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    Broke AM4 Socket Cover

    I mounted the cooler way too tight on my MSI x370 Carbon motherboard and it resulted in the CPU losing contact with the pins in its default mounted state. To resolve this, I opened up the mounting mechanism and realized a piece of the plastic was broken. I am attaching pictures of how the...
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    System properties, Task manager - oc

    Is there a way to show my overclock in system properties & task manager? Monitoring software shows it but i'd like to see it everywhere, its neat. It's a BCLK overclock with stock 27x multiplier btw, on i5 6400
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    Thinking of getting a 980ti(used). Questions

    Want to upgrade my r9 290, I see some good deals on non-ref 980tis here in Canada. It would be atleast $150 cheaper than a new 1070 + tax Is it worth it? Also, I have a spare H60 Hydro lying around, i would love to use it on the 980ti and overclock it to the absolute limits but I can't find...
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    4x4 or 2x8 ddr4, upgrading

    I already have 2x4 2800 Mhz G Skill Ripjaws 4 on my Z170m Plus. Any harm in getting 2 more sticks of 4GB (not the same brand probably) @ 2800mhz or is there a strong reason to get new 2x8s and try to sell my current 2x4s? I read somewhere it can affect my CPU overclock (more stress on memory...
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    asus z170m-plus - disable overclock failure boot check

    I think i have seen this feature on other boards too, but if the system shuts down due to a Blue screen or just power failure, it automatically assumes that this is a bad OC and boots at stock settings. This is very annoying and is there a way to disable this check at boot? I mess around with...
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    BCLK and M.2 Slot

    Are they tied together? If my BCLK is say-175 and i decide to use a new M2 ssd, will it result in data corruption? I think i read this somewhere but couldnt find more info. z170 chipset ofcourse
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    Crimson Driver - Overlock boot issues

    As title states, I do a bad OC in any software (Trixx , AB, anything else) with the option "apply OC on boot" checked off and it still never boots up unless i delete driver in DDU. It has lead me to believe that Crimson is restoring my bad OCs at boot and i never want it to. Is there a fix to...
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    My Experiences with OCing an i5 - 6400

    My first OCing experience with a CPU, extremely happy with the results so far I got an Intel 6400 not so long ago, to experiment with the BCLK OCing, I was going to grab a used 3770k/2600k + Mobo setup but couldn't find a mATX mobo since all people use ATX for some reason. You save around 80$...
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    Furmark CPU Burner

    I have a i5 6400 @ 4.6 ghz and a h60 with 2 AF F12 fans on it. (package)Temp will be 78-85 during stress tests like AIDA , Linpack, Intel Burn Test, Intel XTU burn test - but if i run the furmark CPU Burner, it can go till 93 degrees unless i have fans on 100% from the very start. Does anyone...
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    Skylake BCLK OC removed by intel - does it matter? Simple question - if it is a bios update, can't any person with half a brain just choose not to update it? What's the big deal here that I am missing? Is there more to "microcode" updates?
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    Canadian ppl - where do you find your best prices

    So i use Newegg for most of my needs and memory express matches prices for almost anything. The problem now is that the Canadian Peso is so weak that everything is atleast 40% more than it used to be when i bought my first PC last year. Main thing I'm looking at is z170 mobos are atleast 150$...
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    Monopoly and legalities

    So, I read somewhere that since it is illegal for a company to exist as a monopoly, Intel can't price their SKUs lower than AMD even if they want to? Intel can't release something 50% more powerful than their last gen (instead have to do mild improvements so AMD can still be somewhat tiny...
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    Need help with VRM Heatsink, installing cooler 290

    I was trying to install a GELID ICY VISION on a 290 and i pretty much fucked it up, two screws got stripped had to drill and break em, one of them was of my original reference cooler (ouch) other one in the bottom of the GELID heatsink contact point, that one shouldnt matter. That aside, i...
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    RVZ01, ML07B - 2.5 Slot GPU, ATX PSU

    I got a Gelid cooler on my 290, will it fit in a RVZ01 chassis? Also going to fit an ATX PSU in there but i am sure that will be cool as people have done it before. Don't see spending more on the PSU than the case. If anyone knows similar cases to ML07B, in size and aesthetics, please let me...
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    Looking to upgrade - Haswell i7 vs Skylake i5

    What would you suggest, i just game, i am not productive on my computer at all i don't use it for anything else except running games and watching Movies / TV Shows. I have a r9 290 and I am thinking to upgrade this holiday season, I think main deciding factor for me here is DDR4 vs DDR3, the...
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    Post your most play time on a single game (steam)

    Title is self explanatory, If you have any other game (non steam) that shows play time, you can post that too. Curious to see what games ppl play like crazy,
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    What is your favorite thing about PC Gaming?

