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    When Is Your Steam Deck Due? POLL

    Q1 2022. 512GB. Ordered a few minutes after orders opened. Also ordered a 64GB for my son. Q1 2022 there as well.
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    Witcher 3: GOTY Edition $9.99

    Better oil up, just in case..
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    Witcher 3: GOTY Edition $9.99

    Honestly, I wouldn't mod it for visuals or fast travel. I've played through twice now and don't regret not looking for mods. Later in the game, when you reach Skellige, there is an option to purchase maps from a vendor for 200 gold that enable fast travel to other points on the islands. At...
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    Witcher 3: GOTY Edition $9.99

    I didn't expect the story for Blood and Wine to be so gripping. Like... "what the fuck am I feeling" good.
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    Your CPU progression

    This is by no means complete. There have always been multiple PCs, and I can't remember the exact specs of them all. 386-SLC 25Mhz 486-DX/33 Cyrix 150 120Mhz Pentium 1 200Mhz MMX passively cooled with Micron heatsink. Love that thing. Still have it. PSU is probably on borrowed time. AMD...
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    Command and Conquer Remastered *Deal Dead, now 19.99

    Bought this just to hear Hellmarch. Honestly. The full motion videos look worse than expected on a 1440 screen. But that’s to be expected The high-definition fishing snap in until a minute or two after the first round. So at first I was fumbling to understand why it looked blocky and why I...
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    DEAD WD Easystore 14TB $189.99

    You guys have a very informative conversation going on here. Honestly. But every time I see this thread pop back to the top I think I have a chance at getting some 14TB drives.. and It's tearing me apart :D
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    Anyone running their 3080/3090 with a vertical GPU mount?

    Thanks for the link to the 4.0 cable. Here's hoping the price on those come down some :D
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    Anyone running their 3080/3090 with a vertical GPU mount?

    Bummer. But at least there is some consistency. I wonder if this is specific to the Strix x570-e
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    Anyone running their 3080/3090 with a vertical GPU mount?

    No. That's something to test. I went function over form and ripped out the cable. Honestly, I am curious to know what electrical differences there are between a PCI 3.0 and 4.0 connector.
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    Anyone running their 3080/3090 with a vertical GPU mount?

    I ran into some odd issues with my Phanteks 90 degree PCIe riser cable. Ended up pulling it out of my system. The riser cable worked with my old EVGA 980 SC and my new X570 motherboard. However, when I installed my new 3070 Founders Edition card, things went sideways. Details below, for other...
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    Mowing over high PPD folders from yesteryear

    Agreed. I'm thankful we still have the forum.
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    [H]ot? MX500 1TB $92 at Amazon

    Nice. Great SSD for my kids i7-4700 systems.
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    Left or right AIO tube orientation (top mounted) for aesthetics?

    As others have said, Right would be better. Less bending in the tubes is a good thing for fluid flow. Also keeps the tubes from developing a permanent kink. Putting the tubes in air flow probably doesn't hurt either. Finding a way to keep the tubes off your GPU might be more difficult...
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    Man, I miss power supply deals

    They do seem to last a long time. Though capacitor age/dry out seems to be the most common cause of death. I still have a PSU in an old Pentium 200 that looks perfect and works. And an FSP 300W that I bought for my Celeron 300A build in 1999 that works great. Everything since then has died. :/
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    DAN A4-SFX: The smallest gaming case in the world

    Right? I mean, this is exactly the kind of thing I would have expected from them if they were still the company they were 10 years ago.
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    GOG pits StarDock vs Paradox in a weekend sale.

    Baldurs Gate 1 & 2 and IceWind Dale (ignore the recent expansion to BG2) are totally worth the money. Star Control I & II are both very good games. Though very old. Gal Civ II Ultimate is probably the best $5 you can spend.
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    Mulch back @ 5 for $10 at Home Depot

    I ran out of the Lowe's bags from last week. And need about 30 more. So this is perfect. Thanks!
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    Red Alert 2 and Yuri’s Revenge now free on Origin

    Thanks for the heads up. Error here too. But I want it on Origin.. so I'll keep trying.
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    Best Case under $200?

    I absolutely love my NZXT Phantom 630 it's discontinued, but still available on Newegg and Amazon.
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    NZXT S340 Steel Mid-Tower Case Review @ [H]

    I used one of these for a build for a friend's kid. It really took the kid by surprise. In his words "I had no idea it would look that nice". I take that as high praise from a 16 year old.
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    best budget laptops $300-400?

    Newegg has some used ThinkPad X220's in your price range. It's has a 12.5 inch screen. Is very light, and has a long-lasting battery. That makes it ideal, IMO.. but she may want a larger screen.
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    RMA turnaround time

    Just got off the phone with MSI and they say they just don't have any 7950 TF3's to send me. So they are sending a 7970 TF3 instead. Works for me.
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    RMA turnaround time

    Why three months? That's an incredibly long time.
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    What was your 1st 3D video card ?

    An nvidia TNT 770, or something like that.
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    RMA turnaround time

    Thanks for your input. My other card is a gigabyte, and up until now, I had considered it to be the lesser of the two. I guess I'll see how things go over the next week. Hopefully MSI gets a replacement out to me soon.
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    RMA turnaround time

    It's been a long time since I last had to RMA a video card. Those that have had to do it in the last few years, what's the turnaround time? I'm on week 5 of an MSI RMA, as in, they have had it since November 27th. I understand the holidays can delay things, but I'm starting to feel like it...
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    Corsair 800D Backplane Upgrade Kit

    Actually, it seems like Paypal is having trouble processing payments right now.
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    Corsair 800D Backplane Upgrade Kit

    Awesome. In for one.
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    Gigabyte Windforce 3 7950 - starts at $278

    Comes with Crossfire bridge and PCIe power adapter cable. Relisted as a Buy it Now listing. -SOLD
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    The Altcoin Thread

    I get 300KH/s out of my XFX 7850. Great card that is easy to cool at room temp (72F) and only wants one 6 pin power connector.
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    The Altcoin Thread

    Going to three tonight. What did you do to improve your WU efficiency?
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    The Altcoin Thread

    Exactly what has happened to me. There is a Corsair RM1000 sitting on my desk. I'm picking up two 7950s from a buddy on the way home where there is a new MSI Z87-G45 and a Core i3 waiting on the porch. Tonight, Worker.2 goes from one 7950 to three and hopefully from 640 KH/s to 1920. Beyond...
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    The Altcoin Thread

    There seems to be a buzz around Dogecoin that is distinctly lacking with Litecoin and other altcoins. I feel like it's going to stick around, even with the silly name.
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    7970/280x underperforming?

    It's been killing me that my XFX 7970 ran slower than my MSI 7950. The updated BIOS seems to help. So the 7970 went from 480 to 550. Over 700 is possible when I put in -g 2, but the system consistently crashes when the batch file with -g 2 is run. Regardless, thank you for posting this...
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    Lenovo T400/T410 switchable graphics on all model?

    The same goes for the T410
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    7x 4TB WD-Enterprise with EXP3000 and ServeRAID 5025?

    Changing the OS is not an option. Thanks though.
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    7x 4TB WD-Enterprise with EXP3000 and ServeRAID 5025?

    Boss wants at least 16TB for new backup space. Backup server is an IBM x3650 with 6x full 3.5 inch drive bays. (2x 73GB 15k SAS and 4x WD RE4 2TB 7.2k SATA). RAID card is a ServeRAID 8k. Installed EXP3000 with 7x 4TB WD Enterprise SATA drives. However, ServeRAID Manager reports the 4TB...