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    Help with OCing my e6300 further

    I've overclocked my rig to 2.9ghz but I'm pretty sure I can get a little more out of it. I've tried OCing further but have experienced instability. There are some options I'm not too familar with and would like any suggestions to help me OC further! I've added pics to show settings and...
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    My first overclock

    Recently I have been looking around for a dual core skt 939 CPU, but I thought it wasn't worth it considering prices will fall for Intels C2D and DDR2 ram, etc.... so last week I decided to overclock my CPU instead :D I was a bit wary as my system is fine and does what it needs to do, so I...
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    Difference between XP home and pro versions

    I wanted to find out what the main differences are between the home and pro versions of XP. Is the home version stripped down or does the pro version have features that are not erlevant to home users (e.g. targetted at businesses, etc) many thanks
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    Query on the LEDs on x1900 cards

    Does anyone know what the red LED (by the PCIe power ) is for? My blinks when I power on my PC and then it disappears and then the green LED (by the fan) stays on. Many Thanks
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    What are the AUX & Extra plugs for?

    I was wondering what the AUX and Extra cables are for on my Enermax PSU? I can't seem to find my manual. (My PSU is an Enermax EG465AX-VE)
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    Super Pi Error

    I've had a couple of erors when running Super Pi. My parts are as follows and were run stock 3700+ (2200mhz) 2x 1gb Crucial value ram (DDR400) X1900 CF edition Asrock 939dualsataII The errors I encountered are: 1) Not exact in round. 2) Non convergent in SQR05 I've read...
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    Which is a Toldeo and which is Manchester?

    Hi, I can't seem to find the correct answer to this problem. A retailer sells the AMD 4200 Dual core with the following code: ADA4200DAA5CD. My understanding is that this is a Toledo? I thought the ADA4200DAA5BV was the Manchester core. However, I queried this with the retailer and they...
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    Anyone used core temp?

    I came across this utility that suppose to be more accurate in reading the CPu temps. It's called Core Temp. Just wondering if anyone has used this before and if its safe to do so?
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    CPU or memory upgrade?

    I wanted to find out whether I should upgrade my current CPU (to a dual core) or the memory or forget either? My current specs are: AMD 3700+ with AC freezer 64pro (stock) 2gb DDR400 ram (4*512mb stocks) X1900 CF edition (basically X1900XT) Asrock 939DualSata 2 I'll be using the rig...
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    Question on x1900CF clock speeds

    Well, having returned the dodgy X1800xt. I managed to find a X1900 crossfire edition card (brand new) I got it today but noticed the core and memory speeds are not up to X1900xt standards. They should be 625/725mhz, but mine are showing as 500/600mhz. Is this normal or do I have a dodgy...
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    X1900 Crossfire edition query

    'd like to ask whether the X1900 Crossfire edition card is like the X1900XT or is it a slower/lite edition (e.g. X1900GT, etc)? I understand it has one DVI slot with the crossfire connector rather than 2xDVI. Are there any benchmarks with the CF card in single use? (It can be used on it's...
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    x1950pro or x1950xt or x1900xt or other

    Well, Im still on the lookout for card to upgrade from my x800gto for gaming. The x800gto is still amazing but some game are noticably on the crawl. I had the opportunity to use an x1800xt which was fantastic but I RMA'd it due to some artifacting. I was hoping to get some advice on which...
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    graphics card power requirements

    I'm thinking of upgrading my graphics card and briefly had the chance to use an x1800xt which worked well (i think :confused: ). However, I'd like to know which card would be the limit on my PSU: Enermax EG465AX-VE (460watt with 33a on the +12v rail) Other components hooked up are: 12cm...
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    Which ram is better?

