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    Sceptre 27" X270W

    Anyone have any of these? Thoughts on the monitor?|84|1680&N=4001499&Mo=4&No=1&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&cat=1680&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&Sp=C&hierPath=84*1680*&topnav=
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    3dmark01 SE settings

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    7200RPM or 5400RPM for E1705?

    I am getting a Dell laptop soon (because the nice coupons make it a good deal) and I was wondering if it was worth getting a 100GB 7200RPM HD over a 120GB 5400RPM HD. The upgrade for the 100GB 7200RPM drive is $84 more than the 120GB 5400RPM drive. I know that in the past the 5400RPM notebook...
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    Any new NF4 Shuttles?

    I'm probably going to summer CPL with my DoD clan and I'm not going to lug my current watercooled PC there so I want to build a SFF system to bring. I haven't been keeping track of the SFF area lately and would like for you guys to recommend one to me. Most importantly do they have any NF4...
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    Problem with games not loading full screen

    When I load games like UT2k4 and America's Army, they load in a smaller window, not full screen. In America's Army I set it to use full screen. Yet when I start it again it loads in a window. Is there a setting I can use to make everything load full screen?
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    NDA lifted...Socket 939 reviews surface

    Will add more as more pop up. AnandTech FiringSquad [H]ard|OCP HEXUS PC Perspective The Tech Report X-bit Labs
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    X800 Pro --> X800XT [H]ard Mod

    Suprised nobody has posted this... LINK Success rate is very low because people have had a hard time reproducing the results. Maybe their methods differ. Guide w/ pics (in English) Guide w/ pics (in Czech) It's just a matter of time before it becomes reproducible... :cool:
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    Volt-mod section?

    Lets get a volt-mod section. And maybe sections for different types of cooling like Air, Liquid, TEC, and phase-change. Sections for cpu's, motherboards, video cards, memory, and cooling in the FS/FT section would make it a lot less cluttered also. Sellers have to bump their thread like once...
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    As Intel changes, AMD changes too AMD Athlon 64 560+: AMD Athlon 64 3400+ AMD Athlon 64 550+: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ AMD Athlon 64 540+: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ AMD Athlon 64 530+: AMD Athlon 64 2800+ Pentium 4 570: actual clock-speed 3.80GHz Pentium 4 560: actual...
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    What's this? Intel looking more like AMD?

    Taken off the [H]ard|OCP front-page: Intel wants higher IPC now Intel decides to include something like Cool 'N Quiet on desktops What do you guys think? No flaming please. Yes, even you burningrave101 are welcome for healthy debate :o
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    Look here for a quick laugh! No flaming please, just silent chuckling at Intel's "new 64-bit processor that's better than the A64) ;)
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    Omega or OCFaq drivers?

    Which ones do you prefer? Which one is better for softmodding? I want to know what you guys think. Isn't the OCFaq drivers also not approved by Futuremark in 3DMark testing? I don't think it really matters but I hate having to look at a paragraph of red warning text. All opinions welcome...
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    Best psu for oc'ing?

    Any suggestions? This will eventually run an oc'd Socket 939 A64 Newcastle, 2 SATA drives in Raid 0, a couple of optical drives, maybe an LCD, and water cooling (no pelts).
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    New Intel Gallatin Xeon MP w/ 4MB L3 Cache owned!

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    Extreme lag in Steam?

    Well, here's my problem. A lot of people I know play CS 1.6 so I decided to give steam another shot. But the thing is, I lag horribly on Steam. I know it's not my internet connection because I have 256k DSL and I get 60-80 ping on good CS 1.5 servers. I also used Steam when it was in its...
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    My CS guns look...fat?

    Hey guys, I don't usually go to this forum but my CS recently kind of messed up. I don't know why but I had changed the desktop resolution from 1280x960 to 1280x1024 and when I went to play CS at the resolution of 1280x960, the M4A1 and glock models look fat. It is only with the 1st-person...
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    Jugo4c's new AMD rig

    Jugo4c I posted a new thread for you since a reply is just not going to get the same # of responses. Stock cooling will suffice to get 200x11 but anything over that will need better cooling. The NF7-S is a great board for ocing. You got some good ram going there. You don't need that sound...
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    Which Cooler Master case?

    I am debating what Cooler Master case to get. I wanted to get Antec at first because of the cheap price and good included psu but the hard drive mounting on the Sonata or SLK3700BQE is not very watercooling friendly. Should I get the Cooler Master Wave? Should I get the Cooler Master...
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    People overlooking the ocing possibility of the 3200+?

    Are people are overlooking the 3200+ in the quest to find a good chip to oc? If it weren't for the price wouldn't it be the perfect Barton to oc? The 3200+ guaranteed to run 2.2ghz (200x11) @ 1.65V unlike the 2500+'s which are a mixed bag (some really good, some not so good). If the 3200+...
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    2500+ @ 2.3ghz (230x10)

    Well I finally got off my lazy ass and decided to find the max FSB limit of my rig. Found out my 0330 2500+ can do 230mhz FSB on only 1.7V (w00t w00t) with 10x multi. Was too lazy to increase the multi further and test for stability so im using 230x10 right now. Stupid Geil ram refuses to run...
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    3dmark01 SE settings

    What are the general accepted benchmark settings for 3dmark01 SE? I finally got around to downloading this. I'm wondering because I'm only getting 13,153 in it. I'm using: -1024x768 32-bit color -No AA -Double Frame Buffer -Compressed Texture format -24-bit Z-Buffer depth -D3D Pure...