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    Worth waiting?

    I think this is your best advice. Never buy a card for one game, especially months before that game is out. Anything you buy now will be cheaper or at worst the same price. Manufacturers and distributors know when to move volume and that is when the competition for your money gets serious and...
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Complete Bundle - $9.99 (-75%)

    I also stopped playing the first time and came back later to love it as much as everybody else. The reason? There is a secret to Stalker... It Is An RPG. Play it like an RPG and you will understand and love it. It is not made to run and gun early on. You have to build yourself up. Truly...
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    Superlux Headphones any good?

    I would agree on the superlux being pretty good. My AD-ATH700's broke and before I tried to fix them I ordered the Samson HD850's,(which are just the 661's with the velvet earpads) as a temporary replacement. The sound stage is not as large as everyone says, at least compared to my 700's...
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    LG G2, $209 + FS , Factory Unlocked GSM

    T-Mobile is: 3g with 1700-2100. You need both, one is down and the other is up. 4g/LTE on T-Mobile is 1700 is most places - that's band 4. This model is the D800 - it has 4G on T-Mobile but not 3G. From GSMArena: 3G : HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100 - D800 4G - LTE: 700 / 850 / 1700 / 1900...
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    US Navy’s Railgun to be Displayed in Public in February

    It's a good thing we have a lot of freedoms otherwise we would not be able to have this discussion. Whether or not we have an over large military/budget is another discussion. I would like to point out that like it or not, our foreign policy has created a situation where a large number of our...
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    Newegg no-rebate $5 Antivirus deals...

    Webroot antivirus is still $5.00 on Amazon.
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    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer Released Early

    Don't look now but it's "Call to Planetside" with a lot fewer players and it will run worse. Wow, that should suck pretty bad.
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    Biggest pet peeve with modern mice?

    Stop complaining and make the switch. Those under $20 dollar mice on Amazon? They don't suck. This is the best time in history, (not a lot of history but you get my point) for variety in mice. I have a G9X gathering dust and I am using a $16 Sharkk mouse which is a copy/re-branded $20...
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    Wolfenstein: The New Order Performance Review @ [H]

    Once I set V-sync to enabled most of the issues went away for me. I quite noticing them and could just play. The game is fun and worth what you are willing to pay. I think it is better than a nostalgia trip and I can see a second play through on uber being a lot of fun as well. I can't fault...
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    Man Getting Sued Over An Amazon Review

    They could have also ignored the crap out of him or better yet posted a response to his review from the seller for each one and let it be. These things are like finding a buried bomb from WWII. You have no idea if it will go off and it most likely won't but if it does the result is major...
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    Man Getting Sued Over An Amazon Review

    Yeah, I think they have damaged their placement in the Amazon marketplace. They might have the best $49.99 router on the market but their name is not Asus, Dlink, etc. so they need that 4.5 star rating and that position to encourage people to buy their product before they make a name...
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    Man Getting Sued Over An Amazon Review

    Good thing? I don't think that matters either because it it's not what we want it's what we got. If you alert them about something like this and enough people agree then they all go to Amazon and post bad reviews. I think this is just another cautionary tale for both the consumer and the...
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    Man Getting Sued Over An Amazon Review

    When comparing the level of TIFU'ness, Mediabridge lost. Right and wrong do not matter here. What you can prove in court, if it ever goes there, is all that would matter from a legal perspective. . Mediabridge is not in the legal profession, they are in the sell you crap profession and...
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    Diablo 3 PC for $19.99 @ Gamestop

    Up until last night there was not even a consideration in my mind that I might get the expansion. Then my son was playing and he was talking about the drops were better than what he farmed at the auction house. So, I jumped on from my current pc crack, Planetside2, and enjoyed it. I mean, I...
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    ERL / Mikrotik / Gargoyle / Other

    Yeah, I did the same. My new NAS will pay itself off in 2.5 years. $200+ for a nice little atom system will take a few more, like twelve.
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    ERL / Mikrotik / Gargoyle / Other

    Thanks for the insight. Regardless of bds1904 and me being snippy with each other he is right and the UTM is where I want to go. I am not sure how much overhead I am going to need but I have no need for a VPN and web mail is all we use. However the smart move is to take your advice and use...
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    ERL / Mikrotik / Gargoyle / Other

    I am saving this. Thanks.
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    ERL / Mikrotik / Gargoyle / Other

    I think I am to the point where if I want this to be as flexible as possible it is going to be an Atom dual NIC setup and you are right, plenty of options and examples out there.
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    ERL / Mikrotik / Gargoyle / Other

    Yeah, they get great reviews and I have read about loading FreeBSD, I read someone had Pfsense running on it as well. But I think you are spot on with the milage though.
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    ERL / Mikrotik / Gargoyle / Other

    I was initially looking for something like a Mikrotik. Simple to get started, room to expand as I learned more about the system, powerful but low financial overhead to get into and run. Pretty obvious that I am looking at something more like a Zyxel or Pfsense / Astaro box. I think I would...
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    ERL / Mikrotik / Gargoyle / Other

