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    Does a custom loop need to be serviced every year?

    I just built a new machine and recycled most of my cooling loop, which had been in service with no maintenance (except dusting) for at least 4yrs. I did add a bit of water at least 1 time, but I had a large reservoir and despite observable evaporation top offs were not a regular occurrence. I...
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    Ryzen 3000 boost clock controversy - der8auer publishes his survey results, not a good look for AMD

    I am more pissed off I cannot get my voltages to normal levels on my Gigabyte Aorus Maaster then I am about not seeing peak boost clock on 1 core. Right now my board sees 4.2 to 4.3 on all 12 cores, but I cannot get the voltages to run where I want them. I have open loop water cooling, but still...
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    (Solved)MSI 2080Ti Gaming X Trio fan curve and setting set speed fan issue

    What is your ultimate goal? The stock fan curve has the fans off at all temperatures under 60c. Idling at this temperature will not damage your card, and under load the fans will turn on and keep the temperatures reasonable. I have defined my own fan curve in MSI, and I did not experience the...
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    ASUS ROG Poseidon Platinum GTX 980 Ti Review @ [H]

    From my research its nickel plated copper. That is from an Asus employee on their own forums. I have one in transit to my house as we speak, so I'll know for certain tomorrow. I really didn't want to pay $699 when I can get a new or lightly used 980 TI on the forums for $100 less. However I...
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    Seasonic Snow Silent 1050W Luck Draw!!!!!

    B, and C: Seasonic's reputation and build quality.
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    Bit-HDTV invites

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    AMD: More Mantle Games Are On The Way

    Fuck Mantle. Runs like shit on my twin 290 Xfire setup. I get LOWER frames in mantle in BF4 then I do using Direct X. I was all over Mantle like crazy last year. Now I wont touch it with a ten foot poll.
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    First Custom Water Cooling Purchase About To Go Down...Some Questions

    My suggestion is to keep it simple. You can always add more parts later. I agree, just say no to motherboard blocks. I'm personally not a fan of bay reservoirs, though they do make things easy. Dual pumps are not necessary, though some argue that dual pumps offer some redundancy. I would say...
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    Cell Phone Sized AMD APU Powered PC

    I don't think this device is being released by AMD. Sounds like a third party company that is simply using an AMD processor.
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    Compression Fittings, Bitspower or Monsoon

    I don't know, but some of them were so loose in the threads that I could wobble the collar side to side and almost (it felt like it at least), pull the collar off the barb. Once under tension with a hose installed things tightened up a bit, but none of my other fittings felt like the monsoon...
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    Compression Fittings, Bitspower or Monsoon

    Phobya fittings and rotaries are cheap. But function over form in that case. The monsoon fittings seem to have issues with thread quality. I bought a pack of 6, and each one is different with regards to how the compression collar and the barb screw together, with some being more loose then...
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    Cooling Liquids??

    I don't own nickel plated blocks. I'm basing my opinion off my experience with nickel plated fittings. My Bitspower fittings showed significant corrosion in my system with only copper (brass), nickel, and a silver coil in the loop (two silver coils actually). My XSPC fittings were mostly...
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    Cooling Liquids??

    Distilled water and Silver coil here. Water was always clean upon draining...usually once a year. However be warned that nickel plating and silver do not mix. If you are going to have nickel in the loop, go with a biocide that wont alter the PH, such as Petra's PHN.
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    Compression Fittings, Bitspower or Monsoon

    Just some food for thought. I ran some Bitspower, XSPC, and Phobya nickel compresion fittings and rotaries in my cooling loop for almost 2yrs with distilled water and a silver coil. After that time, guess which fittings showed significant corrosion? Bitspower. The XSPC and Phobya fittings were...
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    The 2013 Post Pics Of Your Rig Thread!

    Shitty tablet picture. Digi camera is someone else ATM. 4770k R9 290 in crossfire Asrock OC Formula
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    The NZXT Gallery

    Just redid my switch. Not what I really wanted, but I ran out of money. Still happy with the result.
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    Need Help with Basic Home PC Build (Budget: $400-$600 USD)

    Since when does red LED's = girly case?:( Time to change my setup... Good advice in this thread. Only thing I can add is whether 16gb of ram is really needed. The original recommendation from Dangman was for 8gb. I just went from 8gb to 16gb on my gaming and media rig, and came to the...
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    I hate you, Newegg.

