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    PC turned off, now it won't stay on for more than a few seconds.

    Yup, definitely had this happen because of ram before. In my case a stick suddenly died on me but it had me scratching my head for a couple hours. Swapped them out one by one until it started working again.
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    Get 100GB Of OneDrive Storage For 2 Years For Free

    Well I'm not sure of the details with Onedrive but I was once given a 50gb free for one year on dropbox, and after the year was up, all my files remained, I just couldn't upload any additional files.
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    Deathtrap - Tower Defense / action-RPG

    Thanks OP! This game is a blast and something fresh from the norm!
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    25% Off Watch Dogs Preorder

    Where at?
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    HP Chromebook 14, 4G ram, 16G ssd, 2955U celeron, LIFETIME 4G T-mobile (200M/mo) $330

    Not sure but the linked ad says "Free 200MB 4G Data per Month for 2 Years", not lifetime.
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    Super Mario 3D World - Wii U - $46 w/ MasterPass Checkout

    As the title reads: Slickdeals thread...
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    HOT*** Nikon D3200 w/ 18-55MM Lens - NEW @ $189.99

    Will do. Good looking out!
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    HOT*** Nikon D3200 w/ 18-55MM Lens - NEW @ $189.99

    It was showing 2 left before I bought, and after it was showing 0. Just in time.
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    HOT*** Nikon D3200 w/ 18-55MM Lens - NEW @ $189.99

    Snagged one. Not expecting much but will see how it turns out.
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    Werner 22' Telescoping Multi-ladder 300lb $115 Home Depot

    Awesome ladder. My only complaint, minor at best, is that the steps are rather skinny, and if using barefoot or with thin shoes, it isn't very comfortable on the feet. The portability and storage capability of this thing is awesome.
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    LG 55" LED 1080p 120Hz HDTV 55LN5100 $500

    They had lots of these in store last night. YMMV. From what i can tell, no wifi or ethernet, but a roku or such could fix that.
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    Wall mount for 110lbs TV. Cheetah mounts failed me :(

    I have no experience with these mounts however I would have to assume the 165lb rating is obtained only while fully retracted up against the wall. I'm curious what they're rated at when fully extended. I don't see this information on their website.
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    12 fake large cockroaches $0.91 shipped

    You're going to hell... but awesome for sure!
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    Streaming mkv movies to my TV without having to convert first?

    Its been a while since I messed with it but I'm pretty sure the bit rate was much higher on the TV as well. I went through every available settings playing around with it in comparison to the Roku, and ended up ditching the roku all together. It's one of the Dual core plasma's, so I'm sure...
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    Streaming mkv movies to my TV without having to convert first?

    The playback on my Samsung TV is better than ok, and is far superior to the playback on a Roku 2, that I was previously using. I am streaming 1080p MKV's, and on the Roku, it would continuously buffer. I in turn had to back the settings down to 720p. On the TV its running wide open at 1080p...
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    Obihai OBi200 VoIP Phone Adapter $40

    Wow, clicked the link and it said $39.99, added to cart and said it was no longer available from seller, refreshed screen and it was in stock but back to $59.99. Gotta love amazon!
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    Warm? Velocirapper 150 $60 New

    LOL, glad somebody got it!
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    Warm? Velocirapper 150 $60 New

    You"ll be buying a rapper and don't even know it.
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    Razer Naga 17-button Mouse $58

    Currently the same price at Amazon.
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    Google Chromecast now available at Amazon!

    Yes it does stream, local content only though, such as certain types of media from a computer, external hard drive, etc... Check out this video (at 4:54) that demonstrates it:
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    4670k & 4770k purchased anwhere operating performance thread

    Finally got time to upgrade my rig over the weekend, and it appears I got a pretty decent chip running at 4.6 @ 1.2V. I did reduced cache ratio down to 40 just to be on the safe side. I haven't really tweaked it yet, jumped straight to Kyle's recommended settings and all seems good. I only ran...
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    MSI X58 Pro-E Motherboard/ Intel i7 920 Processor Combo

    As the title says.... if anyone has any questions, hit me up.
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    Hitachi 4TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive $130 (no rebate)

    Yes, if you click on the link, there is a promo code listed on the newegg page. Special savings w/ promo code EMCXPVM55, ends 7/4
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    Hitachi 4TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive $130 (no rebate)

    Just tried the code, brought it down to $139.
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    i5-4670k combo deal at the Egg.

    Thanks OP, in for one. I wasn't going to upgrade from the old 920, but it's served me well, and this is to good of a deal to pass up.
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    Free cloud storage--> Copy(app, the name of it is Copy)

    Thanks OP! Here's my referral:
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    Ultimate OCing guide from Intel!

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    Everyone In US Under Virtual Surveillance

    This my friends, is big brother in all of it's glory!
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    Saphire HD6950 2GB

    This card is in excellent working condition. Shaders have been unlocked and working perfect.
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    ASUS/BENQ LightBoost owners!! Zero motion blur setting!

    Guys Im using the ASUS VG278H monitor, and I can't seem to activate 3D or lightboost. I even followed all of your steps here, including the new inf. install (got it installed) but there is no sign of my emitter and glasses talking. I even went through the 3d setup in Nvidia Control Panel, yet...
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    Asus VG278H 27-Inch 3D Monitor - $519.99

    Wow that price is unbelievable. I probably would have bought 3 at that price, but Im not that lucky.
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    Asus VG278H 27-Inch 3D Monitor - $519.99

    According to camelcamelcamel, this is the lowest its ever been.
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    ViewSonic VX2770SMH-LED 27"

    Sorry I haven't updated my sig in a while. I'm running a 6950 now. I will try all your other recommendations and let you know how it goes. Away from home at the moment but will give it a shot.
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    ViewSonic VX2770SMH-LED 27"

    I just recently purchased the ViewSonic VX2770 and definitely am not happy. I am far from a professional on monitors, but have tried everything I know of to make this monitor look acceptable, without success. I mostly spend my time gaming or surfing the web, not much else. I know there are...
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    The [H] SpiderOak Referral Thread (Think DropBox, but BETTER)

    I used Prav's referral link: Confirmed code WORLDBACKUPDAY is still working for 5 GB. Here is mine:
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    (Scam) Seagate MomentusXT 750gb 32.99

    Well after I got the message from eBay about the listing being removed, I filed a complaint with PayPal. I then received an email from the seller stating: Dear friend, Because of my operation mistakes ebay delete project, but please rest assured, your project tomorrow I will send you the...
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    Bitdefender for $20.13 :)

    Picked up a copy just the other day, which I've been running with MBAM, and it seems to be working well. Not a nuisance by any means. I was running MS SE but after all the bad reviews, I figured it was time to jump ship. Thinking about picking up a couple more copies for family members, since...
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    Xoxide Black Friday Deals

    Well you can't overlook the USB mini fridge for $15.95!
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    Amazon: Alien vs. Predator (2010) for $1.74

    Dead deal, but still cheap. Gives me the "This code is not valid" error.
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    WTB: 6800 GT/Ultra - AGP Only

    PLease close, wrong section.