    HUGE Thank You! That is really helpful. I was willing to learn either system but finding an explanation that clear is hard to come by. Eliminating that direction as an option makes it easier to corral the legitimate options and compare them.
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    ERL / Mikrotik / Gargoyle / Other

    Thanks for the idea. Someone recently told me about this "Google" thing so I think I'll try that and do some checking.
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    ERL / Mikrotik / Gargoyle / Other

    bds1904. No reason to go into giant colored font. You gave a snarky response and you got one back. You can scream all you want, my monitor is only so big though so at some point your efforts at internet domination will soon result with diminishing returns on your wrath. I said I...
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    ERL / Mikrotik / Gargoyle / Other

    Thats what I was considering but I was hoping that a more concise solution had developed. Something more like Mikrotik but with an Untangle / Ipfire kind of software development. Perhaps I can't find it because it does not exist. Appreciate the response.
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    ERL / Mikrotik / Gargoyle / Other

    I appreciate the response, snarky though it may be. Just a heads up, the definition below kind of covers the intent of a forum, (number 3 specifically). Generally questions will be asked or opinions voiced by some and responded to by others. Not much point in starting a conversation if I...
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    ERL / Mikrotik / Gargoyle / Other

    I am looking to modify my home network by adding in some content filtering. Initially I am looking at something that can implement a blacklist. I want to be able to keep my wired network at gigabit speeds for transfers and backups to my nas while at the same time applying the filtering to...
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    Mother In Law Using Computer - Programs Being Installed

    Just setup a guest account that requires no login info. If she asks why lie to her and tell her there has been some weird crap going on and you don't want her compromised while on facebook. Not much of a lie really. The guest account will not have any admin privileges so it should greatly...
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    What's closest to the fUNC 'Surface 1030' these days?

    Amazon has a Func surface, F30.r $5.99 each. These fit in the frame of the same size if you have it but they also come with a rubber bottom. I usually use the rough...
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    4670k & 4770k purchased anwhere operating performance thread

    "I think ASRock's LLC is bugged because I get the same Vcore with any of them, no fluctuations at load." I would not be surprised by that. Been a little busy but P95 for 90 minutes at 4ghz and I hit 73C on one core. The voltage jumped from 0.888 to 0.896 on my Asrock Pro4. I am pretty happy so...
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    4670k & 4770k purchased anwhere operating performance thread

    Just to add to the general info, I picked up a 4670k at MC today (L310B443) with an Asrock 4Pro ($283 OTD). Did nothing besides set the Bios overclock to 4ghz. CPU-Z says I am at 0.888 V and temps are maxed mid 50's while playing planetside2, (cpu intensive for what it's worth / using about...
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    Galaxy GTX 670 GC - $339.99 amir @ TigerDirect!

    $150 is really about $50-60 on Ebay. Planetside 2 and world of Tanks credits will sell for half or more of face value. That Hawken game is still in Beta I think so no real demand for that. If you don't play them you can get at least something back. I play Planetside 2 too much right now...
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    Microcenter $40 off any compatible motherboard w/ processor

    At this point it should be common knowledge. I remember getting hammered by folks over two years ago for the same deal which was old then for the current gen CPU's at MC. I believe it has gotten to the point that people don't even ridicule OP knowing that they will be face palming as soon as...
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    Large sillpery gaming mouse pad

    Func surface is still the best I have ever used. So good that as long as I can get them that's what I will use. Have had two, (one at work and one at home) for years with zero sign of significant wear. Buying another one only because the boy want's one and I am not giving up one of mine...
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    Diablo 3 Beta

    Two two have made my point. There is enough variety and flexibility in the builds that different people are coming up with majorly different builds and results. This is with 95% the game and character development blocked. Interestingly enough I really enjoyed the Monk and the Barb has bored...
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    Diablo 3 Beta

    You know, I have been a little torn on the skill tree thing but after playing the demo through several characters I started to notice something. Other Monks were using different skills than me. Other Mages too. The most basic skill, the lvl 1 skill, seems like when the runes are applied and...
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    Diablo 3 Beta

    I got in with this last round of invites. Very difficult to compare to D1/D2. It is going to be hampered by the success and connection that players had for those games no matter what Blizzard does. I think a lot of people were hoping for a better looking with fresh story line but exact same...
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    Mass Effect 3 will require Origin only!

    Only because they can't get it on Steam. No one seems to be jumping onto Origin BECAUSE of Origin, they are doing as the necessary evil to get what they want. I think Steam has value beyond the Games. I would do without it in a second if I could get what Steam provides without the leash but...
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    Mass Effect 3 will require Origin only!

    Yes! But at least they offered me candies! Candies! Steam was too much and has it's issues. I have spent my time cursing it. Would do without it in a second if there was a better option. Why would I want a worse version of Steam? Oh, and cursing Origin is not promoting Steam...
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    Mass Effect 3 will require Origin only!

    Steam is often a pain in the ass. They have made a lot of things easy though, like buying games for my son and gifting them to him, letting me know what he has been playing, just general oversight. But if I had a better choice I would do without Steam. I don't want or need another f'ing...