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    Asus AI suite 2 for Z77 boards

    So apparently a win10 update a few months ago borked the AI suite 2 on these older boards like my maximus V gene. I've looked around and haven't found much info on if asus is going to fix version 2 of the software, they already fixed version 3, but it won't install saying I have the wrong board...
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    Been out of the WC game a while, what are the best retailers now?

    It's been 3+ years since I've had to buy anything WC related. It looks like sidewinder hasn't been getting new inventory, where should I be shopping these days? I'm in the US btw, I'd prefer not to be shipping across the pond.
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    gtx670 ppd low?

    So about 2 weeks ago i switched from the smp client to gpu since I finally got my 670 watercooled. I deleted the cpu slot, and the associated extra client options in the expert tab then added a stock gpu slot. Seems like the only wu i've been assigned is 8900 that is worth 6k base, with 19300...
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    WTB used high end GPU

    So with the 290x arriving and BF4 around the corner, is anyone looking to unload a gently folded on 670/760, 680/770? I can consider a 7970 as well but it would have to be a reference layout as the goal is to put a waterblock on it and AMD kind of screwed people by putting that stupid bracket...
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    Can I do raid 0 with different SSD brands?

    Currently i've got a corsair force gt 120 SSD that's basically out of space. I've been shuffling games on and off of it for the last few months. I'm thinking about adding another for RAID 0 since Z77 supports raid trim now but finding one used has proven more difficult than i expected. Do...
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    WTB solid cat5e bulk cable

    Hey guys I need a run of about 250ft max of some cat5e so I can put the office in the basement instead of in the hot upstairs. Internet comes in upstairs, then I need to run it down to the basement. have to have a hard line to run my VOIP phone for work. Anyone got some extra bulk cable...
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    old receiver, spring clips broke

    So i've got about a 20 year old onkyo tx-800, and a plastic clip on both channel A and now B have broken off. Now the spring isn't tight and won't hold the wire. I'm not sure if I can repair these or possibly use a banana plug or something? If i can avoid replacing the entire receiver...
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    FS socket 775 gear, waterblock

    well with the my recent move to sandybridge, I've got a couple items for sale here now. ALL 4 items for 110 if someone wants it before Monday, or I'll probly send it to the normal FS forum! CPU, mobo, ram pending, waterblock available X3350, 45nm socket 775 xeon, equal to Q9450 in terms of...
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    Fresh D coming

    So this weekend, if anyone noticed, microcenter ran a sale on 2600k's for 199. I had a buddy scoop me one up from the dallas store. Now i'm in the middle of procuring the rest of my parts. Since this is my desktop which also does some gaming and light programming, i'm looking to get a...
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    populating all DIMM slots hurt OC'ing?

    So back when we were still on socket 775 i thought if we had all 4 dimm slots filled, we'd lose some ability to obtain a max OC. Is that still the case with sandy bridge? I'm getting ready to build a new rig to replace the old quad with ivy bridge, but i'm not sure if I should move to 16gig...
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    DD monsoon basic pump/res combo

    So earlier this week i sent a message to Danger den about their monsoon basic's, which to this date i've never seen at a retailer other than their online store. Here's the response I got from them. "The manufacture is not going to be making them for awhile. So I do not know when we will be...
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    6.34 smp client error

    Soo for the last week or so i've had an issue with the 6.34 client dumping with an error. i'm getting this: Launch directory: E:\FAH SMP Executable: E:\FAH SMP\Folding@home-Win32-x86.exe Arguments: -smp [03:32:22] - Ask before connecting: No [03:32:22] - User name: peck22 (Team 33)...
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    BF3 moving from PS3 to PC, can you port your soldier stats?

    So I finally convinced my buddy to move from ps3 to pc since he's tired of playing by himself all the time and he's got a pc that can run it. He just goldboxed the key on amazon for 30, and is getting ready to load it this week. Can he port his soldier over? Or is he starting from scratch...
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    Longer than expected BF3 load times?