    Poll? Mine would be games I can't get on console - WoW and DoTA. If you could pick only one...
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    Overclocking - can you klil your card

    so i have a ref r9 290, i keep messing around with voltages upto +300mv sometimes, clocks not so much but memory 1600mhz or so just out of curiousity. Normally i run my card at stock to +19mv on 1000/1500, but i sometimes like to benchmark with 100% fan speed with retarded clocks and voltage. i...
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    Is there a 1440p 40"+ panel?

    Is there? Just wondering because it would be a better buy than a 4k for me as I'm sure my card won't give me nice 4k framerates, and 30Hz HDMI on AMD.
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    Wanna Upgrade, should i consider skylake?

    I have a measly i3 although its fine for most games, i want to build a nice setup in my room with an expensive big ass TV + a couple more 27 inch monitors. Also gonna get a neat little case like the Raidmaxx hyperion. I don't think i will go 4k though, as i don't see the point at all. I have a...
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    How long will AMD stay in business (CPU), and aftermath.. (speculation(

    Just thinking, they are trying hard to stay afloat, and that means they are not in a position to spend money on R&D/MKTG like their competition. Even if the next "ZEN" will perform +/- 5% of skylake, how much will that really help considering their brand image now? In case they go out of...
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    Ref 290s in CF UVed , UCed

    I have this idea, for my next upgrade after CPU, since my single 290 has to run loud to perform at its full potential and it can be annoying gaming at night sometimes, i am thinking to put another 290 and UC,UV both of them to around 850 mhz -30 mv, 57% fan speed max limit. Do you think this...
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    Weird clock speeds on 290

    Hi, I have a ref 290 hair dryer edition, I can't help but notice strange patterns in my gpu clock speeds while playing games. for eg - Witcher 3 will use 100% gpu on msi afterburner and run it at 999 mhz constant playing for hours, fan will work as intented i have a profile set up, and temp...
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    safe upgrade from i3/290 to 4770k/290 on a CX500m

    will it work? i don't really care if my PSU dies in 1 year. trying to make a buying decision since I am getting a $240 4770k with more than 2 year warranty still left. my mobo don't overclock
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    Laptop HDD in PC

    Hi, I broke my laptop so I can now use my laptops 500gb HDD in my PC. What would be the easiest way to install it, I Don't have any brackets at hand
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    8.1 Tablets with the new core M processors

    Hi, I am looking to buy a tablet for my daily use since i broke my laptop. I bought a t100 asus, and it performs slower than a 4 year old android phone for web browsing / youtube - i don't know how it got such good reviews. [ it can't play 720 youtube videos without stuttering every 2 secs...
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    Best looking case under $100

    Hi Guys, I am thinking of upgrading my rig and in the process I might change to an ITX case + mobo too, planning a z97 and 4690k and h80i. Already have a r9 290 reference to go with that. So i am looking for some suggestions for some sick looking cases - I like minimalistic looks but...
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    is this ssd any good? it is $99 CAD on sale right now which is a very good price, was thinking of getting this as a boot drive. Any other drives are $120 for entry level ones from kingston [ are they really better ?]...
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    Chinese GPU cooler

    So, this cooler costs about $20 on aliexpress, was wondering if it'd be worth it- i know nothign about coolers. but $20 is nothing i am thinking to try it out. i have a reference 290, which runs at 80-85 while max load, 80% fan speed i think this should give me a cooler gpu...
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    Reference 290 Fan Profiles/Curves

    All the people who own this card, do you set custom fan profiles, and do they make a measurable difference? Post your custom fan curves/profiles here.
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    What GPU + CPU combo would you get?

    It baffles me how many low - mid range GAMING builds these days consist of i5 + 270x [ or equal nvidia ] that I would like to know what yall think. i5 is a waste of 100$+ in a budget build that could be spent on a GPU. [My 2 cents] If you have limited budget, and making a rig for GAMING...
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    270x on 350w PSU

    Hi Guys, my cousin has an old HP system with A8 3820 in it. i got a new 290 and was gonna send him my old 270x he has a 350w psu - should it be able to run 270x? it wont matter if it dies in 6 - 8 months [i think it might since i am running 290 on a 500w...
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    old AMD cpu

    hi, my cousin has an old a8 3820, would he be able to play current games decently with a 270x?
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    290x vs 970

    Hi, i can grab a 290x for ~$220 used [+$80 for power suppply upgrade to 999999w] and EVGA 970 for ~$415 with backplate new and ~$370 for used 970 [any brand] Is the 290x almost same as the 970? because every video ive seen has the 970 performing WAY better than the 290x. [the youtube videos...
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    Hi, i might get a 4690t for gaming, with a gtx 970. i have an i3 currently, the 4690t is being sold by someone 130$ cheaper than the 4690k is it going to be nice enough for gaming at 3.5ghz turbo? or 4460 will perform better? my motherboard doesnt oc canadian currency
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    Gigabyte RMA no Receipt

    Hi, I have searched around and mostly they say that Gigabyte Rmas dont require a receipt. I am getting a used 290x windforce for 250$ CAD, which seems like a good deal and the Serial # shows 2 years left on warranty. My Question is, am I eligible for warranty since the owner doesn't have a...