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    ASUS GeForce GTX 670-DC2T-2GD5 (TOP OC-ed Model) IN STOCK-Amazon!!!

    Bought one today, $437 shipped. Not bad.. Thanks for the heads up ;)
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    H100 Mod -Homemade Copper pipe rad, need advice

    As many have already said its pretty ghetto and is likely to perform worse, but please don't let that discourage you :D Take lots of pics:p
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    Radeon 4890 vs 4850

    personally wouldn't bother, those things are furnaces if you can deal with the heat its not a bad boost for 20$
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    Your favorite MP3 software?

    foobar2000 w/ metro theme infinitely configurable to your every preference if you're willing to take the time to do it
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    Possible to replace Zalman fan? possible
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    Gaming Snacks

    Nuts are good. Some wasabi/soy sauce almonds, smoked almonds, or just plain old roasted peanuts. *Drool* :p
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    Upgrade from Core i7 940 to the i72700K ?

    Is your 940 overclocked?
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    In Ear Vs Over Ear

    I have the MEE A151s, nothing to complain about. It came with plenty of tips. Also dig it because of the balanced armatures and nicely braided cables.
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    Seasonic X Series Owners!

    None here.
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    Fake Nvidia GPU's/Cards Circulating

    wood screws
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    After a long road, I think I may have a stable clock.

    lower temps and voltage is always better :D
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    8gb G.skill 1333 ddr3 & 4gb flash drive $44.99 - shellshocker 3PM PST

    You can't use codes on items with free gifts unless you add another item. I added a pair of cheap earbuds and used the 10$ code and it worked then. 40.98 shipped :D
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    One month, three mobos up in smoke (literally)

    Could it be possible that you are doing it wrong? Get someone else to test your shit mang. J/K you must seriously have some bad luck, or bad power :confused:
  14. M HOT DEALS! 6/21 - 6/27

    pretty sure companies can't do rebates as well..
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread

    radeon 58xx series is codenamed Cypress
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    Normal for Aging GPU?

    Just looks like some finger grease on the matte finish. Like fried chicken? :D
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    Google Has Largest Corporate EV Charging Infrastructure

    :confused: I'm pretty sure that most of the money goes to the people speculating with oil and the people taxing the piss out of it, not the people drilling it out of some well in Saudi Arabia.
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    Help me hook someone up. Pick a mobo

    Well, the gigabyte board could potentially have some sata ports blocked by a 4890. If thats not an issue I think having ddr3 would be preferable.
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    Das Keyboard

    I have a das silent, no problems here. I actually even spilled some water on it once and just let it dry out a couple of days and it still works great. :D
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    Review my $1300ish SB build

    I'd get the AX750 over the SeaSonic being cheaper after a rebate, having a 7 year warranty vs 5 years on the SeaSonic, and free shipping its a much better deal.
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    Cpu+ mobo combo deal!

    That mobo only has a one year warranty, not that great of a deal imo.
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    Antech Earthwatt EA650 adequate for new system?

    650w should be fine, although if you don't plan on upgrading to sli in the future I'd recommend getting a slightly lower wattage Neo Eco and if you do want to upgrade to sli at some point, a 750w may be a better choice Out of those cards the 560ti is probably the best choice, IMO
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    HOT - 64GB Crucial M4 $80 - No Rebate

    ahhh :p sweet deal it is
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    HOT - 64GB Crucial M4 $80 - No Rebate

    Looks like someone goofed on the newegg deals topic. Thanks for posting!
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    New Build (first in 9 years) - $800-$900 - please [H]elp

    If you're not gonna overclock, you could save 14$ and get the antec earthwatts 650 neo eco is a better unit but the difference is negligible This combo would also be the same price as your current selection, after a...
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    New Build (first in 9 years) - $800-$900 - please [H]elp

    Why that psu? something like the antec earthwatts 650w would probably be a lot better for the money Why get that mobo when you could get the msi g43 for 10$ more?' You could get a single stick of 4gig 1333 for 39$ and upgrade to 8gig if you need/want more Also a gigabyte 6870 is the same...
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    Verify Foobar output quality?

    +1 for WASAPI
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    SeaSonic X750 80 Plus Gold Modular PSU $120 Shipped

    got it for 120$, thanks for the tip :)
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    Corsair RMA. So sweet.....yeah!

    I'll definitely keep this in mind the next time I buy a new psu :D
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    MSI Barebone System Give-Away

    I like the custom cooler and the fact it comes overclocked. Its also nice and compact.
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    Hep! Where do I find the Vice City "backup" file?

    you mean save files? documents>gta vice city user files
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    BFG 295 vs current gen/drivers

    get the 6970, and go for trifire when you get 3x monitors :)
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    Might be a new line of Pc cases in near future!

    recessed power and reset switches removable fan filters
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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    I like the 6990 because of its great performance for multiple monitors on a single card.
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    XFX Black Edition PSU Drawing!

    I like the silver rating and extra large fan :D
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    Das vs. Deck: please post your experiences

    I have the keyboard you're looking at getting, its awesome. I love the feel, and the thing is heavy and solid. Home intruders beware! mines sorta dusty atm though :D
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    Building New Sandy Bridge Gaming Platform - Help Needed

    ditch the ft02 and shaman and go sli? :D
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    Is it the economy or is it me? (no driver CD included)

    I've never used any included cd, if someone can't be arsed to download the newest driver and install they probably shouldn't be building a computer. just my thoughts :D
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    Foobar skin question

    its a ui plugin called "facets", apparently its part of the default ui now so just install the newest foobar, go to view> layout >quick setup to preview some layouts