    Have some of you guys noticed longer than expected load times? With the rig in my sig I'm playing with a buddy that has similar specs, nonSSD hard drive and what not but he is running a core-i5 750 stock while my core 2 quad cpu is heavily OC'ed. Yet he loads a good 20-30 seconds faster than I...
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    USB DAC, can I run it through a kvm?

    So when H's recent review of that creative usb dac, i got curious. If I plugged a usb dac into my kvm and it swapped it between my 2 machines via the kvm, I'd basically get dbl duty out of it right? I could use it on both my laptop and my desktop without any issues? Anyone ever done this...
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    anyone looking to jump into sandy bridge next week?

    With all the early previews of motherboards and whatnot, anyone gearing up to build a sandy bridge box for folding? I've thought about upgrading my C2Q but I just can't justify it right now. I think i've decided to wait until I can move to a hex core box that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg...
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    when is the new version of WHS due out?

    I know the vail beta has been out most of this year, anyone know if we're going to get a retail version soon? I couldn't find much via google that told me when it's due to hit retail. I'd kinda like to wait for it if its going to be sooner than later. Any ideas?
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    Old HD497 earpads splitting :(

    Is there any way to repair or replace the earpads on my old headphones? There's a seam on the inside that has split on both of them exposing the foam inside and its starting to get irritating. There an easy way to maybe glue them back together or a place that sells replacement pads? I'd...
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    will thermalright VRM coolers work upside down on my 5870?

    So I'm thinking about watercooling my 5870 and since i've already got a MCW60 block and ramsinks i need a vrm cooler. It's down to the swiftech unisink or the thermalright VRM-04. Issue I'm concerned about is that my case is reverse atx, so the mobo expansion slots are at the top of the case...
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    how loud is a aquaxtreme 50z?

    My buddy is looking to get into WC and is mostly going for the silence factor and wants to know how quiet the 50z is? Is it quieter than a D5 or 655 going full speed? Or about the same? Anything else he should know about hte 50z that might make him not want to go with that pump? It's used btw.
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    Am I missing out on bonus points?

    So I recently had some issues getting WU's and someone pointed out that i was on the old client. Well moving to 6.29 got me up and going again and now both the quad in the sig and the work lappy are getting A3 WU's instead of the older A1 and A2's. Am I missing out on bonus points by not using...
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    cooling conundrum, best course of action?

    Cliffs for how we got here: bought this case a few years ago: Bought swiftech apex watercooling, got the dual 120 rad hanging off the back, rig in the sig cooled but had an 8800GT in the loop as well. Everything was great...
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    possibly adding a sub, plus wiring questions

    Hey guys, over xmas I upgraded from z-5500's to some sweet energy rc-10's and a vintage onkyo stereo receiver. I didn't have the cash for a sub but the tax return came in this week and we got more back than I expected so we decided to blow a bit of it. So I'm looking at 200 or less for a sub...
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    5770 at 90c?!

    So I got a 5770 a few weeks back, its the stock xfx with the reference cooler, not the egg cooler. I also have a reverse atx case so it sits toward the top of my case. I've already adjusted my intake fan to get more fresh air to it and it dropped from 90-91 to 88-89 at full load running...
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    older parts and mostly dead 8800GT for sale, cheap!

    First, the 8800GT, single slot evga model with the later model cooler that had the larger fan opening. I had this card watercooled so the stock cooler is brand new, and heat was never an issue. For those of you that had missed my thread about it, here's the short version. Started getting...
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    WTB GTX260 or greater

    Welp the 8800GT gave up the ghost, I'm looking to spend 160ish and try to get a GTX260 or greater. Anyone got anything? I'd prefer the stock blower cooler if possible. If i can't find anythign i'll probly go 5770 and not fold on it. But if i find a good GTX card i'd drop the ole folding...
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    Where'd the guides page go?!

