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    Nvidia Should Be Held Accountable For OverCharging With Lower Performance.

    Alittle Balance To The Threads Posted. Typically Nvidia's cards have cost more then their AMD counterparts all while having less VRAM and producing Lower FPS. With performance per dollar used in various reviews and guides, how does someone feel about paying more for less? Discuss..
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    Windows 7 Hotfix For AMD. I have it installed on my computer and it did increase my FPS by a little bit. Windows 7 seems to load alittle quicker and smoother for me as well.
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    Anything Better?

    Thanks to this forum I found out the MOBO I have works but its not what I was hoping it would be. So after looking around I am curious if there is any motherboard out there that is better then the GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD7 or its equivalent? Obviously I would want it to support the FX serious of...
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    Analyze My System.

    Over the last year or so I have put together my home, work, and gaming rig. A friend of mine has spurred on some of the upgrades from our conversations as I got into computers in the late 90s then got out of it for military service and only recently got back into it, so I am behind the curve to...