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    Opinion - ZFS Spares?

    So I just had my first drive faliure on ZFS and everything went pretty well. Lost a drive, it showed offline, hot spare took over, pool rebuilt, no data loss and no downtime. The lowdown on the setup: 13x Hitachi Ultrastar 500gb HDD (ESXi Shared Storage, Sync-Always) 2x 6 Drive RaidZ-2 Pool...
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    Just how far can you take ZFS with full HA?

    So a recent post in the showoff thread lead me to thinking: Just how many disks and to what scale (size) could you take ZFS while maintaining full HA? Basic HA is relatively straight forward. 2x dual port enclosures with dual port SAS drives connected to two heads operating in HA. You can...
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    240v ups at home

    So as side from the required wiring, are there any disadvantages to running a 208-240v 60hz ups at home? The setup would be for server hardware only so I'm not concerned about incompatibilities with consumer grade hardware. Currently I have 2 UPS's running a total of 1200w peak load, 800w...
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    UBNT Edgemax site-to-site performance?

    Does anyone have any real world vpn performance numbers for the ERlite, ER8 and/or the ER8-Pro? Ipsec seems pretty easy to find info on, but it's all sha1/aes128. Any numbers on sha1/aes256? Openvpn is a whole other story, I can't find much of anything that isn't from right after the...
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    Brocade EZSwitchsetup software?

    Anyone know where I can get a copy of brocade's EZSwitchSetup? I've got an old 200e fc switch that I don't know the ip to, and I don't have a serious cable handy.
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    RouterOS + AT&T NVG589 + ipv6 = mtu issues

    Just a heads up for anyone out there using a ipv6 enabled router behind a uverse gateway. At&t uses 6rd for their ipv6 deployment. The maximum ipv6 packet size is 1480 because of this. If you are using a router behind the at&t gateway you need to be sure your personal router is advertising a...
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    Forum message "you like newegg"

    Getting a forum message "you like newegg, shop with hoverhound" is absolutely stupid. i already unblocked ads from hardocp and hardforum to disable that annoying-as-piss message, now I get them spamming about hoverhound too? I understand ads, but that is just one step too far. Has [H]...
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    Quanta LB4M 48xGbE 2x SFP+ & 10Gb Optics

    Quanta LB4M HP/Brocade Open Source Switch 90 Day Warranty 100% Tested I ordered 2 personally, they forgot my optics but shipped them out very quickly when I contacted them.
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    cant decide on sas hba

    Looking for a sas2, low profile hba (or raid card I can put in it mode) with 2x sff8088 external connections. Going to be used on a oi+napp-it server. Any suggestions? I cant use a m1015 because I need the external ports and dont have any extra slots for adapters.
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    ESXi boot from SAN benefits/cautions

    I'm currently in the process of overhauling my home ESXI setup. I have set up in essence a FC SAN. I am not using switched fabric, it is all point to point. The qlogic HBA's support booting from FC. I have successfully installed ESXi to a LUN on the SAN and everything works just fine. To...
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    New mikrotik 24x gbe 2x sfp+ switch, $289

    Well the CRS226-24G-2S+IN is on their website now. Hopefully the distributors will have their hands on them soon. Has anyone had a chance to play with their CRS series yet? They are marketed as a "layer 3 switch" but looking at the block diagram it looks more like a "smart switch". Sure...
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    ISP's tracking traffic (for advertising)

    After reading my ISP's TOS I am starting to feel a little violated. Part of the TOS specifically states that they are allowed to use data gathered from surfing the web for "targeted advertising" for ads on TV and the internet. Obviously this is a provider that also serves IPTV. What really...
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    Half-Height PCIe 8x w/ SFF-8087 JBOD HBA

    What do you guys reccomend for a Half-Height PCIe 8x w/ SFF-8087 JBOD HBA? Going to go in a c6100 node that is going to be used for a ZFS server. 3Gb/sec would be okay, but 6Gb/sec would be better.
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    DDoS attack on home network

    So someone found a bit of an exploit in my home network today, I was getting some erogenous UDP DNS requests that was maxing out the upstream of one of my internet connections. I was receiving about 300pps and the responses were huge, maxing out my upstream. Turns out that my RouterOS router...
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    RouterOS IPv6 Firewall Script

    Found this little script here. Blocks all incoming ipv6 traffic except that which is requested. Helps secure all those ipv6 clients that don't have a firewall running. /ipv6 firewall filter add action=accept chain=input comment="Allow established connections" connection-state=established...
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    Mikrotik RouterOS Multi-WAN PPC howto

    This guide assumes the following: "ISP1" is your 1st wan connection name "ISP2" is your 2nd wan connection name "LAN" is your local network name "ISP1" recieves the IP on the network "ISP2" recieves the IP on the network 1...
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    Learn me on some ipv6

    So the other day i noticed that my AT&T NVG589 was issuing me an ipv6 address in the range of 2602:306:3276:da20::/64. The modem is showing the following Link-local IPv6 Address fe80::42b7:f3ff:fee4:95c0 Router Advertisement Prefix 2602:306:3276:da20::/64 IPV6 Delegated LAN Prefix...
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    demystify AMD based ESXi device passthrough

    What are the CPU and motherboard requirements that I need to be looking for to support device passthough on ESXi? I would prefer and opteron based solution if possible, but I just can't find much info on the requirements. I am looking to upgrade my home lab and I need a board that supports...
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    RouterOS MME

    Has anyone here successfully implemented RouterOS MME in a network or at least played with it? Supposedly it's similar to B.A.T.M.A.N.
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    School me on RouterOS site-to-site VPN

    I'm looking into the Routerboard RB2011UAS series of routers for myself and several of my friends. The hardware specs fit our needs, and I have used RouterOS a little in the past on some older Routerboard products. Even then it was very limited use. We do routed site-to-site connections...
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    Vsphere storage redundancy

    What are some options for storage redundancy when using vsphere? Right now I have a 3 host cluster running HA and DRS using shared iSCSI storage. What are my options as far as redundant storage? My current storage setup is a freenas box running ZFS and can handle a drive failure, but I am...
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    Fiber Transceiver Questions

    First, let me explain my situation. I am contemplating running fiber to my pole barn which isn't too far, but the cable run would be about 310ft. I am going to running conduit from the house to the pole barn for electric, and another for data. I already have a Netgear GS-724T inside, and I...
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    PFSense Load Balance Multiple OpenVPN sessions

    Here's the senerio: PFSense box 1: 2 WAN's running openVPN server PFSense box 2: 1 WAN running openVPN client (one client connected to each IP on box 1) Box 1 has 2 WAN's that have low upload. The majority of the traffic is sent from box 1 to box 2, so bonding would improve...
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    Reccomend me a switch

    Home use (AKA not uber-expensive) New/used doesn't matter, home use only, not production. Minimum 16x 10/100/1000 Must support link aggregation (LACP and static) No requirement for mini GBIC or anything, just going to be using the RJ-45 ports.
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    Site-to-Site between Zeroshell and PFSense

    Anyone ever set up a site-to-site VPN connection between Zeroshell and PFSense. I have several sites running Zeroshell and i'm interested in moving over to PFSense on my ESXi 5 server because you can't install Vmware-tools on Zeroshell. I've messed around with it a little bit and the two...
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    mesh wifi network in semi-rural area

    My neighbors and I would like to set up a mesh network to share access to a PBX and some simple file sharing. Line of sight point to multi-point is really out of the question. No one has a tower tall enough to be seen LOS from more that 1 or 2 houses because of some really really tall 200 year...