights ago and he just died tonight at level 50. Please guys tell me what is the fastest way to PLevel a new HC character. Can't believe I got owned by Bilal.
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    980 Ti

    So there is really no definitive 980ti to get? I'm leaning towards the EVGA 980 Ti Superclocked 2.0+ with the backplate.
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    Google Photos Now Offers Unlimited Storage

    So i'm feeling a little conflicted after doing some testing. I just uploaded some photos using the standard high quality setting and there's definitely some compression going on. It's kind of annoying because I was hoping if the photos were 16MP or less then there would be no need to further...
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    Google Photos Now Offers Unlimited Storage

    I'm confused with uploading photos to this service. If all I have are old iPhone photos....Shouldn't I just pick original because all of the photos are well below 16 megapixels? Yet when I do this, I'm still getting hit against my storage. I love all of the organization and search features but...
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    Video Bitrate

    Hey guys what about sound? Do you keep 2 audio files like DTS HD and the regular dts or whatever its called or do you convert to aac? I know that can dramatically shrink the size as well. Lastly mp4 over mkv?
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    Corsair SP2500 2.1 powered speakers, refurbished - $100

    Thanks for the deal. I was looking to replace an ancient 2.1 Altec Lansing setup. I have switched to mostly gaming on headphones but couldn't beat this price and also was too lazy for DIY
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    wd red, ultrastar or deskstar for 24/7 NAS?

    Sorry to threadcrap but I'm such a noob when it comes to transcoding. Correct me if im wrong, If i buy a synology box, I wouldn't be able to stream any high bitrate 1080p files to my iphone/ipad unless the synology box was streaming a format like mp4 to those devices or those devices were...
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    Asus RT-N66U Xbox Issues

    10Mbps down and 800k up
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    Asus RT-N66U Xbox Issues

    Well guys this is crazy but I guess I found the issue...ughhh feel so lame but here goes... I had logmein running in my system tray and every time I game online with my xbox..I ALWAYS have my pc on. So today I figured you know what?...let me shut that program off and BOOM no lag when both...
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    Asus RT-N66U Xbox Issues

    Hey guys I'm having some weird Xbox Lan Issues with the Asus N66U and I'm totally stumped! If I have my Xbox plugged into the router by itself there are no issues whatsoever and I am lag free. However, as soon as I have my computer plugged into the router..even if its not downloading...
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    Any good Black Friday deals you are going to hit?

    Does any know of any good Dual Band N Routers on sale? Thanks
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    sandisk extreme 240gb ssd $140 fs

    How would this compare to the Samsung 830 speeds? Prolly not that noticeable...
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    Firefly - Complete Series. Blu-ray. $13.

    Thanks for the deal. I was always missing out on this deal. Picked this and serenity up for cheap.
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    $99 Android based console on Kickstarter

    Well android "phone" gaming aside...I believe the price point is great for a little hack box that could end up not only being a great streamer of stuff but would be a cool little emulator box.
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    $99 Android based console on Kickstarter

    Too bad all your gonna be to play on that thing is angry birds hd and some blurry onlive games if they even port the app lol
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    Asus Mars III GTX 680 X2 8GB

    Holy...crap lol
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    Amazon: Serious Sam Series 75% off, SS3 BFE $10 or $30 4-pack

    Got my invite...thanks guys
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    Torchlight II Pre-Order $20, 4-pack $60. Comes with TL1.

    I'm setting up a group buy. Got 1 spot left. Shoot me a pm 1. RiZZo0 2. JDrub 3. Dangerdoggie 4.
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    Dungeon Defenders - $3.74 - Steam - 12/4/11

    Im looking for a spot in a 4 pack. PM me. Paypal ready!
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    Newegg's even more underwhelming "ultra secrect black friday"

    Any Good Deals on a 16GB Flash Drive or 3TB Hard drive? Dying for deals on both :(
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    Worth upgrading from 6970 to a GTX 580?

    Hey guys since were already on this topic, I would love some advice as well... My Res 1920x1200 I can get a 580 GTX 3GB for $450 I can get a 580 1.5 GB for $350-400 I can get a 6950 2GB unlocked for $250-260 Kind of a substantial difference between price ranges there. But I REALLY love maxing...
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    The official Red Orchestra 2 thread

    I would love to get it on the GMG deal for as cheap as possible! If anyone wants to PM some referral links that would be great.
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    Steam Quakecon Pack

    Im ready to give anyone $45 if they can get me the pack. Paypal ready
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    Asrock Z68 Extreme 4 Gen 3 now available

    This board looks really awesome for the new build im working on. Im just curious, what is the difference between this and the Fatality board?
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    Steam: Four Days of 2K Sales

    nevermind..wrong thread
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    AOC 2436VW 24" $110 AC

    Hey guys can anyone tell me offhand if the bezels on the AOC are thinner compared to this and also are they both similar or should I just go with the Aoc monitor?
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    New Eyefinity Setup HELP

    I just ordered for my 3rd monitor. Now all I have to get is 3 DVI cables and I should be good? Also I have a DVI to HDMI cable. Would that work for 1 of my monitors? That would save me some change.
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    New Eyefinity Setup HELP

    Hey guys I just purchased 3x23" eMachines E230H ( for a cheap Eyefinity setup. Could you guys please tell me exactly what cables I would need to get my setup going from say monoprice? Basically I know I would need 3 DVI cables but im still shaky on what...
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    Eyefinity Configuration Suggestions

    Hey guys I just purchased 3x23" eMachines E230H ( for a cheap Eyefinity setup. Could you guys please tell me exactly what cables I would need to get my setup going from say monoprice? Basically I know I would need 3 DVI cables but im still shaky on what...
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    Steam Sale Live now!

    1. ROCKETR 2. GoS CPT Stewart (not a member here but ROCKETR's friend) 3. fillup 4. BXVeTeRaN 5. Manaknight 6. 7. 8.
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    Steam Sale Live now!

    Im interested in JC2. Count me on the list
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    Steam Sale Live now!

    Im in JC2 if anyone has any left!
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    Ipad Warranty Help

    Well I just wanted to give you guys an update on the situation. Thank you very much for your help and like you guys said, it was very painless. I just went into the store, explained my situation, they checked the back to see if they had any more in stock and sure enough I walked out of the apple...
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    Ipad Warranty Help

    I was definitely thinking about doing this because there is an apple store not too far from me however my question still remains even though they will see its under warranty...will they still exchange it without the original receipt and without question? I just worry because it was an eBay purchase.
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    Ipad Warranty Help

    Hey guys, Long story short, I bought a used Ipad 64GB from a user on eBay. Needless to say this thing has a serious hardware issue because I have tried LITERALLY everything thing in the book to get it setup and no luck. All it does is stay stuck on the Apple/ Usb Cable Screen and never gets...
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    CoolerMaster Stacker 830/832 Refurbs - $50

    Does anyone know why the 830 says W/O windows? Does that mean its missing a side panel?
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    Hard Drive Dead? Windows 7 Won't Boot

    Basically the setup I have is in my sig. My computer has been working just fine and I have even been running my setup with the 2 hard drives sitting on top of my computer case because I was tiding up some wires. Now the only thing I can think of as to why my main 640GB with Windows 7...