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    Games creating weird color profile

    Is this when you're running in non-native resolutions? I have this problem on my Benq BL3201PT, where running it at 1080p defaults to 16-235 (aka limited dynamic range), as Nvidia all of a sudden thinks the monitor is a HDTV. The way to fix this is to go to the resolution settings in the Nvidia...
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    Do CCFLs lose whiteness over time?

    CCFL screens become reddish over time. LEDs turn cyan, but as far as I know their color drift occurs much more slowly than CCFL. But when you say "sandy-whites" I think you might be referring to something different. The anti-glare treatment on displays can create that dirty, or sandy, look...
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    HP Spectre 32 Studio Display - 4k and glossy!

    That doesn't look glossy to me. When you look at a screen with mild AG from a top angle you get fairly clear reflections like that screen seems to exhibit.
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    Benq BL3200PT (32" 1440p)

    It's good! Not sure what to say about it really. The response time is fast enough, and the scaler does its job well. No complaints.
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    Bought a Sony W800B 50 inch. Impressions.

    Under Home, Settings, Video Input you can set the dynamic range of inputs, to Limited, Full or Auto. It might have detected your input signal as Full and displayed the entire 0-255 range when you were setting the contrast. On LCD displays I set contrast as high as possible, without clipping of...
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    Benq BL3200PT (32" 1440p)

    Yes. It looks like it should. It's rendered correctly. Many TVs have bad default settings for sharpness which can ruin the appearance of text. The BL3200PT is a monitor, so the sharpness is correct by default. I tried taking a couple pics as you requested, but it's hard to take pictures of a...
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    Benq BL3200PT (32" 1440p)

    I have a late 2012 Mac Mini, and over thunderbolt (I'm using a mini-displayport to displayport adapter) the BL3200PT gets a 2560x1440 signal from the Mac Mini with no problems. Looks just like it should.
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    Benq BL3200PT (32" 1440p)

    I bought my BL3200PT in May, and predictably doesn't have the flashing issues. I noticed the price went down ~$100 since I bought it. Maybe they cut the quality of the panels in order to get the price down? Sucks if that's the case. 32" is a very nice size for a monitor. You get used to it fast.
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    Non-Grainy 4k Monitor

    If the BL3200PT is considered to have a semi-glossy coating, then I'm officially confused about which coating is which. I have a BL3200PT, and the coating is definitely grainy. Nothing like it is on TVs that use semi-glossy coatings. Their whites are pure. The BL3200PT isn't.
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    Bought a Sony W800B 50 inch. Impressions.

    I like impulse mode. When you turn off auto backlight control in the Eco menu it's plenty bright enough in a dark room. The response time is then on a different level from other LCD displays. There might still be some trailing with dark grey against black, but in most cases it's super sharp...
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    List of LCDs with/without "grid-induced color distortion/streaking

    I looked at the image with my Benq BL3200, and it has the same effect, although much milder. It's the first time I noticed that the image is a pattern of every other pixel being black and magenta. No wonder that doesn't happen normally, as that is an unusual pattern. The only places I can...
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    List of LCDs with/without "grid-induced color distortion/streaking

    It's the 55W805B, panel type T550HVF05-0. As for how annoying this is, I'm not sure it's something to worry about. I guess there's the possibility of running into real world material that would cause this to happen outside of that image. But I haven't encountered it. It'd be good to know...
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    List of LCDs with/without "grid-induced color distortion/streaking

    I have a Sony 55" W805 and I get that effect too, but only if I maximize the image in the browser. If I let the browser scale it the artifact doesn't happen, and if I maximize it, without changing the size of the browser window, it flips out. Bizarre.
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    Benq BL3200PT (32" 1440p)

    Any dark game like Thief, Alien Isolation or Evil Within is like a night & day upgrade compared to TN and IPS. Instead of shadow details bathing in backlight, they pop out. A good excuse to replay games to see them in a new way.
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    Acer B326HUL vs Benq BL3200PT which has less AG coating?

    I have a Benq BL3200PT, and while I haven't seen the Acer (or the Samsung) in person, looking at youtube videos of the Acer the AG coating looks to behave exactly like the Benq. Of all the AG coatings I've seen, it's not the lightest. My TV, a Panasonic 55ET60, has a semi-glossy AG treatment...
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    Hate your matte film?

    Mild anti glare seems to have become the standard now. I hardly see any new glossy screens coming out. I'm glad to see the hard sparkly AG go away as it makes my eyes hurt. But I'd like more glossy options than we've got now. There's no glossy 4K or ultrawide screens as far as I know. Give us at...
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    Eizo Foris FG2421: 120hz VA Panel

    I was using Calman RGB with the Spectracal C3 meter which is less than a month old. I've seen colors drift on meters before like my old Spyder 3 and X-Rite i1Display Pro. This new one is creating noticably better results than either of those, which I assume is partially because it hasn't started...
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    Eizo Foris FG2421: 120hz VA Panel

    No, it worked just fine the time I had it. I had it on for about 5-12 hours per day.
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    Eizo Foris FG2421: 120hz VA Panel

    I returned this monitor after using it for a week. The one I bought was a really good one! No pixel faults, minimal clouding in one corner, and none of the problems that have been described previously of backlight bleed, crosshatching (though I’m not sure exactly how that’s supposed...
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    Is THIS 4:4:4 downsampling? Game screenshots on Panasonic tv

    To test if 4:4:4 is working you can open up Paint, fill the background in red and then paint with green or blue on the red background. If you google images they might be compressed and not have full 4:4:4 resolution.
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    Is THIS 4:4:4 downsampling? Game screenshots on Panasonic tv

