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    scored one of these from work
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    Question about network wiring

    get rid of that cable split.:mad: its gonna be the bottleneck of your network. :D
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    This chart will infuriate anybody who pays for broadband in the US

    $49/month for 200/20mbps in Hawaii with Timewarner Cable its $59/month for 300/20mbps! no complaints here. I wish I could get fiber or DSL with higher bandwidth but hawaiiantelecom is stuck in the stone age.
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    need to completely block netflix in router

    maybe you should give him the bill if does not mind paying for the extra data charges. or tell him to get his own internet. why go through the frustrations of blocking someone from accessing sites? seems like a pathway to ruining your relationship with your roommate.
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    Help Me Select a Pair of Powerline Adapters

    get the highest speed available as the quality of data transfer depends on how far the devices are and the wire etc.
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    new ubiquiti ac ap lite unreliable... buggy firmware...

    yes you are required. 3 won't detect the new ac models at all.
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    new ubiquiti ac ap lite unreliable... buggy firmware...

    yes old uni AP 1st gen. I stayed far away from the AP N squared housing models.
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    new ubiquiti ac ap lite unreliable... buggy firmware...

    lol dont get me wrong I love the ubiquiti AP 1st gen's but I'm constantly finding issues with these new ac ap lites. client wants the latest otherwise I would have purchased the 1st gen AP's for him.
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    new ubiquiti ac ap lite unreliable... buggy firmware...

    new ubiquiti ac ap lite unreliable... buggy firmware... I brought a few of these to test before I install them for a client and weeks of testing I'm finding these AP's to be buggy and unreliable. using the latest hotfix 4.7.6 controller/firmware updates and I still see issues with...
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    random sites do not load properly

    random sites do not load properly all I see is text and it seems like the css do not load at all. This is happening on multiple computers... any suggestions? I am using opendns servers but I also switched to and same results...
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    Hard Drive Powering Off

    if you have a green or power saving hard drive(ie. WD green drive) then it is designed to spin down when not in use.
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    External HD w/ network connection

    why don't you partition a section of your 6TB drive to 200GB and see if your hikvision is able to see that?
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    compact 16 port or more gigabit switch

    Hi I'm looking for a compact gigabit switch with 16 or more ports. The only one I could find is Does anyone else have any other...
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    Questions about POE network camera

    Also make sure you set your share folders to 200GB. Any larger and the formatting will fail from my experiences. I'm using freenas as the moment to create the NFS share for each camera that I have.
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    ubnt UAP-AC-PRO / UAP-AC-Lite

    AC lite. It seems to be isolated with anything on 2.4ghz... been reading a lot on ubnt forums. I'll just keep rebooting for now and hope a support updated firmware gets release soon as I don't want to hose my brand new AP's :(
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    ubnt UAP-AC-PRO / UAP-AC-Lite

    got mines so far the speed improvement is awesome however I do have one issue with one of my laptops won't reconnect to the wifi after it goes to sleep. I have to power cycle the ap in order to reconnect. supposedly they have an beta firmware out there to resolve 2.4ghz issues... but you need to...
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    Linking two pcs together

    you will want to look into VPN if you want to do that. theres openvpn
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    Linking two pcs together

    you can with network cable between the two laptops but you will be bridging your network with the wifi
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    For small workgroup w/ small files (20MB or less) does NVMe SSD makes a difference?

    if these pc's are just running old standard HDD then just going to SSD you will see a big difference.
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    How do sites like Facebook know so much about your browsing and how do you stop it?

    delete your facebook account and stop using it. now they won't know anything about you :D
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    windows 10 network help

    if you dont recall the local account just make another local account.
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    Recommend me a punch down tool

    I got one of these. I can say I use it like maybe once every 3-4 months for various jobs. It works great.
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    windows 10 how to prevent email from linking with local windows account?

    found the following... I'll do a local gpo policy to prevent this again lol thanks
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    windows 10 how to prevent email from linking with local windows account?

    windows 10 how to prevent email from linking with local windows account? I have a user that keeps linking her email with the local windows account. how can I stop this?
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    2015 Macbook

    OWC sells replacement hard drives for rMBP
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    hikvision ios app ivms-4500 slow compared to android?

    I just upgrade from my android to iphone 6s and notice that the app doesn't respond the same as it does in quality of video stream as the android. I notice that I have to change to to fluent back to clear and then I get good video quality at 1080 compared to my android would automatically...
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    cisco switch line con 0 - what does stopbits 1 do?

    cisco switch line con 0 - what does stopbits 1 do? Does this disable the usb port for console?
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    Ubnt wired PoE network cameras

    +++++ for hikvision only reason why you want to get usa verified versions is if you want to update it and have english gui. otherwise you can get the china revision ones. you just wont get up to date firmware unless you can read chinese. just dont update the firmware and you'll be fine...
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    Looking for $150 area Router

    seriously? complaining about having to buy power injectors? your getting one solid wifi network! anyways i got a 3 pack system and it came with power injectors for your information. but as stated... your going to want to spend a little more bang if you want the best!
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    Looking for $150 area Router

    $150 isn't going to future proof you for anything. if all you want is wifi then you should get a 3pack unifi AP system to place around your house.
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    ip kvm for 48 servers- what ip kvm are you using?

    what ip kvm are you using? or are you using idrac? if so how? is it better?
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    core i7 overkill for quickbooks?

    Is core i7 overkill for quickbooks? trying to spec a regular PC for client and they want a core i7 but ya its not my money. core i5-4590T 2.0ghz core i7-4785T 2.2ghz
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    200/20Mbps in Hawaii
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    old DLP projection tv no HDMI port want to use with steaming device

    I have a DLP projection tv that does not have a hdmi but it does have DVI and component ports. I would like to use this with a steaming device. I no longer have cable. Any suggestions? Thank you.
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    OSX Yosemite Install issues on an SSD on a MacBook Pro 15"

    have you tried making a usb install of yosemite? much faster then going to dvd.
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    Small home - LAN party area setup

    what kind of games are you playing? are they all lan base games? hardly any lan games left except for counter strike... you want to find out your max upload as gaming with 5 or more people with 5mbps upload can cause some latency issues.
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    reccomend: Modem for time warner, been having issues

    you may as well get a new modem as timewarner is upgrading their service and the SB6141 is only rated up to 100Mbps on their modem approval list.
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    Qnap setup

    go with raid 5. been doing raid 5 for 6 years on my qnap and never had a hard drive failure and performance is good. i have 1 drive spare sitting incase. no point in going raid 10 why do you need the extra small boost in performance? is it greater then storage space? you basically...
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    Ubiquiti ERL - as a switch?

    if you already have a ERL why don't you get just a ubnt toughswitch to provide power to your AP's? I currently have a edgemax poe and bridge port 1 and don't have any performance impacts that I notice. home use as well.
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    Help On Wireless Router

    buy some cheap ass wifi routers and some powerline ethernet adapters. but your still not gonna get the max bandwidth with wifi. best start learning how to patch holes and run cables in your house!