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    Samsugn S27A950D question

    Hey guys I keep seeing this screen popping up with this extra price/tag: -W LED/BLU But i cant seem to find much info about why and if this is better than a regular 950D. Is the price justified?
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    GTX480 and physx card question

    Is anyone using a gtx480 and a physx card (say a gts240) and multiple monitors (say two)? If so I was wondering 1) Do you plug in your 2nd screen into the gtx480 or the gts240? 2) If into the gts240 does the gtx480 still have the high idle temps when there's 2 screens? Thanks
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    Do not buy Razer Imperator

    Here you go guys I made a video explaining the issues and why it's unsuitable for gamers who lift mice.
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    Ati Crossfire Finally gets custom profiles!

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    Why are you upgrading to rv870/g300?

    Any reason in particular? I can't honestly think of any game pc game coming out within the next two years that won't run on max with current cards. And no I don't give a crap about running crysis at 60 fps.
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    9.8 Catalyst out from quakecon.
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    Q9550 $170! Beats the hell out of the newegg q6600 deal.
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    Accelero hd4870x2/gtx280 30/25$ off! Accelero gtx280 41$ accelero hd4870x2 45$
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    Accelero hd4870x2

    For those of you who still have one/care enough:
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    Arctic cooling HD4870x2 heatsink

    A custom air cooler for anyone who has an hd4870x2 and is not on water (or did not buy a tri fan version): Price: 53,95 € / US$ 68.30
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    HD4870x2 Tri fan ghetto edition.

    Success! Idle before: 64c core 2 60c core 1. Idle now 42c core 1 44c core 2. Load: testing now:
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    Site been down for days and their products seem to be gone from the stores and newegg doesn't even list abit in the mobo section anymore as a choice. Any idea? Edit: just as soon as I type this the site came back online :o
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    Do I need a new psu?

    I'm thinking of building a wc system and was wondering: will my psu suffice or am I pushing it already? I currently have 6 fans in the pc that I would like to replace for quieter ones and run 4 or 5 fans in the loop as so: So far I've been recommended the fesser x-changer 120.3 and 120.1...
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    Queting pc with AcousticPack

    Hey guys I bought acousticpack ultimate to quiet my pc because the fan noise is really annoying. I am using only panaflo fans (120mm and 86.5 CFM) at 6v and max 8v on full load. My temps are fine and I have no overheating (with all 4 cores running ingame or in prime I reach 58-60c tops). My...
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    Mineral Oil PC kit available

    Looks interesting (the pro version). I wish there were more pictures though: I wonder if the radiators only cool the oil or are also connected to the cpu? Edit: err could someone move this. This belongs more in general case mod area.
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    Strange stuck pixel.

    Hey guys I have a sharp aquos 37" and near the center I have a one white single pixel. I've tried running the fast color loop, massaging the pixel and taping on it but it doesn't seem to help. It's only noticeable when you play anything that has darkness in it (movies, dark games). What I...
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    I knew it.
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    HD4870x2 Working fan speed in here.

    Hey guys I installed expert tool v4.0 (that supports hd4x line) and to my surprise it controls fan speed of the hd4870x2 as well! I gotta say though at 50% fan speed my idle temps dropped from 67c...
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    Got my hd4870x2 (surprisingly works)

    Honestly I wasn't expecting much from 620hx with this beast but I've been gaming for a few hours straight and there's no problem.
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    HD4870x2 price revealed? 429.50 EUR = 669.077 USD Any thoughts? I hope it's lower in the US so ati has a change to compete vs gtx280.
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    Bad idea heat wise?

    Trying to figure out a way to place my consoles before the XHD3000 arrives
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    Will I overload my fuse box?

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    Will I overload my fuse box?

    Hey guys with all the recent upgrades I've been thinking. In my current room I have a total of 4 wall sockets as so (red is wall socket) On my right I have two surge protectors plugged into the red socket by the table of stuff. Currently plugged into the two surge protectors (both 6 plugs...