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    Longer length rails or an APC VX rack

    Guys, I am finally moving my home servers from an old short length rack to 2 very nice APC VX racks that I gt at a very good price awhile ago. The supermicro 3U server with supermicro rails works just fine in the new rack, but my NORCO 4U servers that I think have rl-20 rails on them are too...
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    dell H810

    I have a friend that is willing to sell me an extra dell H810 raid controller. Has anyone used one of these with non dell disks and SAS expanders?
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    So I saw the following ebay ad here: It appears to be sold on ebay under various names, like here...
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    ZFS and SAS expanders with SATA drives a toxic combo?

    So tonight I was looking at a link from picker's NAS assembly bog and noticed this post: Is this really true? I have used my HP SAS expander with no issue at all with hardware RAID and SATA disks, and any of the high...
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    Need a storage solution recommendation for a friend's company

    Hi. A friend of mine works for a company that does a bunch of online production. Right now, their storage solution is a bit of a shambles, and they asked me for some advice. (It's not a porn company :)). They need to have about 32 TB of online to nearline storage for videos that have already...
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    Why it's good to have a BBU

    So my storage server had been plugging along pretty well for sometime now. It's has 8 GB RAM and Q6600 (I do commmercial processing on the NAS too) CPU and has 2 volumes, an 8 drive 1TB Hitachi RAID6 array, and a 7 drive WD20EADS RAID6 array connected via an HP SAS expander to an adaptec...
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    ZFS server as part of windows 2008 domain?

    Question for you guys: Can a ZFS server running opensolaris join an windows 2008 server active directory domain using the builtin CIFS server? I know it can join an 2003 based active directory domain, or a 2008 one in 2003 compatibility mode. But my question is whether or not it can join an...