    We used to have it stickied and now it leads to a dead end when i hit the link in the hard central thread. :( Pretty rotten day at work, got disconnected during our hon game cause my pc blue screen'ed on the nvidia driver which it hasn't done EVER. Then the cat knocked over a speaker in the...
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    thinking of selling z5500's and going 2.0/1?

    So I'm working from home more this winter and while the z5500's are great speakers for gaming, I'm finding them lacking esp compared to my living room setup and my headphones. So i thought, these things are only 7 months old, why not sell em and pick up some good 2.0 or 2.1 setup for more music...
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    any other models in the <13 inch market?

    So the wife's old fujitsu lifebook is on its last legs, hinge is broken so you can't really open and close the screen. I've been hunting for replacements the last couple months. Here's the requirements Her requirements: Her fujitsu is only 10.6, so the new one needs to be <13, she says 13"...
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    missing points?

    It seems that that most of my clients aren't getting points recorded for the past week. Is this a common problem for ppl right now? I was averaging like 9k per day and now i'm only getting 1 of my 3 SMP's reporting. my...
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    Should i use my IP35 pro dac or Z-5500 dac?

    Hey guys, I'm gonna need to make a monoprice order to move the living room to 5.1 from 2.1 and I thought to myself, maybe i should order an optical cable to connect the 5500's to my pc. Right now i'm using the regular analog cables. I looked up the codec on the IP35 pro, and its a realtek 888...
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    Looking for nview extensions

    So I got a new work lappy, a toshiba tecra that has a quadro 150M in it. It's got the 175.90 drivers on it and i'm running dual monitors. I've been looking high and low thru the nvidia control panel thing and nowhere can i find where to turn on the nview right click menu extensions and extra...
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    do i really need to use the boot camp drivers?

    So I just got a new alum macbook for work. There's a possibility that they will let me boot camp winxp as they bought me a full version to run in vm fusion. I'd rather run it natively as I'm not a big fan of some of the differences between the osx and windows. But why isn't the issue here, my...
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    so i got this new macbook for work...

    For some odd reason we're a development firm which maintains a large website, and they issue us macbooks along with VM fusion and a copy of xp. Whatever, it wasn't my choice. So the question, can I run SMP natively on this new macbook? I didn't see a mac guide for SMP or classic client :(...
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    can I run GTX260 SLI or 4870 xfire on CM 750w?

    So I've got the Cooler master Real power pro 750w. It's been a solid psu since I've had it, but I'm thinking of upgrading here soon and there's a chance GTX260 SLI or 4870xfire could be in the cards at some point. This psu has 2 cables, both have an 8pin PCI-E AND a 6-pin on a single line. So...
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    Bad to think about buying a 500gig 7200.12 right now?

    Anyone think this is a bad idea or are those trouble free right now? Anyone have any idea? I'm contemplating buying some since they're 500gig on a single platter. I've seen some of the headlines lately about the all the 1.5tb drives and others in the 11 series having serious issues, that...
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    Any new smartphones coming to market soon?

    So I'm in the market to upgrade to a smartphone here in the next month or so. Verizon is the only carrier in my area to offer 3G speeds so I'm pretty much stuck with them. I've looked at the samsung omnia, htc touch pro, and the storm. Are there any others coming out on verizon that I should...
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    Any issue running PSU with paperclip longterm?

    While that may seem like an odd question, let me give you the quick version of the story. Wife wants xbox360 moved to cabinet instead of on top of tv stand. Cabinet has no ventilation, I say it will require 2 120mm fans on the back to vent the 360 heat. She says fine. I pull out old PSU...
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    Max Payne 1 and 2 vista compatibility

    So with the new movie coming out soon, I thought about picking these back up and playing them through again. Only issue is i've moved to vista since last time i played them. Anyone know if they'll run under vista 32bit?
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    Sad, abit is leaving us

    According this article over at hexus, abit is not going to be bringing anymore sweet mobo's for us to play with anymore. It's too bad, some of my fav boards i've ever worked with and overclocked on have been abit boards.