    Id like to upgrade my 4x512mb Geil RAM to 2x1gb ram. Which of these two would be better (reliability/speed, etc) 1) Corsair - VS2GBKIT400C3 2) Crucial - CT2KIT12864Z40B I have also seen some Ballistix 2x1gb for around $80/£40 more, it's a lot over what I'd like to spend but what kind...
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    3Dmark06 not showing score

    I've recently reinstalled 3Dmark06 and after running a benchmark I didn't get a score but a button to go online and view my score. When I click on it, it opens a web page with the codes and scrolling through all the codes I can make out some parts of the score. This isn't ideal and I would...
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    Do I have a bad Graphics card?

    I recently got an X1800xt and it seems to work fine except when I load up ATItools. The screen gets corrupted. After a while the screen goes back to normal though. Here's are a couple of shots: However, I've noticed that also whilst I'm trying to find max core in ATItools there's...
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    Problems with X1800xt

    I've recently bought a x1800xt and I've had all sorts of problems especially with ATI tools. One question is that on CCC the clock speeds show Core = 594 and mem = 693 (1386) Thus these will show as 600/1400 rather than real XT speeds of 625/1500 On ATI tools I get the following as...
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    Do Memory Heatspreaders make a difference?

    I'm thinking of buying some standard DDR400 RAM, and I was wondering whether to buy some Heatspreaders to go with them or if they'll be a waste of time?
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    How can I check my RAM speed?

    Hi I have recently purchased a pair of RAM to boost my 1gb pair. Now I have 2gb but I'm not sure how I can check what speed they are running at? My original pair of RAM were: Geil Value PC3200 2 x 512mb (2.5 -3-3-6) running at 1T I recently bought a pair of 2nd hand Geil PC4000 2 x...
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    Question on 4x512mb RAM

    Hi I'm looking at adding an additional pair of RAM to my current set. Since I am on a very tight budget I can't afford to buy a pair of 2x1gb at the moment (with the increase in price!) So I have seen another pair of 2x512mb RAM I want to add to my current pair. Thus making 4x512mb. I...
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    Which Value Ram is the best? (2gb)

    I'm currently considering which brand of RAM is the best in terms of reliability and performance for my system below: Athlon64 3200 (Winnie) with TT Silent Boost K8 HSF (A1838) Asrock 939DualSATA2 Geil 1gb dual channel Value RAM (2.5-3-3-6) Connect3D x800gto Cavalier 3 with Enermax...
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    Is my A64 cpu a good one?

    I've been wondering whether my CPU is one from a good batch for overcloking as I can't find any info on it. The stepping info is: CBBID 0448spaw (3200+ Winnie) From other sites it seems the CBBID are a poor batch BUT the 0448spaw is a good week. Does anyone know of this batch? regards
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    Power problems with my new system?

    I've finally built my new system with the following specs: AMD Athlon64 3200 (Winchester) with TT Silent Boost K8 HSF Asrock Dual SATAII mobo 1gb (2x512mb) Geil Ram with blue heat spreaders Connect 3D X800GTO Audigy LS MSI DVD ROM LG 4163 DVDRW Maxtor Diamondmax 8 (40GB ) Enermax...
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    Which of these two Graphics card is better?

    Gecube X800 GTO or Powercolor X800 Bravo Edition Both have GDDR3 256mb ram, are PCI-e, and have 12 pixel pipeline and are selling at a very similar price. The Gecube has Uniwise cooling memory overclocked to 490mhz R480 core (running at 400mhz) memory is only 2.0 ns...
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    Which do you think is best? (PCI-E)

    I have been reading the various reviews of X800 GTO cards and have not decided on which is the best if the bunch. Does anyone have answers to why one is better than the other or are they pretty much the same? Sapphire X800GTO 256mb GDDR3 Connect 3D X800GTO 256MB GDDR3 GeCube Radeon...
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    Will this be a decent system?

    My current system is nearing the end of it's life and after upgrades after upgrades I was thinking it would be better to just build a new system. I have already started and have gotten myself the Coolermaster Cavalier 3 case with Window and an Enermax EG465AX-VE and some Sharkoon rounded...