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    One ghost image but different HD configs, any thoughts?

    So here is kind of how it goes. I've spent hours loading a system on an nForce 4 platform with a SATA HD (no driver disk needed on first install of course). I loaded everything except chipset drivers fully expecting to ghost other machines (with like setups) based on NF4, NF3U, and NF2...
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    2 x 7800GT -$649 Shipped! | 2 x 7800GTX - $879 Shipped!

    3DFuzion 2 x 7800 GT PCI Express - $649 Shipped ($325 ea) 3DFuzion 2 x 7800 GTX PCI Express - $879 Shipped ($440 ea)
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    7800GT w/ Ratpadz & Saturday Delivery - $349 Shipped!

    3D Fuzion 7800 GT graphics PCI Express card Amazingly, if you order in the next 30 minutes or so you get free delivery by tomorrow. Otherwise, I believe Chumbo's standard shipping is free which still isn't bad. Not a bad deal for fast shipping...
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    Jetway Motherboards?

    A friend of mine is looking to purchase a Jetway motherboard. I really don't know much about Jetway as I have never dared to buy anything made by them. Anyone have any experience with Jetway products that they wouldn't mind...
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    App to Veiw/Change Timings in Windows?

    I'm looking for a windows application that will allow me to view all memory timings and possibly make soft adjustments. I used to have one a few months ago, but have since lost it during a reformat and haven't been able to find another application which can do this. Any help would be...
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    Antec 550 putting out decent voltages?

    I built a new machine recently and checked on the voltages my Antec 550 is supplying. +12V = 11.4 +5V = 4.86 +3.3V = 3.34 VCore (CPU @ 1.475v) = 1.488 to 1.55 Is it me or does the +12V / +5V values seem a tad low and the VCore seem to fluctuate a tad high?
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    BFG 6800GT In Stock at

    If anyone has been having a hard time finding a 6800GT lately or doesn't want to be price gouged, I noticed that just got stock of the BFG 6800GT's. However, for $50 more you can get the BFG Power bundle including the aforementioned...
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    BFG 6800GT, 550W PSU, Doom 3, and Free 2 Day Shipping for $449!

    Great deal on a fantastic graphics card and more! This bundle would cost ~$600 if you bought the items seperately online or in-store and paid tax or shipping! :eek: There are awards and reviews for this graphics card linked on the right side...
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    A7N8X-E Deluxe Hacked Bios?

    Does anyone know if there's a hacked bios out there for the A7N8X-E Deluxe based off the recently released 1011 bios? I haven't been able to track one down yet. :(
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    BB cancels UT2K4 Pre-Orders?

    I'm just wondering if anyone else pre-ordered UT2K4 SE from Bestbuy only to have thier order canceled? My order obviously got canceled which really bothers me. Apparently Bestbuy pre-orders are just a big gamble when it comes to limited edition items. :mad: