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    X-QPACK-NW-BK/420 screwhole placement = trouble for video card

    Hey people, I ordered my Qpack the other month, and there was in issue with a screwhole placement. I have it pointed out here: A small, half circular piece of metal was sticking downward from the screwhole, almost certainly by design. This metal was in the way of my 7600GT. After...
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    Are the 84.21 drivers responsible for IQ probs in Source?

    I have a XFX 7600GT XXX edition, 84.21 drivers. The problem is terrible pixel crawling in Source games. I just checked UT2k4 and it does not have the same problem. I'm running things in high quality, so this shouldn't be happening in the first place. I've tried different AA and AF settings...
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    Biostar 6100 s939 problems - ethernet not working

    The integrated ethernet is completely fucked up. It is causing the system to tell me the network cable is unplugged every two seconds. I have tried the drivers on the CD and the latest from Biostar's site, but nothing fixes the problem. The system won't let me downgrade my driver, always...
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    Creating music groups for my PSP... how?

    One site says I need to make an m3u playlist file. Problem is, I have done this and the PSP doesn't play these files as specified in the playlist while in group mode. It just plays the music in the order it did before. What gives? The PSP manual says only that I need to create them on a...
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    BFG RMA question

    Will BFG take back a card which had AS5 applied to the core? Other than that the card is unaltered. See, awhile back I RMA'd a 6800 OC. The one they sent in return 1) cannot overclock a single mhz over their stock speed, and 2) has within the past few months required a downclock of 25 mhz...
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    Requesting images of various cards with sinks/fans uninstalled

    I'm interested in how these cards look "under the hood". BFG 6800 OC image would be great, especially.
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    Letterbox format available in D3 or HL2?

    Via hidden cfg commands or whatever else. Serious Sam has a letterbox video option. I don't know if it is actually true widescreen. Playing Doom3 or HL2 widescreen in a window sucks. Chances are your gamma gets fucked, and you have to deal with the window borders and distractions of the...
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    Hauppauge PVR-150MCE good for console gaming thru monitor?

    I know this is fine for TV viewing and recording, not sure about hooking up, say, a Dreamcast to it. Would that work without introducing latency?
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    Retardedly high a64 temps in new mobo

    I took an a64 3000+ out of my old ECS mobo and put it into the one in my sig. It idles roughly 45 degrees celsius, sometimes higher, sometimes a little bit lower. As soon as a game is loaded up the system freezes, sometimes needing a reset. I've tried Radioshack thermal compound and Arctic...
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    Removing A64 processor from mobo, pain in the butt

    So I bought a DFI Lanparty NF3 to replace the mobo in my sig. I want to put my clawhammer in the DFI. I have the heatsink/fan off the processor but don't see how I'm going to get the processor out. This is my first time trying this. Um, hopefully it is actually possible to remove the...
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    24 pin PSU for DFI Lanparty NF4 Ultra-D

    Friend is looking into this motherboard and wants a powersupply that will support a bit of overclocking. According to comments at Newegg, one would need a 24 pin PSU for stability with this board.
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    Opinions on my mobo? ECS SiS 755-a2

    I RMA'd a BFG 6800 OC due to crashes. Turns out there was nothing wrong with the video card. When I talked with BFG support, two associates told me that they had a low opinion of ECS mobos but thought the SiS 755-A2 chipset was good. From what I remember they mentioned poor AGP...
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    Which X800XL has the avilable connection for molex?

    Yeah, which one has the molex connection? How much overclocking can be done on one compared to the XLs without?
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    HL2 normal maps not showing in dx8 mode

    I sent my 6800 in for RMA, using a fx5200 until then. Of course the game is running in dx8 mode but normal maps are gone. I only get diffuse and specular maps. Far Cry is a dx9 title and would show all bumps with the 5200. Doom3 never had an issue with them either. What gives?
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    Locked/unlocked NU results in CS:S stress test

    Just doing investigations into how much of a difference the 4 pipes will bring, and what my card's overclocking sweet spot is. After the rthbridl post, I was inspired to do a real benchmark. Default clocks on the 6800 OC are 350/700, in case you don't remember. Driver/card settings...
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    Temps while running rthdribl - good or bad?

    Card running 416/832 16 pipes. The average fps would hold at 76 then the fan would quiet down and I'd end up with 57 average.
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    PCIE board compatibility with ram

    See my sig for the ram I'm currently using in my socket 754 system. Will this 184 pin ram work in a socket 939 PCIE board or do they require dual channel? I'm assuming, based on what I've read, that my cdrom and ide disk drives are compatible.
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    I think my BFG 6800OC is bad - opinions?

    Since I've had this setup (see sig) I've had crashes in Source and Doom3, but very rarely. However, since a format and install of XP Pro this week, things have gone haywire. Source games crash constantly - either causing a blue screen + reboot or simply crashing to the desktop. Sometimes it...
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    Going above 1600x1200 isn't happening on my 6800OC

    I've tried to do it in custom resolutions and the normal display settings, but no workie. What throws me is this - I could go 19XXxXXXX on a geforce2 with the same monitor, years ago. 67.22 drivers. COMPAQ S900 monitor~ It's 19"
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    Anyone gone from a 6800NU to X800Pro?

    Performance increase, ESPECIALLY in Source? Better AA quality? Was it worth the switch? edit: Please, no comments about GTs. I'm considering it but Nvidia's performance with AA and Source left a bad taste in my mouth.
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    Lackluster performance in HL2 with 6800oc

    Is it the 128 meg of ram which is killing my performance? I get stuttering and generally low performance with the following settings: Textures: High Models: High Shaders: High AA: None AF: None Filtering: Bi Reflections: World 1024x760 resolution Stress test gets around 121 fps at...
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    ECS 755-A2 V1.0 - won't boot after CPU overclock

    CPU is athlon64 3000+ Changed cpu clock value in the BIOS from 200 to 232mhz. Computer now won't boot up properly. CPU and vidcard still getting power, but not the mouse or keyboard. No signal sent to monitor. And when I reset, I get long, loud beeps that don't stop.