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    Mod Mic Questions and Observations

    I figured out how to fix them, go on amazon then go to orders, select the right order, select return or replace, select refund, defective item, print label, drop off at ups drop box, complete.
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    Late Night Hunt Showdown Streaming

    Love this game hope they add more content and get a larger player base. I've been playing 3 or 4 rounds a night.
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    Late Night Hunt Showdown Streaming

    The FailSpawner was at it again tonight wrecking some faces. You should get a round in with him Kyle. Hunt Showdown has to be one of my favorite shooters in a while.
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    Companies Are Storing Your Data on Tape Again

    Tapes are still relevant as they are still be developed. They haven't even released the biggest tapes yet. Tapes are a great solution still for an off site backup when your company has cloud bans like mine. Check out
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    Fractal Design Gallery

    Some very nice fractillians here.
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    Prime Day Starts TODAY - 7/10/17 not a bad deal here if you need an AIO
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    Well, Hell just froze over... ;)

    Nice I will have to try this out.
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    Dell's Latest Laptop Is the World's First That Can Charge Wirelessly

    Yeah too rich for my blood but neat.
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    Tesla Owner too Stupid to Buy New Tires

    Really hope this guy isn't serious. He wins the dumbass award for the year.
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    Coolermaster New HAF

    I really love what they have done with the case. Can't wait to check out reviews. This may be my new case.
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    Amazon Prime on Pace to Become More Popular Than Cable TV

    Man I have Shentel and I have 50 down and 10 up, with a 750GB cap. It cost me after taxes and fees 162 a month. We went to all streaming. I save on cable bill but now my internet prices are out of control. If I go over its 10 bucks every 50 GB block.
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    Google Says the Allo Desktop Client Is Coming in a "Few More Weeks"

    Great I hate leaving my gmail open just to chat while I'm on my desktop.
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    Warframe Coop MMO

    Well I guess that I could. I haven't played it in 2 years.
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    Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 Heading to EA Access and Origin Access

    Not a bad deal if you want to check them out 29 a year i may do it.
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    CERN Data Centre Passes the 200 Petabytes

    Glad I don't have to figure out a back up solution for that much stuff. And I though 80tb was bad to deal with.
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    Windows 7 to Windows 10

    Spied on, do you get on the internet without a VPN thats the problem. Not running an OS. Sure windows has their controlling bullshit but I'm more concerned what google is doing with my data.
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    HAHAHA exactly how I feel.
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    $180 27-inch monoprice IPS monitor 2560x1440 refurbished

    Nice price I may have to get my self one of those.
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    Crash Tests Raise Questions about Safety of Tesla Model S

    Volvo FTW they have always done great with safety. Maybe Tesla needs to go steal a couple engineers.
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    Apacer PT920 COMMANDO PCIe SSD

    If this doesn't have RGB I'm not getting it. RGB is king and everything needs to light up like a damn Christmas tree.
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    "Top Gun" Sequel Gets July 2019 Release Date

    One more terrible series fantastic.
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    Custom Desktop Computer for sale i7 4790k...

    Some people think they have something when they don't. Come on man use some logic. Count your loss and move on or just keep it.
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    Cox Expands 1TB Data Cap to More Territories

    you guys need to have Shentel its the fucking worst provided. 300GB cap is 79 bucks a month. I had to bump up the the 159 plant for 750GB and we still go over. Costing me 10 bucks every 50GB.
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    X299 VRM Coolers Are Being Described as a "Disaster"

    Rushed and this is what they get, sorry for anyone that's going to be an early adopter.
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    Survey: Nearly a Quarter of Windows PC Owners Plan to Switch to Apple

    -1 one user here. I have to use a Mac at work I don't care to ever have one in my home.
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    Researchers Make Beer That May be Good for You

    I though beer was already good for me.....thats what I tell myself anyway.
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    Radeon Vega Frontier Edition Benchmarking and Interview with AMD

    Love the color not sure if anyone else is a fan.
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    MSI VR ONE - Wireless VR Backpack Review @ [H]

    I would to see the sales numbers of these things. Wonder how well they sale?
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    Pandora CEO Tim Westergren Plans to Step Down

    To many of the same services doing the same thing. Why do we need them all?
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    20 year old UPS w/ new battery?

    I use a 12 year old APC at my work with new batteries of course, just check all the cables for burns or open wires. If all is good go for it.
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    2017-18 Intel vs AMD which is better?

    If AMD can stay on track for the next 2 to 3 years I think they may take the lead in every aspect.
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    Pixel 2 “Walleye” and “Taimen” Specifications Revealed

    Yeah seems like they are taking a step or two back.
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    Titanfall 2 Goes up to 6K Resolution on Xbox One X

    6k woot i have nothing that will play one.
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    Used cards selling for New prices?

    Miners are the pit, they jack up prices so bad.
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    Secret Lab

    These look nice, let's hope they are better than dxracer. I really dislike my dxracer.
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    Organize cables

    Custom cables to the right length And zip ties using case for downs
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    What color coolant

    Black with simmer.