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    New Call of Duty: Black Ops Patch Helping?

    It doesn't seem like they spent nearly enough time optimizing it for the PC. After CoD:MW2 it's obvious the focus isn't on us PC gamers as much which lead me to boycott this release (which I'm glad I did after reading about the issues with the PC release). I think we need to send a message to...
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    Well, I wish I bought EVGA instead of BFG

    Is EVGA’s tech support available over the phone 24/7/365 like BFG’s as well?
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    ATTN: eVGA 9800GX2 owners!!!

    The PCIe 6-pin power plug was designed and UL listed to provide up to 108W which is in excess of what the 9800 GX2 actually draws from the 8-pin connector. The standard gauge of wire used in conjunction with the 6-pin PCIe power plug is also within spec for handling this load. I’d very...
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    BFG to offer Step-Up-like program!

    It's still lifetime except outside of North America.
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    BFG 8600 GTS OC & OC2 With ThermoIntelligence

    The site was updated with the following apparently: *In an acoustically controlled environment with a background acoustic noise level of 19.2<20 dB(A), the NVIDIA reference fansink measured 39.9 dB(A) and the BFG ThermoIntelligence fansink measured 39.2 dB(A) I guess we'll have to wait to...
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    ATI and NVIDIA under investigation!!???

    If I recall correctly, the GeForce 2 Ultra had an MSRP upwards of $599. After that, the MSRP ceiling for a high end graphics card was around $399 and it's been crawling up slowly from there.
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    AGP Aperture Size?

    Set it to 256MB. I've done some performance testing and that seems to be the optimal setting. In lieu of that, 128MB isn't bad either.
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    New BF2Combat Video! :)

    Good stuff! In the back of my head I always thought that the Gundam Seed orchestral numbers would make good music for a video like this. :D
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    [H] BF2 Weekend 6-3/6-4

    If you go below -12 score you get booted from the BFG servers. Also, several TK's get you booted and couple more after that (assuming you come back) results in a ban.
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    [H] BF2 Weekend 6-3/6-4

    That's one of several changes we were working on which are now in place. Feedback FTW! :D Additionally, we've got an AF server up at
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    [H] BF2 Weekend 6-3/6-4

    33/64 ATM... Yay!
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    [H] BF2 Weekend 5-20/5-21

    There is a known issue with having multiple VOIP enabled BF2 server instances on the same box. I should have a stop gap fix in by tomorrow (or uh today) while I work on a long term solution.
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    ATTN BF2 Players: [H] BF2 Weekends?

    Hogan directed me to this thread, and building on what he said, I'd be happy to do reserved slots for anyone from these boards that would be a regular on our servers. I'm also open to suggested changes, map rotations modifications, and potentially adding more server admins should the demand be...
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    7900 GTX Forceware for Windows XP x64?

    Windows 9x/ME don't support the PCIe bus though, so no need for drivers for these cards. :D
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    BFG Lifetime Warranty

    I think because of holiday gift giving (we just got past "that" time of year after all), every company experiences drastically increased call volume.
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    Anyone w/a BFG 7800GTX256 running@501core and 1.3 mem?

    Maybe it's the geometic clock delta that's being read? 460MHz + 40MHz Geo = ~500MHz
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    One ghost image but different HD configs, any thoughts?

    I read that originally, but still had some doubts about whether or not Windows would even boot into the mini-setup without SATA drivers. I'll find out tomorrow either way, but in the meantime anyone with experience feel free to chime in. :)
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    One ghost image but different HD configs, any thoughts?

    So here is kind of how it goes. I've spent hours loading a system on an nForce 4 platform with a SATA HD (no driver disk needed on first install of course). I loaded everything except chipset drivers fully expecting to ghost other machines (with like setups) based on NF4, NF3U, and NF2...
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    7800GT w/ Ratpadz & Saturday Delivery - $349 Shipped!

    Reading red text, usually found in warnings, is obviously not recommend. ;)
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    2 x 7800GT -$649 Shipped! | 2 x 7800GTX - $879 Shipped!

