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    Overclocking 9600xt???

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    Wireless WAN PC Express Card?

    Anybody come across some new updates on a PC Express card?
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    Wireless WAN PC Express Card?

    Not much info over there about Cingular at all. :(
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    Wireless WAN PC Express Card?

    I'll check it out. Thanks.
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    Wireless WAN PC Express Card?

    Yea that's Verizon only. The company that makes that card is supposed to make one for Cingular but it isnt out yet. I found 1 unbranded card from Australia on ebay and it was $500. Screw that.
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    Cannot disable TrueVector Internet Monitor??

    F8 got me into safe mode. I disabled the TrueVector and everything seems to be working great again. Thanks guys.
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    Wireless WAN PC Express Card?

    Even worse news now. Well I was using the new laptop at work cause there was an open wireless lan. Now it's gone and the new laptop is worthless here. :mad: :mad: Back to my old laptop which is MUCH slower. :(
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    Wireless WAN PC Express Card?

    I just got a new laptop. Averatec 2370. Upgraded from Averatec 3125. Old one has regular PC Card. New one has PC Express Card. I have and use a Cingular wireless card which is the original PC Card. I pay $60/month for this shit and cant use it on my new laptop. I looked up the best...
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    Cannot disable TrueVector Internet Monitor??

    I dont see an option during bootup to start in safe mode. :confused:
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    Cannot disable TrueVector Internet Monitor??

    Also I cannot uninstall or upgrade because it says access is denied also.
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    Cannot disable TrueVector Internet Monitor??

    Just got a new laptop. Averatec 2370. It had a free version of Zone Alarm installed. I tried to upgrade to a full version and it wouldnt. Now when I've been starting up the computer it's been having problems. It comes to the login screen just fine. Then I try to login and it stays...
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    [H]OT - Maxim Magazine 2 yr subscrip. for $2.00!

    Got it!!! $2!! Great deal. Thanks!! Tried it with Flex Magazine and it said you need to make the order over $1 but the regular price was $25.95.. ..i dunno. whatever.
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    [H]OT - Maxim Magazine 2 yr subscrip. for $2.00!

    Got 3 from there for $12
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    Is ITT Technical Institue any good for a Networking Degree?

    Test out of as many "easy" classes as you can. You can do 1 per quarter I think I got my AS degree in networking from them and I have 3 quarters left of my BS in Security.
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    Looking for a new Cingular phone

    I got one too about 5 or 6 months ago. Before Cingular carried it. Got it on ebay and did all the unlocking. Great Windows Mobile phone. Screen is really nice too.
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    Good Deal!? Syntax Kolin 32-inch LCD

    Good specs Great price I say go for it. Syntax makes pretty nice LCD tv's for awesome prices.
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    Deal or not? Compaq ML-28 AMD Turion, DVD+/-RW, 512MB, wide screen, 6-1 reader

    My mom just got this laptop. I just finished loading all my "extra" software. I love it. The screen is awesome. Runs very smooth. I wanna keep it for myself :D
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    ING Direct Orange Savings interest climbs to 3.75%

    Love my Orange Account :D
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    So hot... its makin me horny.(Dell 2005FPW)

    Damn!! I got my hopes up.
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    Spacers on Windows Tool Bar (start menu)

    I'm working on somebody laptop right now. Trying to fix it. And it's just not happening. When you minimize something it disapears just like if you were to close it. The tool bar does not have a space after the quick launch icons. It has the start button, a spacer, then the icons. But...
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    Inspiron 9300 (mini review w/ pics)

    Very nice. Good review too.
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    Getting Verizon FIOS?

    Not in my area yet but I'm all over it when it comes here. Definately going with the 15/2 for $50.
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    Syntax Olevia 30-IN LCD TV/PC Monitor

    I have a 27" that I use for my tv in my room. It's decent quality for the price and space it saves.
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    HOT: SATA backplane w/ 3 trays $75, or UATA133 backplane w/ 3 trays $58

    No. The molex connector's are on the back along with the sata/pata connector. Same number of connectors as there are drives.
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    adelphia cable

    Maybe mine went up too. I hope so.
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    adelphia cable

    Where are you located?
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    Benq's new 37" LCD (DV3750)

    Damn that's nice. $2,000 isnt that bad I dont think. I'm sure somebody will have a deal on it eventually too.
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    sSow off yours dell 2405fpw

    Damn that's a nice setup.
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    Large screen PDA

    I've wanted one since the first time I saw one. They are so sweet. They run full MS Windows XP Pro.
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    GT4 - Arcade 2 Player Issue -

    Damn. I play on a widescreen lcd tv. Guess it has to be vertical to look right.
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    2005 Post Your Workstation

    The fridge looks good.
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    New Apple In-Ear Headphones

    No foam. It's rubber.
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    New Apple In-Ear Headphones

    Definately. Thanks.
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    Serious iPod 4G 20 gig issue

    Use the usb for the computer and firewire for the wall charger.
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    GT4 - Arcade 2 Player Issue -

    I have a little bit of a different question but it pertains to the Arcade 2 Player. How do you do split screen horizontally (top/bottom) instead of vertically (side/side)? Thanks.
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    Harvard Snubs Hackers....I'm lovin' it

    Sucks if any of those 119 actually got accepted.
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    the unofficial "post pics of your 2405FPW" thread...

    Such a nice monitor. Wish I had room somewhere to put it.
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    New Apple In-Ear Headphones

    Well I tried them again. I pushed them into my ears pretty hard and they sounded a lot better. I had to push them in really hard and they still would not stay that deep in my ears so the sound goes back to crappy (no low tones). It did come with 3 different size rubber pieces so I'll have...
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    What do you think of the X50v?

    They are just about the best PDA on the market you can buy for a very decent price. The screens looks really awesome too.
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    Network Switch Make Over (pics)

    Very nice mod. Looks awesome.