    When I purchased my video card in November, a discount offer came out two days after ordering. Contacted Newegg and they offered to extend me the discount even though I didn't qualify. I have always loved Newegg and their service.
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    Activision and Infinity Ward Will Kick off the First Clan Wars

    Yes, it should. I'm not terribly upset about being killed with one hit to the head. I'm far more upset by NOT getting a kill after shooting someone in the head... When the game works its crazy fun. But the constant battlelog web-plugin bugs and random crashes do wear on you after awhile...
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    MSI 290X $419.99 Amazon

    I see both sides of the argument. People should really know better sometimes, and playing innocent only gets you so far. Did anyone really expect to order a 290x for over $100 off MSRP, only a few weeks after it was released? No. That said, the retailer also takes some of the blame for...
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    120mm fans

    Yate Loons are an excellent case fan. Quiet, inexpensive, and reliable. Not the best for horizontal locations due to the sleeve bearing design. However, for case fans, I prefer sleeve bearings as they are usually quieter, and do not have any ticking or strange harmonics.
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    Gigabyte Radeon R9 290 $385.91 + tax AC Newegg

    My 290 is running 3 displays using 2x DVI and 1x HDMI. I am NOT using any DP adapters. This is a change from my 6970, which required a display port adapter for the third monitor. I believe the card can run 6 screens, though the last three will all be coming from the display port.
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    GTX 780 Ti in Stock

    Not even deep fried chicken nuggets? Come on now...
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    Gigabyte Radeon R9 290 $385.91 + tax AC Newegg

    SUCCESS! I had bought an MSI 290 on Tuesday, one day before the promotion. I figured it was worth a shot to ask Newegg customer support if they would honor the discount. AND THEY DID! So in total, I'm getting a $20 credit processed to my original card of purchase. Bonus points for...
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    So it seems...Might be wise to play the waiting game?

    Ya'll can go ahead and wait. My 6970 was having a hard time with BF4, so I bought a 290. I have a custom WCing setup in my rig, so I wanted a reference design to make finding a waterblock easier. If something comes out later that everyone declares is the second coming....well, that's what the...
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    Gigabyte Radeon R9 290 $385.91 + tax AC Newegg

    DAMN...I just bought a R9 290 on Tuesday. Wonder if they'll comp me the $15? Either way, I'm more then happy with the card (rush shipping....its already installed :)). For $385, this is a crazy deal.
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    Silent 350-500w PSU with x2 PCI express cables

    I just picked up the 600w version of this for my Fathers computer, and its very quiet. Also, Newegg is having a sale on Corsair PSU's right now...
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    Silent 350-500w PSU with x2 PCI express cables

    I'll see your Seasonic and raise your this Kingwin: 4x PCIe connectors :) (2x 6 pin 2x 6+2 pin).
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    Buy Corsair PS or other?

    The PSU market is very competitive. If you've had issues with a particular manufacturer, don't hamstring yourself and keep using them, try someone new. When my Corsair TX750 up and died one day, I switched to XFX. With so many options on the PSU market, I'm going to give a manufacturer one...
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    Help me decide! - Cosmos 2 vs Switch 810

    Ah, I forgot about the side panel fans. Anyways, to put it in perspective, the Switch will hold a THICK 320mm OR 420mm radiator at the top with fans in push pull. It will also hold another 240mm radiator setup at the bottom of the case with fans in push pull. And if you really needed all the...
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    Which rpm Gentle Typhoon for my case?

    Did someone just say Gentle Typhoons are hard to hear at 1850rpm? Before the OP shells out some cash, I feel obligated to note that these fans make noise, and at 1800+ RPM they make a good deal of noise. They don't pass below the threshold of (my hearing anyways) until about 900-1000rpm, so...
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    120mm Case Fans

    You don't need GT's or their high pressure characteristics for case fans. There are plenty of cheaper options that would work just as well as a general duty case fan. Mounted to a heatsink or a radiator the dynamic changes, but as a case fan with little or no restriction, forking over $15+ for a...
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    Help me decide! - Cosmos 2 vs Switch 810

    With regards to the choices, the Cosmos II cannot hold biggest radiators that honor falls on the Switch. As for fans, I believe they both hold 8. Anyways, in my eyes the Switch is the superior water cooling case. It can hold thicker radiators in push pull at the top, something the Cosmos...
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    FBI Using Unreal Engine 3 Crime Scene Sim

    Awesome dude...I laughed out loud! :D
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    Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15 1850rpm fans - $14.81ea + $6 flat rate shipping

    Yikes...remind me not to cut that guy off in traffic! Sorry everyone for taking this thread off topic, I didn't realize I was playing with high explosives up there...
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    Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15 1850rpm fans - $14.81ea + $6 flat rate shipping

    Already tried, bought some of these - Fans wouldn't turn on at all. Very odd issue, as the resistors worked with different fans. Thank you for the suggestion though! The thought of owning 7200rpm drives makes me cringe. We are coming from...
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    Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15 1850rpm fans - $14.81ea + $6 flat rate shipping

    My fan controller has two integrated 2.5" hard drive mounts. Considering I sacrificed half my drive bays to fit my lower WC radiator, these drive mounts are necessary for my build. The Controller was also rather expensive...its actually cheaper for me to replace the fans then it is to replace...
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    Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15 1850rpm fans - $14.81ea + $6 flat rate shipping

    I have a fan controller and it only goes down to that voltage, the AP-15's are still too loud. I also have AP-13's, and they don't offer the overall cooling overhead that I might want during benching. The AP-14's however are sufficiently slow at 7v, but also have a bit more headroom then...