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    Dell ST2410B for $159.99 + free shipping
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    X-Fi 5.1

    Just installed this soundcard(box) and it only works if i disable my previous sound on my laptop. Thing is, when I disable my built in card i have to restart the laptop. Is there anyway I can use both at the same time or disable my laptop card w/o having to restart? I bring my laptop to school...
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    Circular Scrolling doesnt work in Firefox.

    I have the studio xps w/ 64bit vista. It works on IE but not FF. Any way to fix this?
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    What screen for blu ray?

    Im looking at the studio 17 laptops and i want blu ray drive. Im also getting the Bright, Hi Resolution, glossy widescreen 17.0 inch RGB LED display (1920x1200) screen. I was wondering will the blu ray movie look crisp and clean like they do on TVs? Is there a certain type of HD screen i need...
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    Dell laptop battery monitor.

    I formated my laptop and now I cant find the software that lets me know the battery info. Like, how much time is left on it, or its charging, or whatever. I have the inspiron 700m and i tried looking on the dell website but i dont see it. Anyone know where i can DL it from? Thanks.
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    n00b question about backing up softwares...

    Im trying to back up my music to an external HD. I used the windows xp built in back up software and it backs up into a BKF file instead of individual mp3 files. It doesnt like, move all my mp3 to the external in mp3 format. Does that make sense? I tried Acronis too but it converts the mp3 files...
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    D Link Dir-655 Port Foward?

    Is that how to set up the port foward? I do have my IP address entered in but it doesnt seem to work...
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    WRT45GX w/ SRT disconnects when cell phones goes off

    Is there anyway i can stop this from happening besides moving it out of the room? Everytime my cell phone goes off by a phone call or text msg it interrupts my connection. Wired or wired still goes off.
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    MB like ASRock 775Dual-VSTA LGA 775?

    Is there a good mobo out there that has the same specs as the ASRock 775Dual-VSTA LGA 775? Mine isnt working anymore and newegg doesnt carry that mobo anymore. I dont have much money so upgrading slowly is the way for me so I need a mobo that supports old and newer versions of video...
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    FireFox mouse movement...

    How come when I have the FF window open my mouse movement is so slow. Than when I have, say Winamp or my desktop or anything else selected my mouse movement is faster? Is there a way to make the movement the same as the movement as all my other applications? I dont think this was a problem...
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    Head tracking for WII badass.
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    Nice cheap mobo?

    My ASRock 775Dual Vista mobo's PCIE slot isnt working correctly so i need to replace my mobo. Whats a nice cheap one? specs: Dual channel DDR Pentium D 805 Thermalright SI-128 (Thats a pretty big heatsink. It may not fit on some mobos?) Soundblaster Audigy 2 Geforce 8600gt Win XP...
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    My 1600pro pci for 100?

    Whats the best pci card for around 100? Thanks i only play CS and WCIII so i dont really need a badass card.
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    Office 03 to Office 07

    Is there a way to open office 03 documents on office 07? Like i try to open a word/powerpoint document made in office 03 in office 07 and it wont open.
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    Tried to get back deleted files...

    using RESTORATION program. It took the file out but when i tried to look at it, it was a total different file. I had deleted some shows on accident and viewed it and they are different shows. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a better program out there?
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    Cool or Stupid tattoo?

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    bottle neck?

    i have a chance to get the e6600 but have no money to buy a new vid card. i have a x1600pro right now AGP. will the cpu be bottlenecked? i wouldnt think so but than again i dont know for sure. i will be gettin a gb of DDR2 too. my mobo does support C2D and AGP and DDR2. once i get money im...
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    best CPU/MOBO combo for bout $100-$150?

    the mobo has to have an AGP slot too. i know thats not alot of money but im really low on it. i have the ram and PSU and everything else already. just need a CPU and MOBO. Thanks.
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    Computer Turns on than off

    What could be the problem? All of a sudden my comp shut off the other day. Now when i turn it on it turns on for about 3 secs than shuts off again. I cant even get into bios or anything. I cleared cmos. took everything apart again and put it back in. I have: Amd Athlon 2500+barton DFI...
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    speed limit of HD's

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    Fragmenting Programs

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    New Touch Screen.

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    ATI Remote Wonder II

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    .Net Broadcast Even Window

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    not sure if this is where it goes but... i have the APC BACK-UPS ES for quite awhile now and when the electricity goes out my computer shuts off too. shouldnt it still stay on w/ the backup batter? So should i replace the battery or the whole thing? is there any way of telling whats wrong and...
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    Alcohol 120/Deamon Tools Help

    I made an image w/ Alcohol of my WarCraft CD. I can install the game using that image and everything but when I try to play the game, it keeps sayin "insert CD". I tried using DT too but it says the same thing. How do I play the game w/o using the CD and using the image? i kno i can use a NO...
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    Any benifits going to DVI from VGA?

    i have the NEC DP930 monitor w/ VGA on a x1600pro right now. I have the converter too so i can use DVI if i want. any benifits in doing this? I mostly game too if that matters. I kno DVI has clearer texts and stuff but i thot u had to have a monitor that supports DVI or sumtin. im n00b.
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    Gaming in window mode

    How come some games i cant play in a window mode? its like REALLY choppy/laggy. In CS i game in window mode fine but games like Golf King or WarCraft 3 its really not cool. specs: winXPpro ati x1600pro athlon XP @ 2.2 1gig of ram
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    9700pro > x1600pro?

    i just got the x1600pro and playing CS at same settings as i did w/ the 9700pro. Now when i go through the smoke...FPS drops to 20-30. w/ 9700 i still had 100. whats wrong? specs: Athlon 2500+ OC to 2.8 gig of memory win XP directx 9c the only diff. thing i kno of thats diff. is this...
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    Self Repairing Chair
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    Free Quizos
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    Self-Replicating Repairing Robots

    not sure if this is the right section...
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    Backup times.

    How long does it take to back up about 40gb of stuff? I just bought a WD backup and its taking a long time. How long is it suppose to take usally? My HD i need to backup is a 7200rpm SATA. and backing up to a WD 7200 using USB 2.0. Ok I just noticed that it was formated as FAT32. Damn I...
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    PC for $500?

    I need a new PC. Just need it for surfing and school work. whats a good mobo/cpu/video card for around $500? P4 or AMD, ATI or Nvidia. Doesnt matter. The other 200 is for case and ram and everything else. I have about $700.
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    Best AGP card for around $100

    ATI or Nvidia. doesnt matter.
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    Monitor going dead?

    My monitor is flickering on me. Its not the refresh rate. Its at 85hz right now. The bottom of my screen would like flicker and get smaller by like half an inch than go back to its normal size. Other times the whole screen would flicker. I can also see a bright white line near the bottom half of...
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    New Touch Screen.
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    Best External Backup Drive?

    Im thinkin on getting a 200gb Maxtor one touch. is it any good? any other suggestions? are there any w/ both USB and FireWire?
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    How to cook an egg w/ 2 cell phones

    dont kno if this is in the right section. sorry if it isnt.