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    Microsoft Fights Fake News with New Edge Browser Feature

    Em. No. Newsguard was pretty much busted on Day 1 flagging Propaganda sites as Legit; and flagging #Who #What #When #Where #Why sites as fake. It... was proven within a matter of hours to perform the exact opposite of what it claimed to do. Microsoft got called on the matter... but so far...
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    Microsoft to Release a Disc-Less Xbox One in 2019 for $199 [RUMOR]

    This sounds suspiciously close to rumors that I heard regarding PS5. Created Nov 6, 2018
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    “Solo” Box Office a Historic Failure for “Star Wars”

    #GoWokeGoBroke Star Wars and a Wrinkle in Time both demonstrated that audiences do not want their movies filled with leftist pap. Black Panther and Avengers/Cap America showed that audiences adore films that are #ProTrump or anti-leftist. It is that simple.
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    KGI: TrueDepth Camera Gives Apple 2.5 Year Lead over Android Competitors

    I'm struggling to actually find a point in this "Cool Story" from Krazy; but here's my shot at it. Not just opinion. Provable fact. Here's the thing Krazy. Most bio-metric security systems are easily bypassed by the very nature of their bio-metric usage. The kinect-style mapping features have...
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    72% of Consumers Don’t Know What Net Neutrality Is

    ... Does not seem like you know what net Neutrality is either... And that it was not rolled back because it was never implemented. What the Tom wheeler FCC and Obama administration put into place was not net Neutrality, nor did it even resemble net Neutrality in any way. From 2010...
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    Linux Who? Windows Still King of the Desktop

    Most Linux Desktop Users don't care about marketshare. Never have. Likely never will. There's a reason (they) happily scrap about what Desktop Interface is better than another; or about the differences between Window Managers and Desktop Environments; or even about what code creation tools they...
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    This Is Project Neon, The Upgrade For Windows 10’s Design That link is project neon. So now Microsoft is not only ripping off KDE for UI ideas... But naming schema as well.
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    Twitter Tests New Ad-Blocking Reader Mode

    And yet... if only Twitter would simply offer Twitter users an option to use the Twitter service WITHOUT ads for say $2.99 a month, $10 a year... they'd probably make a profit in just a single day.
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    OpenOffice, After Years Of Neglect, Could Shut Down

    It's probably worth posting to the actual mailing list host rather than the ArsTechnica take on the story: openoffice-dev mailing list archives Apache's mailing system does not lend itself all that well towards direct linking of messages or threads; so if it works the opening email should be...
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    SteamOS Gaming Performs Worse Than Windows, Analysis Shows

    Ars already got smashed on this. From g+ when somebody Referenced the Ars tripe: +Michael Goff+all +Ars Technica's article told us is that developers don't know how to use +The Khronos Group+ #OpenGL + Not... exactly... the worlds biggest surprise. The full OpenGL spec is a full blown...
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    Streaming Music Crosses $1B In US Sales

    Partially because almost "everybody" is hung up on reporting figures from Spotify or Apple... rather than the juggernaut known as Google Play Music. Even the headline here name checks Spotify, Apple, Pandora, Sirius, and Vevo... but completely fails to mention or note that GPM was bringing in...
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    DirectX 12: Ushering In A New Era Of PC Gaming

    ... I saw this video... and... I couldn't help but think of this: ... All DX12 does is basically catch up to where OpenGL 4.x had been... only there is now this: ... so... Vendor Specific Proprietary API... vs...
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    AMD Cuts Revenue Estimate, Citing Weak PC Sales

    ... what... analysts? AMD has been doing BUPKUS to get their chips into Android and ChromeOS products; basically the only market segments that are sustaining worldwide sales growth. Every analyst worth their salt knew that AMD's earnings were going to be weak because the company still hasn't...
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    Google+ Is Slowly Being Killed

    The continued reports of G+'s demise are greatly exaggerated. Let's face it... G+ is a social network that dusted Twitter off like a bad habit a couple years back, and is only second in size to Facebook in terms of both active user population and generated content. So... if G+ is dying or...
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    More NVIDIA Gameworks Controversy

    Sounds like somebody doesn't actually understand Open-Source licences. Opening up the source code does not, in any way, also constitute the libre-distribution of the Intellectual Property. It also is, quite frankly, excessively common in the computing industry to release software under an...
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    500 Million ASUS Motherboards. The Celebration Starts at [H]. - Lucky Draw

    Hmm... story about history with Asus Motherboards... I guess for me it goes all the way back to the late 1990's. Specifically my first personal home computer; running an AMD K6-2 500. The motherboard? An Asus P5a. Truth be told... it's probably the only computer I ever had an emotional...
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    Destiny Sequel Already Underway?

    ... *hands Steve the "Not Paying Attention" Award* Steve... Bungie and Activision announced that at least 4 standalone retail titles were planned. Of course the development team(s) at Bungie would already be in progress on working on the following games. I won't argue that it's tacky to...
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    Destiny Averages 3.2M Players Online Every Day

    What you have to remember Steve is that Destiny is highly instanced in order to support the PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms. Additionally that player base is split across 4 platforms that do not interconnect. As best as I can track the largest number of simultaneous players supported in a combat...
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    Latest Destiny Patch Making Things Worse?

