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    Intermittent cable headache

    I've got Comcast cable for my high-speed internet as well as cable for my TV. My problem is after a small wind, breeze, or whatever, my internet goes out as well as my lower band channels on my TV. I've had Comcast techs over several times but by the time they show up everything has resumed...
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    [H] golf shirts

    I want a shirt like Kyle is wearing in CPU magizine. I know they used to offer them on the home page a couple of years ago, but I'd like to know if there is a way of getting one now? If this post is in the wrong area please feel free to move it.
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    there are no internet games visable that pass your filter settings

    I get this message when I log on to Steam and go to the servers tab to look for games. This message comes on when I try to refresh. My filter settings are set to "all" right now and I can click the spectator tab and join a game as a spectator.I can't get in on the history or freinds tabs...
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    Asus E616P2 not good for backing up games

    I recantly bought an Asus E616P2 from my friendly Newegg e-tailer. I already have an E616P1 in another system so I figured why not get the newest model for my own? I like to use virtual drives so I'm not constantly looking for my games to load up, or scratch them in the process. Well the Asus...
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    Invalid ADR field detected

    This is the error message I get when I try to backup my Doom III and NFSUG2 games, does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
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    Cannot change transfer mode on secondary IDE

    My secondary IDE channel for my DVD rom is "stuck" in the PIO mode of transfer. I've checked the BIOS and I'm set up in auto detection. Also I've switched the setting in the device mgr from PIO only to DMA if available, but it still will not switch even with reboot. Do I have a rouge program...
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    Norton Ghost problem

    I just cloned a hdd,moved an 80gb drive to a 200gb drive, and I can't get my internet sharing to work(local home network). My control panel shows that its being shared but no dice, and when I try to repair the network I get one of them yellow things with an exclaimation mark telling me its not...
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    What's the best way to copy a hardrive to another hardrive?

    I have a 80gb WD that I want to copy to a 200gb WD(boot drive), what is the best,and fastest way to copy it over? I've used the software that comes with the HD but it dosen't ever seem to work right. I can't get the comp to boot after I put the copy in as the boot drive.I've got Norton Ghost and...
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    Antec 480w True, took a dump

    My 480w Antec True took a shit on me this week after only 1 1/2 years. How many others out there have a high dollar PSU only last this long? My first idea it had problems, was when it would freeze by just "clicking" on an item. I wouldn't even have to start a game or anything. Then my...
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    Cordless mouse gives me video problems

    This is a strange problem, my son's keyboard just quit on him (mx-700 combo) and we suspected it was the batteries.After putting new batteries in, we tested it and it still wasn't functioning.I pushed the connect buttons on the keyboard and did all the other troubleshooting things I could think...
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    Microsoft, leave my card alone!

    I'm getting tired of Microsoft putting Nvidia drivers in the Windows update. They're usually one driver set behind and I have to constantly monitor my son's PC so he doesn't mindlessly install them. Last set fuxxed up his card and I had a hell of a time cleaning out all the bullshit left over...
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    8mb of missing ram

    I have a computer at work,(actually 5 of them) that has 256mb of ram, but only 248mb show up in the system properties. We have a game here which requires 256mb of ram and it won't let us play, I can install it, just can't play it. My question is, where did the other 8mb of ram go? Can I get it...
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    Sony DRU-710A or DW-D22A-B2?

    What is the real difference between these two drives(other than one's OEM and looks a little different)? Edit: If this is in the wrong area...
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    Asus rev 2.0 or not?

    My board is stamped rev 2.0, but it shows up in Sandra & CPUZ as a rev 1.XX. I really don't give a shit one way or another, I was just wondering if anyone else got these readings?
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    Asus A8V, How can you tell if your board is a rev 2.0?

    I know you can tell while booted up, but are there any markings on the board itself? The reason I'm asking this is, I had to RMA my first board and it was a non rev 2.0, it was a 1.4 or something like that. I just want to know what my replacement board is before I install it. It's no big deal...
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    New setup just bit the dust!

    My machine just now died on me, I can't get it to POST or even get a beep out of it.While it was still running, I attempted to burn a DVD, but I couldn't get my DVD burning program to come up, I just kept getting the Windows default beep sound. I thought I could just reboot and everything would...
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    The Diskology Diskjockey does anyone have one?

    I do a lot of hardrive copying, I was wondering if anyone has got one of these, and if they found a better deal on them? A seller on eBay is selling them for $269.00, I was just wonering if any other e-tailer was selling them any cheaper?
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    Does CSS come with HL2?

