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    Save $100 on Discount Tire Direct on 4 tires - till 10/20

    all prices are negotiable except for michelins, if you guys knew how to haggle pretty much every tire has 20-80$ markup on it, i used to work there and they can change the prices easily if you ask
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    website noob help

    I'm trying to build a simple website for our ski club and was wondering if you guys could help me. I was trying to put the links on the left along side the images, but when I add links it pushes the images down. I still need to add a title to the page, and I'm not sure if I'm even using align...
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    C++ string/array help

    We are working on a project for C++, and it is to take the users input of either (a) number of a gauge on a resistor or (b) the name as in "green" or "yellow" and it converts both ways. We can't set the value of a string to an array, we get a "cannot convert character[6] to int, but for all of...
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    Free Oink Invitiations

    I am a member of Oink, and all you people that are giving out invites- think twice about it before you give an invite to someone you don't know. I did, and he cheated, and now I can never invite anyone again to oink, because I was simply being nice. :(
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    Books for learning C++?

    absolute c++ by walter savich is an excellent book, 4th ed.
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    how to export .exe from visual studio

    Just finished up my latest c++ project for electrical engineering :rolleyes: , and i was wondering if there is a way to export the .exe from visual studio 6.0. I see the .dsp and bulid files, and it says it links and makes a .exe but I can't find it in the root directory.
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    To many dvd's to list

    will best buy match these prices from a website? I'm going to check my local fye but really don't want to order online after reading those reviews.
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    Top Gaming College

    yeah, my ex-gf's dad went to ga tech and rant and raved about how technologically advanced it is. not to many nerds out here in the texas pandhandle , one kid put a webcam on his laptop and tried to tape my ee professor, she shot that down
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    What is ya'll's file copying prog of choice? Robocopy? NTBackup?

    alls you gotta do is copy it. born and raised in texas ;)
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    College internet?

    we can't get on irc, and our school is very strict about any p2p or bittorent or whatnot. They have automatic shut off for each jack in each one of the 7,000 freshmans desk on campus if you use to much bandwith or have a virus. Browsing is fine..playing games is fine, i know better then to...
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    Top Gaming College

    texas tech's inernet connection blows. we get a solid 10mbit UP, but down im lucky if I get more then 1mbit. They firewalled the shit out of it, can't get on irc or any other programs really except aim. I get many "problems with your internet connection" while gaming. and as for the above...
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    What HD / External enclosure?

    I'm at college and can't download, so i use my sisters computer in town. She has a 37GB HD on her laptop. I wan't to get a cheap 80-100 gig drive with an enclosure that i can take back and forth via usb. I'm in a dorm room and have no equip. or tools...what I'm asking is if i bought a oem...
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    Pull the trigger on getting a 2007WFP or wait?

    yeah, i live in houston and when I ordered my 19" I called them and got 35% off and a 30$ coupon , free shipping, and It got to me in one day because round rock is about 2 hours from here.....if your a repeat customer then call them and haggle
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    [H] Battlefield 2 Weekends < is that you rockinfella?
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    dell 35% off (one time use coupon)

    Don't need it, post when its used.... same coupon as above S7G823RSK?3SS?
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    [H] Battlefield 2 Weekend 7/15 - 7/16

    my vent is royally f'd. i can only talk in squads and not on vent, i dont know why.
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    [H] Battlefield 2 Weekend 7/15 - 7/16

    im on right now, people get on
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    [H] Battlefield 2 Weekend 7/15 - 7/16

    not much of a bf2 weekend, no play :rolleyes:
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    [H] Battlefield 2 Weekend 7/15 - 7/16

    i don't work except house sitting...ill be there if we can actually get a game going :rolleyes:
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    [H] Battlefield 2 Weekend 7/8-7/9

    my badge and medal havent shown up, let alone the points. is it the server, is EA just lagging, or are they gone?
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    [H] Battlefield 2 Weekend 7/8-7/9

    abyss, it was cool playing with you. ill add you do my bf2s if you gimme your nick, and mashtuur is on right now, but only 9
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    [H] Battlefield 2 Weekend 7/8-7/9

    just finished playing a couple under the tag Daroy99, thanks to that guy who helped me learn some stuff
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    [H] Battlefield 2 Weekend 7/8-7/9

    yea, it was fun playing with you [h] whyyouloveme
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    [H] Battlefield 2 Weekend 7/8-7/9

    since there is two people on right now, im going to finish up some yardwork...and come back later when there is more
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    [H] Battlefield 2 Weekend 7/8-7/9

    well i got on and played around bymyself for a little whlie, noone else is on
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    [H] Battlefield 2 Weekend 7/8-7/9

    if anyone wants to, a couple of friends and I are going to jump on the vanilla server later.
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    [H] Battlefield 2 Weekend 7/8-7/9

    i'll play, i installed ventrillo and connected to the bfg server. what else do i need to make it work, in game?
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    BF2 help. Anyone willing?

    are teamspeak and ventrillo for a mic? where do i find those?
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    BF2 help. Anyone willing?

    anyone else? me and the above poster couldnt get on the same server
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    BF2 help. Anyone willing?

    gimme a good server ip, im logged in
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    BF2 help. Anyone willing?

    when you wana play? im game right now if you have time
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    BF2 help. Anyone willing?

    i'm a corporal, but i still need help getting the basics of the game down that some of you people that have been playing for awhile may know more then me, but i basically need someone to work together with while they teachme, becuase i have found teamwork is lacking nowadays :rolleyes...
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    Newegg rebates = pain

    I never got my rebate from last christmas for the 2x1GB memory deal, or from eVga for a video card :o < not newegg, just other rebates
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    [H] BF2 Weekend 5-20/5-21

    I'm very new to BF2, I tried to join but it said " you have a older version then server " , what does that mean, besides the obvious? I tried "updating" but its a brand new game and the patches said I had to have a certain version
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    Check out my new Hdd and DVD burner.

    i think i would have like 40 threads fo everytime i bought a piece of computer hardware :rolleyes: newegg's ups is usually 3 days max, and has been better to me then fedex so i dont know why your complaining :confused:
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    Smoking XPS M170 Deal $1,349 + tax

    Off topic, but i was looking at the lower xps model/ inspiron's and you can't get a 6800 or 7800 as an option, only the top XPS- Can you get it if you call them and ask them to add it to your system?
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    WD2500KS temperatures....

    Its gone up two degrees since I took this screenshot. I use it for storage of dvds off of usnet, my cache folder is on my raptor(shut down twice today on me) , then it transfres to the 250 for storage. Right now its at 58 C, it was at 56 in this screenshot. Is this my 2nd WD to crapout in one...
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    Fry's: X2 3800 CPU/MB combo $280

    comes out to 303 after tax. good luck getting 30 bucks for the mobo. so roughly 280...
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    WD 250 gig sata 3.0 Gbps $99.99 @ best buy

    like i said it was labeled 119 in the sunday ad, but rang up 99 at the register
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    WD 250 gig sata 3.0 Gbps $99.99 @ best buy

    yeah, i guess its only hot for a brick and mortar store, I know newegg/others have it for the same price, but like you said, for best buy its a good deal