    PS4 here: I have not noticed any network issues.
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    Astronauts Find Living Organisms on ISS Exterior

    ... somebody failed to learn about Hurricane's in grade school...
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    Madden NFL 15: Madden Season Commercial

    ... okay. In fairness. I thought that Microsoft's promotional videos were ill advised? Case in point being the now infamous Head Desk ad for Win8... This? This just somehow manages to reach an entire new level of a company that doesn't understand it's target market... or any market.
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    Next-Gen Consoles are Power Hogs in Standby Mode

    Em... according to the charts... the WiiU uses even less power in it's standby mode than the Wii... which was already less than the PS3 or Xbox 360 in their standby modes.
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    Ten Minute Watch Dogs 101 Trailer

    Speaking for myself... my interest took a nosedive when they announced, proudly, that this game would include over 100 minigames.
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    DICE Deploys New Hardware to Combat Battlefield 4 Rubber-Banding

    ensuring that this was done right would have been releasing the Server code under an Open-Source license and letting gamers run their own BF4 servers atop Linux. To date there still is no consumer side BF4 server; and the most players can do is rent what appear to be servers running a...
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    Bitcoin to Launch Satellites as Global 'Backup'

    ... I really want to type something here that plays off of the famous Does anybody speak Jive? line from Airplane... but outside of using the word "Nonsense" as the target; every other word I can think of is going to get the mods yelling at me... again. So I'll just move on and point out...
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    The Console Wars Won’t Be Anything Like You Expect

    Not to mention that some vendors are already testing AMD's new AM1 Kabini processors against SteamOS with eyes on the sub ~$250 x86 market. Quick shot right now is that Kabini should be capable of driving OpenGL 4.x class games somewhere around 720-interlaced without a problem... although that...
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    Old Linux Servers: The Slum Houses of the Internet

    Real quick note: The Ars Article referenced for their bit a blog post from Cisco. Slight problem; both the Ars report and Cisco's research was busted within hours: MajorDomo...
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    EA Steers Angry Customers Away from Google play

    I dimly recall pushing #BoycottEA Maybe it's about time to start pushing that hashtag again.
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    Quentin Tarantino Sues Gawker Media

    I think anybody who has read Kotaku in the last two years or so is nodding their head in complete agreement with QT right about now...
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    President Scales Back NSA Program

    ... at the risk of being way too political. Obama's a liberal democrat. They live for this kind of big-brother watchdogging. Seriously, go read Orwell's 1984 just to get an idea of what Obama and his political party would love to do to America.
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    Google Lets Anyone Email You Without An E-mail Address

    We still laugh at you for sticking with that particular product. Although now it's because you STILL have a hotmail/outlook account, not just because it was one of the worst services running.
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    Google Lets Anyone Email You Without An E-mail Address

    Oh, I can think of a few. Just off the top of the my head, there's quite a few KDE and /Linux devs on G+. This makes it quite easy to just pop them with a message rather than digging their email address out of some obscure mailing list archive. Then there's the situation where you might...
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    Microsoft’s Xbox One Wins Early Sales Battle on Black Friday

    Calling the figures misleading would be the understatement of the decade. Let me try to put this in perspective. As independent sales reports started to roll in after the Xbox's worldwide launch, such as Chart Track in the UK, most of the national sales numbers for the Xbox One were setting...
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    Xbox One Consoles Delivered In Armored Trucks

    I've yet to see anybody level a crack along the lines of: So that's how they are going to hide that they far less manufactured and ready to ship! On a more serious note, to those talking about how powerful these new consoles are in comparison to the PS3 / 360... do keep in mind that most...
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    Report: Interview Confirms Ballmer Wasn’t Fired

    They pretty much pulled the same... em... careful wording with Don Mattrick's exit. Oh, of course he departed the company with great rapidity after overseeing one of the worst consumer electronic product debacles in the history of consumer electronics... but noo, he wasn't "Fired". Personally I...
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    Someone Is Probably Getting Fired Over This Xbox One Video

    Not likely there Steve. Given all of the public available retail data as well as the company changing movements in the background, it's no industry secret that Microsoft is trying every trick it can to convince gamers to not carry through on #BoycottXbox. So far we've seen a rollback on every...
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    Xbox One: The Last Microsoft Console?

    Actually Steve the smart money has been on a sale of the Xbox Franchise. It's already known that Samsung tendered at least one offer earlier this year for the franchise, and reportedly tendered another one shortly after E3. And if you didn't know that... seriously? Really? Just where have you...
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    Microsoft Improves the Xbox One's Graphics Powers

    It also tells you just how poorly the Xbox One is actually doing. Remember, we got the same song and dance from Microsoft that the Surface devices were selling out like hot-cakes with massive record-breaking figures. Then the last fiscal quarter report hit and reality sunk in. Surface...
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    Xbox One to Have Unlimited Cloud Storage

    Ahem. I think you meant to say: Microsoft's pre-sales of Xbox One are drastically below any expected target which is forcing management to backtrack on all the planned goals in order to move units. I hate to reference a Kotaku comment... but let me put it this way. Imagine you've known...
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    Sony Cut The PS4 Camera to Beat Microsoft on Price

    Have to wonder who IGN was talking to since that doesn't match up with *ANY* of the other background chatter from the company.