    I've got a Panasonic ET60 and on mine the "1080p Pixel direct" switches between 4:4:4 and what I'm guessing is 4:2:2. The difference is more subtle than the issues in your pictures, from what I can tell at least. The picture quality is pretty horrendous on the images, but things like banding and...
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    Eizo Foris FS2333

    I had a Spyder 3 for a few years and it had problems measuring contrast properly. It told me one of my NEC monitors had ~500:1 contrast, even though I could clearly see that it had better contrast than my other screens that measured higher. When I got a i1Display Pro it measured it as just over...
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    question about precalibrated monitors

    The calibrated mode is usually locked. In my case I've got a Samsung S27B970D (which comes pre-calibrated) and the calibration profile is on by default on all the monitor modes, so there is a couple dedicated calibrated modes which are locked, and then "standard" and "high bright" which also use...
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    Eizo Foris FS2333

    The shadow detail is great with the FS2333. The gamma is very close to 2.2 by default and it doesn't seem to be clipping the blacks or anything. I can see all the steps on Lagom monitor test, even if the darkest couple steps are very hard to see. I have a i1Display Pro calibrator and I only had...
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    SAMSUNG Series 9 S27B970D owners I need some help

    I've got a S27B970D and a X-Rite i1Display Pro that I've used to adjust the standard and High Bright settings a bit. Both Standard and High Bright use the factory calibrated color profile, as you notice when you power the monitor on and it applies the calibration. The difference between the...
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    Is NEC going to release a P242W model?

    I have a PA231W and used to have a 2490WUXI2. They both have identical AG, so I'd be surprised if the P241W would have different one from those two. I got the PA231W for way cheaper than the 2490WUXI2 so I didn't expect it to be as good, but it in fact turned out to be better. Gamut, contrast...
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    Tip for nVidia users using HDMI and getting accurate color format

    That they don't add options for this is utterly baffling. Do they not want their cards to be taken seriously for video and color? If you don't have full RGB output to the TV it creates tons of banding as it tries to compress the colors into 16-235. My TV detects if you're using a PC and sets the...
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    Eizo Foris FS2333

    I've been using my three FS2333 for a while now and these are still one of my favorite models out there. As I said in my last post when I measured with the colorimiter all my three displays became almost perfect when I use User1 and only change blue gain (as they call it for some reason) from...
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    glossy ipad: really struck me how superior glossy is!

    I guess the higher the resolution of the display is, and the closer you're sitting to it, the more apparrent the advantage of a glossy display becomes. I prefer glossy or mild AG coatings, as I find heavy AG ruins the "looking through a window" effect.
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    Eizo Foris FS2333

    I bought three of them, for an Nvidia Surround setup. I'm pleased with how consistent their quality is. Using the "User1" preset and lowering blue from 100 to 87 makes all three displays pretty much bang on perfect. Exactly Gamma 2.2 and balanced colors. The AG is pretty much perfect, no...
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    How to remove matte finish from a monitor

    I feel that method of removal requires an expert. If we noobs did it we'd end up scratching it to hell, while she looks like someone who knows what she's doing.
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    Dell S-Line Screens - S2740L, S2440L, S2340M, S2340L, S2240M

    I'm interested in the AMVA screen. I got one of the Benq ones and the colors on it were just awful. One of the worst monitors I've ever seen. But the contrast ratio was very compelling, so if this is a good AMVA screen I want one for the contrast.
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    The over-60Hz LCD thread

    I have the Benq 120hz monitor and a 60hz NEC 2490WUXI2 side by side here and the difference is huge between them. Of course the Benq screen is benefitting from better response time, but just moving the mouse between the screens the difference in mouse smoothness is very obvious. In games also...
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    Much difference between 1920x1200 and 1920x1080?

    16:9 is generally better if you're going to do more movie watching and gaming than work where you cram in as much info and windows as possible on the screen. Pretty much all games actually zoom in the view when you go from 16:9 to 16:10, so you see less in the game with 16:10. Instead of adding...
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    Apple 27" LED Cinema Display

    There's a bunch of posts about it in this thread, especially on page 11 someone links to a similar discussion about the iMac 27' which has the same issue with the 58xx cards not being compatible.
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    Apple 27" LED Cinema Display

    The 5870 cards don't support either the 27 or 24 inch Cinema Displays because of hardware problems with the card, so you need a newer revision 5870 (I think there are some of them) or the Eyefinity 6 version which has mini-displayport or a new 6000-series card. The active dvi-displayport...
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    Apple 27" LED Cinema Display

    At my own peril I have fallen for the design. I really want a glossy 2560*1440 display and as far as I can tell there really only is one alternative. There aren't any glossy 2560*1600 displays either, right? So my problem is that I have a pc with a 5870 with regular displayport outputs. I'm...
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    NEC 2490WUXi - The Full Story

    I have a 2490WUXI2 and now after having it for a couple of months with the Spectraview software I really love it! It's just fantastic to be able to calibrate to any settings I want automatically. One problem though, there are lots of games now that are made for 16-235 colors, but unlike movies...
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    The undeniable lack of attention on the gaming audio hardware industry.

    Sure it's good that we're moving to software accelerated sound so that everyone gets DSP effects and stuff (in fact I think Crysis in 5.1/7.1 mode has the best sound ever in a game) but there's still loads of games coming out that sound worse than 4-5 year old EAX games. Fear 1 with EAX had full...
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    Monitor with real brightness control?

    Yes the most annoying example of this is Dead Space because when it came out I had to play it on my old Dell 19' CRT monitor for various reasons and this old CRT has fantastic black level detail no matter how you adjust the monitor brightness, so it was impossible to get even near the...