    3DFuzion 2 x 7800 GT PCI Express - $649 Shipped ($325 ea) 3DFuzion 2 x 7800 GTX PCI Express - $879 Shipped ($440 ea)
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    7800GT w/ Ratpadz & Saturday Delivery - $349 Shipped!

    3D Fuzion 7800 GT graphics PCI Express card Amazingly, if you order in the next 30 minutes or so you get free delivery by tomorrow. Otherwise, I believe Chumbo's standard shipping is free which still isn't bad. Not a bad deal for fast shipping...
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    HardOCP's ATI CrossFire Evaluation

    Very good read! I agree with the review as it seems to have hit all of the major point’s right on the head about the technology itself. SLI sounds like it has better implementation all the way around, despite some of ATI’s promises.
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    BFG long in the tooth for customer "wants"

    It only takes one month to become long in the tooth? :p
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    Nvidia silently announces the 6800XT

    Don't forget the GeForce 2 Pro (GTS < Pro < Ultra). NVIDIA stopped using Pro for a few product cycles and moved to TI and look what ATI's 9x00 series high end card was for a year. Anyways, it doesn't really matter as long as those who buy it actually understand what it means in terms of...
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    weird video playback issue

    Does your monitor have an apeture grille? I'd have to guess that 77.56 was a beta release that was building up to the 77.72, so they likely share a lot of the same quirks. Try the 77.76 beta drivers.
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    7800GT heading to AGP

    It's official, AGP is no longer the "highend". :)
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    have nVidia killed AGP?

    I'd say major OEM's like Dell have killed AGP. :p
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    OMG, I Fried My 6600GT!

    You said your PSU mobo connector was on the burnt spot so did it like short the card? The pics should be intresting. :p
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    Terrible Problems With BFG From A UK Customer

    It doesn't look they said anything, but rather assigned it an arbitrary noise score. I'm not convinced it's noisy considering other reviews out there that say it's pretty quiet. :)
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    Terrible Problems With BFG From A UK Customer

    That's just for their fan accessories I would have to believe (they sell a GPU fan separately). As sherkelman said, the lifetime warranty covers the entire graphics card, including the stock fan.
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    Terrible Problems With BFG From A UK Customer

    I read a review a while back, let me share it with you. It seems to me that the BFG fan is not only pretty quiet, but offers some very good thermal performance. Please share with me where you are getting your information...
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    Terrible Problems With BFG From A UK Customer

    Where did you get that information? The lifetime warranty covers everything about the card as long as it's not modified in any way afaik.
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    eVGA ACS³ Thermal Solution Thoughts

    Hey, I own that battery powered razor. :o
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    BORKED MY CARD, help me out

    Assuming you merely broke traces on the top layer of the PCB, I say buy a conductive pen and try to repair them. I've used conductive pens to repair motherboards and unlock CPU's before. It's worth a try. 2505 Conductive Pen
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    bfg 6800oc driver+2d problems

    It sounds like the card has incurred some damage, potentially from unlocking those pipelines. Make sure the pipelines aren't still unlocked and undo / uninstall whatever you did / used to unlock them. Unfortunately though, unlocking those pipelines voided your warranty. :(
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    I think my BFG 6600GT OC AGP is overheating

    Very strange as the BFG 6600 GT already comes with a superior copper cooler. It sounds like maybe the GPU cooler isn't sitting right. Perhaps you should call their tech support and see if an RMA would be appropriate.
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    Windows Game advisor!

    Top 1% here.
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    crappy bfg 7800 gtx ... poor overclock

    LOL, seriously? It seems like you're getting a pretty good overclock that is on par with what most others are getting. I don't think I've seen anyone claim upwards of 525 / 1400 without water cooling and/or volt mods.
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    Dual fp2001 on 6800GT (sli)

    Then perhaps it could be a bad output. Have you tried using the primary output of the second card? If your motherboard is set to SLI mode (2x8) and not dual GPU / SLI mode in drivers, you should be able to support up to 4 monitors with nView regardless of which outputs you use.
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    Dual fp2001 on 6800GT (sli)

    You cannot use two monitors while in SLI mode. Turn off SLI mode and all should be well.