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    Quad CrossFireX Evaluation (2x HD4870s and 2x HD4850s) from

    iBuyPower Testing and Overclock Team Presents: ATI Hybrid CrossFireX 2x HD4870s and 2x HD4850s With the 4870s in the wild, we at iBuyPower decided to try running the Phenom 9950s our AMD reps gave us to test on a Quad CrossFireX configuration with 2 HD4870s and 2 HD4850s in tandem. :)...
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    Crysis at 60FPS with 16xQ AA...

    It only took $2,100 worth of graphics card and $2,000 of computer to reach the holy grail. :p Intel QX9770 Yorkfield @ 4.0GHz 3 x GeForce GTX280s in Tri-SLI 2GB DDR3-1800 (2 x 1GB) (PC3-14400) Mushkin RAM 1200W CoolerMaster PSU