    I know it's probably a stuipid question, but I have to ask.(and I mean the retail version of HL2)
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    802.11b vs 802.11g Is it worth upgrading?

    I have an 802.11b system, router, and two stations. Would it be worth it changing to 802.11g ? Has anyone else done this and are happy with the results?
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    xbox tunnel (gamespy) or xbox connect?

    Which one do you use and why you prefer it over the other? We used xbox tunnel for the last couple of years until something corrupted our network adaptor and forced us (me and my sons) into using xbox connect. I like the xbox connect myself while my sons miss the gamespy version. We could get...
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    How many of you pre-loaded Half-Life 2?

    Just wondering how many Half-life freaks out there did what I did,(pre-load Half-Life2) and it took four hours!
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    Blurry menu in Doom 3

    Is there anyway to fix the blurry menu? I don't want to switch my settings during gameplay which are set to high, or my resolution(1200x1600).
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    Hard drive won't load Windows

    Just got a new 200gb WD OEM hard drive from Newegg. I can't seem to load Windows, or anything else on it . I can't get Windows to boot from the disk,all I get is a Dash blinking in the upper lefthand corner of my monitor and nothing else.I tried to copy hard drive to hard drive, and that...
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    Hard drive problems or other?

    Recently I upgraded my Catalyst drivers and everything went along fine for about a week. I was playing the new BF Vietnam mod WWII, and I would get freezes where I would have to shut my comp off and reboot. I thought this was a driver issue so I promptly cleaned my drivers out of the...
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    File transfer problem

    I had a tech at work copy my games & other files to another hard drive so she could format, and install Windows on my hard drive. Everything looked good, I can see the folders with my games on them. Only thing I can't access them to play( they need to be transfered from one place to another) I...
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    A64 3500+ $348.00 Retail

    That the price, and threy're available. I should have waited 3 more days!!!!
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    Asus AV8 rev2.0

    How can I tell what rev the board ( I'm about to order) is? I can't find anything in the mfg specs to determine this.I don't want to get the one without the AGP lock, if anyone knows please share. Also, my Corsair pc3200LL is not listed at Asus's website as a qualified memory for the A8V. Wtf...
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    DVD drive with +&- capabilities

    I am looking for a DVD drive capable of reading DVD R+ & DVD R-. I have checked out the DVD ASUS 16X DVD-E616P1 R at Newegg and it looks good. Has anyone else bought this unit and how do you like it?
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    Sony DRU-540A or Pioneer A-108

    Which one of these seems to be the better unit? I have a DRU-510a and was thinking of upgrading to a 12x burner.
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    I'm missing my Power Options in control panel

    My power options are not "all there" in the control panel. I'm missing some files or something rendering the power options worthless. Is there a way of restoring the missing files other than a system re-install? (windows xp professional)
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    Can't play CS with X800XT on Steam

    Ever since I installed my new vid-card, my monitor crashes at the title screen on CS. I tried it on Half-life and experience the same problems. My screen goes black and I get this freq not available or some bullshit like that, in a little blue box on the monitor.I can hear the Cs music theme...
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    Is 100 hertz too much?

    Will it hurt anything to run my monitor at 100 hertz? Recently my monitor has gotten real "shakey" at 85 hertz, I had to set it at 100 hertz to get rid of the shakeyness.Is my monitor going out, or does my video card have anything to do with this?
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    How do I find a lost game key in the registry

    I cannot find a game key for Terminator 3 (my kid's game so don't flame me). I looked in the registry under Atari and Terminator 3 and cannot find the game key. Are there any suggestions on how to find it. A game key finder app?
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    Artic Silver 5 or Ceramique?

    Which one is rated better nowdays? I'm a big Ceramique fan, but now I hear a lot of noise about As5.Can someone fill me in on the advantages of As5 over Ceramique?
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    Anybody have inside info on BB & X800XTs ?

    Someone out there has got to know something on when BestBuy is going to get their pre-orders on the X800XT-PE coming. There has got to be an employee out there who who could leak just a little info on when they are going to send them.I'm becoming slightly impatient, and this is not my normal...
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    6800 128mb model at Newegg I wonder how much the 128mb will affect the performance?
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    BB pre-orders coming?

    Does anyone else have a Bestbuy X800XT-PE pre-order coming? I was told through e-mail maybe 6/21. If you haven't cancelled by now, have you heard anything?
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    PNY 6800 ultra

    I found this as the cheapest one of it's type around.