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    Budget Gaming Laptop around 1k?

    Looking for a good gaming laptop in the 1k range. So I have been out of the PC building and gaming scene for quite a while now. I used to build my own PC rigs for myself, friends, family, etc. However, years ago I chose an off the grid lifestyle, so a laptop is a little more ideal for me. I...
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    G15 newb question

    Ok so I am totally new to the G15 keyboard. I just picked one up today. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for information on this keyboard and what it can do. For instance, there is a little switch near the screen that I have no idea what it is for. I mostly play...
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    Motherboard Problem??

    I have a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P Rev 1.1 motherboard that I am currently having trouble with. Yesterday, I turned my PC off to move it to the other side of the room. All I did was disconnect the cables and carefully moved my tower and peripherals, and reconnected them. Now my PC will not power...
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    Good internet security software?

    I was wondering. I have been having some issues with my ISP lately. They seem to be paying too much attention to me and what I'm doing on my computer. First they send me messages notifying me of increased uploading from my ip address and wanted to "make sure I didn't have a virus" .... Then, a...
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    ATI Overdrive clock settings for 4870

    I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what would be the best and safest GPU Clock and Memory Clock settings in the ATI Overdrive would be? I just set up fan speed profiles so it's running at about 47c right now. Should I use the auto-tune or not?
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    crossfire newb questions

    Ok I have purchased two Radeon HD 4850 cards and I'm having a hard time getting crossfire to work. I don't know anything about crossfire or SLI, this is my first time trying to do this. I'm using an ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe mobo. I plugged in the two cards, I connected them with one of the crossfire...
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    Memory compatible

    I was wondering if you guys could tell me if this new memory - I bought is compatible with my motherboard -...
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    Installing new SATA hard drive

    Ok so I haven't installed a new SATA hard drive in a while and I'm having a brain fart. I have a new 500gig SATA hard drive that I'm trying to install under VISTA 64 and I can't get the computer to recognize it. I forgot what I have to do? I checked that it's being recognized in the BIOS and...
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    Problem installing driver software

    I have a problem. I am currently trying to install my new vid card I got from a friend. It's not the best but my nVidia card took a dump and I'm fed up with nVidia so I'm going back to ATI.. Here's my problem. I'm running Vista 64 bit edition, switching from a GeForce 7 series vid card...
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    Problem with my card

    For some time now I've been having an issue with my vid card. I have a GeForce 7800 GT made by EVGA that keeps messing up. What happens is if I'm playing a game, it will freeze up for a few seconds, and then start working again. Obviously this is a very annoying problem, especially when playing...
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    Hey guys. I have a huge problem with my gaming rig right now. I can't get my PC to start. It started yesterday for no reason apparently. When I restarted my computer, instead of showing the BIOS boot-up screen like normal, it says word for word: Award BootBlock BIOS v1.0 Copyright (c) 2000...
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    Hard drive repair programs

    I recently had my Seagate Baracuda 120gig hard drive take a crap on me. The OS still recognizes it in the computer window but I can't open it. It's also slowing down my whole PC. At the moment it's disconnected. I was wondering if anyone could direct me to a good hard drive repair program that...
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    xp pro 32 to Vista home x64

    For some odd reason I can't install Vista in x64 edition. When I try to install it by booting from the DVD it says I need to install from within windows. However, it says in order to install x64 edition of Vista I need to install from the DVD.. Wtf? How do I go about installing Vista in x64?? I...
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    Hard drive missing?

    I installed Vista on a seperate hard drive. Now it doesn't show up in XP and I want to reformat the drive with Vista on it and just keep running XP.. Any ideas how to get the Vista HD to show up in XP? And how to format the Vista drive if I can't get it to show up? Thanks in advance
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    Wierd problem

    I got the Vista beta, put it on DVD and installed it on a spare hard drive.. Wierd thing is, it won't boot Vista without the DVD in the drive.. Even wierder, now, when I reconnected my XP drive (vista drive disconnected as well), I get the same problem. It won't boot without the Vista DVD...
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    Question about a possible mod

    I was thinking about somehow incorporating my Dell 20.1" widescreen *inside* my LianLi PC-75 full tower case.. The case is plenty big enough to fit it width and height but depth is an issue. I was wondering if anyone has ever done this before with these specific items and how it was done? I...
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    Erm, brainfart.. Win xp need help

    Yeah so I just recently re-wired my pc and somehow my SATA Raptor and my DVD burner traded drive letters.. Used to be hard drive E and dvd drive G, now it's the opposite.. I can't seem to remember how to change them back. Any tips? I don't think I can play any games right now either cuz the...
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    AMD vs Intel question

    So I've been out of the loop lately on the new dual core processors.. Someone informed me the other day that Intel's Core 2 processors mop the floor with anything AMD has to offer.. I know AMD has Dual Core processors also, so, is this true?
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    nVidia GeForce 7800 GT comparison?

    So my Gigabyte Technologies 6800 Ultra took a dump. I bought it brand new a little over a year ago, and something went wrong with it, I'm not sure.. Games like COD2 and HL2 started messing up graphically.. So my friend loaned me his 7800 GT which has never even been used. I was just wondering...
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    Wireless networking solutions?

