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    $10 off G.SKILL Sniper Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 2133

    memory price is still going up after 15 months of climbing...
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    Crucial M500 SSD @ MIcroCenter (In-Store Only)

    missed, now it's $125 for 240GB:(
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    Kingston SSD prices are low on Amazon! 2/17/2014

    Kingston has been doing that for a lot of their SSD products, the first batch for PR release is always wonderful than the retail will be secon tier, than further cost cut will make unbearable to use.
  4. T Sandisk 128GB SSD $65

    Sandisk 128GB 2.5" SATA III Solid State Drive (SSD) - SDSSDP-128G-G25 $15 off with promo code. Limit 5 per order. Use promo code 4D812CB at checkout. Ends 2/13/2014.
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    $45 Tiger Crucial m500 ssd 120gb =$75-$30MIR

    $45 is a steal, missed the deal though
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    Hot To Cold - Newegg Open Box Radeons

    :D Lets see how ppl will report back once they receive their cards
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    1150 vs 1155 vs 1156

    1150 is the way to go for now, but if you can get very cheap 1155 parts that will be great, because performance of haswell vs ivybridge is not that much to justify the high price for haswell processors.
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    Is an old HX620W up to Haswell?

    I have a 7 year old antec tp550 for my 4670 and it's been very stable so far, just need to turn off s6 and s7 in the bios.
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    NE : 2GB HD 7850 $120 AR

    Grabbed one more to pair with the one from last rebate for crossfire setup:)
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    Hot To Cold - Newegg Open Box Radeons

    how come newegg has some many old models as open box, they must have been stacking them up in the warehouse and release them all in one batch
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    Cold Weather and PSUs.

    Better let them warm to room temperature before turning on, there might be some moisture condensation which might cause damage to the electronics if the circuit board is cold, once the air starts flowing inside.
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    NE : 2GB HD 7850 $120 AR

    Thanks OP, bought one more to add crossfire to my HD7850. BTW the fan is kind of very loud if you don't have enough flow to move the air in your case, I had to throw a 140mm Noctua fan to move the air, didn't have this problem with my sapphire HD7790 before.
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    Newegg Via ebay Linksys EA6700 Router $99.99/FS

    A little hint on this router, DD-WRT and openwrt has recently expanded support for this model, cuz it's almost identical to EA6500 v2 in hardware spec.
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    Newegg Via ebay Linksys EA6700 Router $99.99/FS

    thanks, got 1 for upgrading.
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    Is there any benefit in memory faster than 1600mhz for a i7-4770k

    it's okay, I'm running at 1866MHz on my gskill and I'm using only a i3 3240 on p8p67, as long as you use a motherboard can overclock cpu you should be able to control the memory speed, that means you have to use z87 on 4770k.
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    Adorama via ebay has Samsung 840 Pro 256GB for $169.99

    Yeah, I clicked the first link at slickdeals and it's oos, they relisted in about five minutes. Probabaly there will be a 850 coming in a few months so they need to move inventory quick.
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    Adorama via ebay has Samsung 840 Pro 256GB for $169.99

    Grabbed one for my desktop:D
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    Samsung 840 SSD 256GB - $139.99

    adroma have the 840 pro 256GB for $169.99 on ebay.
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    Crucial Ballistix Sport Low profile

    I have 2x4GB kit and it's been working okay for a few months, no complaint for their performance and stability so far.
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    Kaveri in stock

    the only reason you need a better video card for video is using madVR for better reproduction of color, other than that a HD5450 is definitely okay, unless you want to do a 4k video playback then that's a different story.
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    Be Forewarned: Asus RMA is atrocious and getting worse.

    Just a question, if you damage the cpu socket pins, is it fixable by sending back to warranty service? I have a z77 with about 20 bent pins.
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    Looking for a recommendation for a 92MM fan or replacement cooler

    second for noctua, they are very quiet and you can barely hear it over the noise of hard drives.
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    Looking to upgrade my 6850.

    they probably have some sniper tool to monitor the price all day
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    10 years ago... Anandtech leaks Tejas

    Wow, it's alread so many years since LGA775 was introduced. Now Intel switched to new socket every two years, they learned from the longetivity of LGA775 and are pushing people to dump the old rig and upgrade new ones, not just buying processors only.
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    Kaveri in stock

    finally it's available, 65w version please so I can use in my HTPC.
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    PSU Question

    the only parts will draw a lot of power are GTX 760s, they will be over 300W, that leaves about 400W for other components, there is no way those will pull that much power from the PSU, you will be definitely okay using your 750W PSU.
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    GPU replacement advice wanted

    or HD7790, which is on sale a lot you should be able to find one under $100 easily.
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    Miners! Causing R290 R290X to be Overpriced

    most of the new coins use scrypt, otherwise they will be flooded by ASICs, there are new coins coming out everyday and they can be compared with litecoin or bitcoin for profitability at, those using sha256 are at the bottom even lower than bitcoin already.
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    Latest news on Broadwell?

    there will be a refresh of hawell before broadwell release, the model will be i5 4690 i7 4790, the broadwell will be released with h97 z97 chipsets later 2014.
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    7950 Crashing My System

    you can lower the core frequency to see if it draw too much power from PSU, put the core frequency at 600MHz and see if it crashes, that will only draw about 2/3 of the power, roughtly 100w, even if you have a 350W PSU it should be running okay. If it continues with crash, time for RMA I would say.
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    Miners! Causing R290 R290X to be Overpriced

    I was able to grab a refurbished hd7850 (powercolor 2GB single fan design) from ebay sold by newegg on Tuesday evening, that single hour all forty card were sold, of coure the card is much cheaper but that's crazy speed, $115 per card is really hard to get these days.
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    Copying files from one HDD to another.

    Fastest way is using SATA port on the motherboard with SATA cable, or if you have usb 3.0 exclosure that's also fast enough, usb 2.0 is very slow for copying large amount of data.
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    7950 Crashing My System

    do a new windows installation to rule out any driver problem first, you might have some software/driver causing problem in the system, because it only happens recently so you have to rule out the software problem first, it's very hard to say it's the video card from your description.
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    Very slow Startup and need some advice.

    Try using another hard drive and do a fresh install, I have same problem with my p8p67 motherboard when I had the marvell IDE enabled, the driver is causing about two or three mintues of delay in the reboot, if your fresh install doesn't take that long to boot to desktop, you can rule out the...
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    Backup HDD Pops Like a Balloon & New Drive Advice

    Always use hdtune pro to do a full disk scan when you buy a hard drive for backup purpose, there might be bad sectors you won't know unless you do a complete format, but that's very slow and no one would have the patience to run that.
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    Kaveri 65 watt cpu?

    65w will be available with 95w processors, but the 45w will be much later for purchase.
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    A10-7850K Performance Review

    The graphic is only close to R7 240 which is very low end, not even close to a HD7750/R255 performance.
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    Lenovo 28" 4k monitor for $799 coming in April

    4k@60hz is definitely needed if we're using it for display, 30Hz is not enough and the flickering is annyoying, but the price is really nice, would be better it will do 4k 60Hz.
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    Cleaning options for dusting out computers?

    that name is misleading, I really thought it's a vacuum until reading through the reviews. Another cheap alternative is using hair dryer:p
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    27 Dual-Bay NAS Round-Up

    NAS has lower power usage over an old PC, and PC is huge if you put more HDDs in side, so unless you put into your basement, a lot of people would go with a small NAS box, I'm using 2.5 hdd in my ds411slim, the performance is not that good but it's tiny and low noise, I have it next to my...