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    eBay is at it again! 15% Off any purchase via the eBay App!

    I wish! My boss is so tight with money, he squeaks when he walks down the hall!
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    eBay is at it again! 15% Off any purchase via the eBay App!

    Hahah unfortunately, I have to buy products for work on eBay weekly. Saves my company some money and makes me look better ;D
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    eBay is at it again! 15% Off any purchase via the eBay App!

    These eBay deals are actually really great. Saved me almost 200 bucks already.
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    Humble Software Bundle: VEGAS Pro Creative Freedom

    Vegas is a great “casual” editing program. It’s pretty straight forward and has a lot of community support behind it, it’s kind of like a cult film of the editing programs. I would recommend you check this video out: It’s a pretty powerful tool, and for 20 dollars it’s a steal. Hope that helps!
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    Target - Buy 2 Get 1 Free -- Including Select Computers

    I love how they somehow let this slip, but don't include Switch games in the promo.
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    Samsung Note 8

    That’s the issue I’m having as well, my entire family has iMessage and it’s really convenient. It just sucks that I’m forced into getting phones just because of a messaging system
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    Google Pixel and Pixel XL 2

    Not surprised. My LG g3 had burn in within a month of mild use. Gone are the days of the sweet Env2!
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    Samsung Note 8

    Did anyone here move from a iPhone over to the Note 8? My contract just ran it's course, and I've been having some issues with my iOS devices. (6s/SE). I'm already so integrated into iOS that it feels impossible to move over, especially with iMessage/Live photo. Did any of you feel regret over...
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    The High Sierra Thread

    I've had issues with the Adobe suite, Unity, and Microsoft office Suite ever since I installed the new OS. Hopefully they patch some of the issues in an update in a timely manner. iOS 11 is also giving me issues, so it's like getting hit in my personal, and professional life
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    Best chair I ever sat in - $144. Serta Hensley

    I'm looking to get back into a normal chair, I bought a Temper-Pedic mesh chair because of all the hype. But it's got almost zero support for the back at all. Something like this looks amazing, especially for long hours. I would recommend against the Temper-Pedic Meshes if anyone is considering...
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    WARM Asus 1070 $370 No tax

    Jet has the Asus NVIDIA 1070 for $370 if you opt out of FREE returns, and pay by debit card and enter PROMO CODE SHOP15. It's nice for people with sales tax, came out to 370 for me. Usually the cards will ship from Newegg, but that's just what everyone says, I don't have personal experience...