    I'm currently using a Linksys wireless router but I'm not completely satisfied with it. My signal strength sits around 75%. I would like to get 100% signal strength or as close as possible to it. Any ideas? I also have a hardwire router but I can't find where I can buy enough cat5 to run it...
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    HD Repair programs??

    My 80 gig Western Digital SATA drive is being a bastard. It accesses files very slowly and sometimes not at all.. It used to work fine but now it's just being slow.. I've tried the hard drive tools in Win XP with no luck so I was wondering if there are any other disk repairing programs out there...
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    Need Help setting up A8N-SLI Deluxe bios

    So I'm having lots of issues.. Can't connect to the internet although WInXP says my network connection is working properly, and the LEDs on the network port show that it is connected and operating at 100mbps. I open IE and it can't connect.. It's not actually connecting to the internet. I'm...
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    A8N SLI Deluxe questions

    nevermind guess it was too hard for anyone else to help me
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    Propellerhead Software - Taking money and not giving products

    SO I'm wondering WTF is up with Propellerhead Software.. For being such a huge name with possibly the best software synthesizer programs out there, you'd think they'd conduct their business a little better.. I placed an order for Reason 3.0 on the 5th of this month, didn't get a confirmation...
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    New PC build shots

    .. .
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    Help with new system

    Here's where I sit.. I've got my A8N-SLI Deluxe MB and AMD 3200+ processor, 1 gig pc3200 corsair, and a Gigabyte GeForce 6800 Ultra (just one) and a 520w PSU. I got everything installed and power it on and nothing happens.. Not sure why. I tried clearing the CMOS but that didn't work (and yes...
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    Which card??

    Ok so this new rig I'm building I figure needs to last 1 year and give me great performance in games such as WoW, EQ2, Doom 3, UT2006 (when it comes out).. Should I go with the Gigabyte GeForce 6800 Ultra PCI-E for $519 @ or should I go with an ASUS Extreme AX850XTPE/2DHTV...
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    suggestions on a power supply

    Just wondering what kind of power supply I should get for my new system I'm going to be building.. What I'm building - AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 processor Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe 2x Gigabyte GeForce 6800 Ultra PCI Express X16 3 Hard drives 2 CD drives 6-7 fans 3-4 CCFL Kingston DDR400 PC3200...
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    Need some assistance in shopping

    So I'm going to be buying a new pc soon and was wondering if you guys could help me find the best deals on the following hardware - AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 Asus AV8-SLI Deluxe ATI X850XT or GeForce 6800 Ultra Thanks guys.
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    Question for multiprocessor system

    My friend has an Intel Serverboard model L440GX+ with two 1 gig P3 processors.. For some reason it's only recognizing one processor.. Anyone know why this may be? He's also running Windows XP Pro and has 1 gig of Ram.
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    Creative GigaWorks 7.1 surround sound?

    Anyone have these? What do you think? Is it worth the 420 bucks at newegg for these speakers or should I just stick with a 5.1 system? thanks
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    boot-up issues with new hard drive installation

    Ok here's the deal.. I've had my current set up for a long time now, working great.. 36 gig WD Sata drive, 80 gig WD IDE drive.. Abit NF7-S mb.. I bought an 80 gig WD Sata drive and ever since I first connected it, I've been having issues with boot-up.. Basically in the first stages of...
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    So what's your opinion on this

    ATI X850 XTPE or Nvidia 6800 Ultra ? What's the top card right now?
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    widescreen lcd's

    How compatible are these with most games out there? Thinking about getting one for an upgrade, just wondering how they work with most games
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    Best deal on an AMD FX-55?

    Anyone know who's got the best deal on these right now? is the only place I've found one at so far, it's 870 bucks, here's the specs # Operating Frequency: 2.6GHz # Type: Athlon 64 FX-55 # Core: SledgeHammer # Cache: Level 1 64KB+64KB; Level 2 1MB # Process: 0.13 Micron #...
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    CRT Going out?

    Ok so I've got this 21" HP P1110 flat screen CRT.. The other day I noticed these little fuzzy vertical lines all over the screen.. I noticed I had recently installed new drivers on my ATI Radeon and it set my refresh rate to 60 hz.. So, I upped it to 180 hz and it "kind of" fixed it. It's better...
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    AMD? Intel?

    I'm a fan of AMD myself but are Intel's processors better? Faster?
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    Dual processor question

    Friend of mine said his PC is only detecting one processor.. I guess it's a P3 dual processor setup.. Never worked with a dual cpu machine before, any suggestions? -tired of playing local computer tech.
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    ATI Radeon X800 - Best bang for your buck??

    Just started putting together my wishlist for a new PC (want to run new games at top settings) Been looking at the Radeon X800.. What are your opinions? I don't really care if I run an ATI or Nvidia card, just want...
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    EQ 2 Players..

    Just wondering if any of you know what benefits there are to having an account that was previously for old EQ and creating a subscription/character on EQ2.. For example, I played a mage for 50 lvls in EQ on an old account, and was thinking about taking that account and starting an EQ2...