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  1. Solhokuten

    The core i9 12900K used 2.3x power than the Ryzen 5950x in official benchmark

    Allegedly the new flagship Intel used 2.3x more power than the 5950x in official benchmark, and the recently released AMD cache fixes were not installed. I'm not sure how reliable the article is, but if true, Intels new big dog CPU isn't quite as impressive as I thought it would be...
  2. Solhokuten

    Just ordered a 5900x and Asus Dark Hero VIII x570s

    It been quite some time sense I've used an AMD CPU. I believe my last one was the XP 3200 Barton core. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. My main concern is my Corsair RGB Vengeance PRO 32GB (16GBx2) kit and its compatibility. AMD cpus seem to prefer different modules than Intel...
  3. Solhokuten

    Netflix raises prices on standard and premium plans

    Another year, another price hike by Netflix. This trend will probably continue.
  4. Solhokuten

    Nvidia Shield Pro with Atmos & Dolby Vision
  5. Solhokuten

    Apple TV 4K audio really sucks

    I own an Apple TV 4k and Nvidia Shield. Both are connected to my Onkyo TX-NR575 home theater setup 5.2.2. The apple TV audio quality is terrible on every app with the exception of content that passes through Dolby Atmos audio. I find myself turning up the volume quite a bit with most content and...
  6. Solhokuten

    Pioneer SP-T22A-LR Atmos Add-On speakers reverberating

    Im getting excessive reverberating with my Pioneer atmos add-ons. At times it sounds great, but other times the echo is repeated so many times its insane. This happens with both native Atmos content and other upscaled audio with Dolby Surround. Do I need to reduce the DB for these speakers or is...
  7. Solhokuten

    Convert DD+ to DD 5.1

    Is there a device I can use to convert DD+ to DD 5.1. I'm trying to get 5.1 surround out of the Netflix app on my Nvidia Shield TV with Logitech Z-5500. I know this is a long shot, but figured I'd ask anyway.
  8. Solhokuten

    35" AOC Agon 3440x1440 WQHD Curved Gaming Monitor G-Sync $679 So tempting. Anyone out there have any experience with this monitor?
  9. Solhokuten

    Nvidia Shield TV Gamestream

    So, I just picked up the 2017 Nvidia Shield TV from my local BestBuy and was wondering what the optimal hardware setup would be for 4K gamestream from my PC. I would like to hear from folks with first hand experience, but the floor is open to anyone.
  10. Solhokuten

    Metro Redux Bundle $6

    Great deal for some sweet games.
  11. Solhokuten

    Dead Deal

    48HR only. Just bought these from Amazon for $300 plus tax:( HiFiMAN HE-400S Over Ear Planar Magnetic Headphone |
  12. Solhokuten

    Is this safe?

    I was reading through this thread putting in a drain port on my system. | Overclockers Forums and one of the guys used one of these Stinger 2.5 gal. 1.75-Peak HP Compact Wet Dry Vac WD2025 at The Home Depot - Mobile to drain his loop. Is that a good idea or could it potentially damage your pump?
  13. Solhokuten

    Should I be using Fast Sync?

    I already use gsync. Is there any benefit to be had by enabling fast sync as well.
  14. Solhokuten

    Warm? Corsair Gaming K70 LUX Mechanical Keyboard $99

    Beats the newegg price. Cherry MX Red Cherry MX Brown...
  15. Solhokuten

    First WC build questions.

    Looking to WC the system in sig. I will be getting a Titan XP to replace the 980s. I have ordered the following from What else do I need? Also thinking about getting a a new case with a side window. Which one would you guys recommend? Thinking about the Corsair 780T. EK-CoolStream...
  16. Solhokuten

    All Future Microsoft-Published Games Are Coming to Console and PC About time.
  17. Solhokuten

    GTX 1080 SC ACX 3.0 Benches

    Check it out. EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Superclocked ACX 3.0 Edition And GTX 1080 SLI Sneak Peek | HotHardware
  18. Solhokuten

    Holy Crap! KOTOR fan-made reboot

    Have you guys seen this? Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic fan-made reboot looks promising
  19. Solhokuten

    DELL KACE provisioning question.

    Ever since upgrading the k1000 to 6.2 I can't see to successfully provision the agent to any workstations. Has anyone else encountered this issue. Manual install of the agent works just fine.
  20. Solhokuten

    GTX 980 SLI Cooler

    I have a GTX Matrix Platinum and a EVGA 980 SC on the bottom. In long gaming sessions my reference 980 gets up to 84c, the Matrix stays pretty cool generally in the high 60s under full load. My Question is should I get an aftermarket cooler like this...
  21. Solhokuten

    Surround Question

    I have a single 32" 1440p monitor, if I were to go surround which additional monitors would you guys recommend. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm only going to have SLI GTX 980s so nothing to crazy.
  22. Solhokuten

    980 SLI Question.

    Thinking about upgrading to the Acer XB280HK 4K gsync, and grabbing an additional GTX 980. My question is what model should I get? The [H] sli review recommends non-reference due to throttling, but I already have a reference 980 SC so should i get another or a strix, matrix, or something like...
  23. Solhokuten

    Warm? Turtle Beach Tangos $99 These are refurbished. Mine came in perfect condition with all accessories. These are the best headphones I've owned. You...
  24. Solhokuten

    Network software audit. Need help.

    I'm looking for a program that can audit software installed on networked workstations. The tool needs to give granular information on the software installed, like if a newer version is available, and EOL. Does such a tool exist? We already have the Dell Kace K1000 appliance, but it doesn't give...
  25. Solhokuten

    A little bug crawling in my display.

    Somehow a little bug managed to squeeze itself in between my QNIX QX320QHD's LCD and matte panel (think I said that right). Anyhow I went to tapping the screen hoping for its departure, and accidently smashed the fucker in there. So I was faced with a dilemma, attempt to take the monitor apart...
  26. Solhokuten

    Warm? 20% Off Nvidia Graphics at Amazon. The above link shows many cards at...
  27. Solhokuten

    Dual boot OSX on my rig.

    I would like to setup a Mavericks partition on my rig.. Can anyone point me to some good tutorials. I have no idea what folks are using now days to get this done.
  28. Solhokuten

    Esxi and OSX Mavericks Console resolution.

    Finally got a Mavericks VM going with Esxi, but my max resolution is 1024x768. Was wondering it there is anyway to get my native res out of the vm. Im using a HD8k series OEM video card and video passthrough is a no go. Any help would be much appreciated.
  29. Solhokuten

    What happens when my ESXi 60 trial expires?

    Will I still be able to manage and remote into my VMs? Will I still be able to add additional VMs to the server?
  30. Solhokuten

    Can m power PS handle 290 Crossfire?

    Ugh that titles all kinds of fucked bad. Thinking about getting 290s for crossfire. Can my rig handle that much power?
  31. Solhokuten

    Castlevania LOS Ultimate 25% Off at GMG

    Not bad. :)
  32. Solhokuten

    HOT! NZXT Phantom 820 $124.99+shipping

    Only the white model is currently instock. Going to try and hold out for Gunmetal or Black. These are REFURBISHED.
  33. Solhokuten

    Castlevania LOS Mirror Of Fate (3DS)

    Demo was pretty sweet. Anyone plan on picking this up? Thoughts, Opinions?
  34. Solhokuten

    Nvidia 310.90 WHQL Released Release Highlights This GeForce driver is recommended for the best experience in the blockbuster holiday games. GeForce R310 drivers add optimizations for Far Cry 3, providing up to 38% faster performance. These drivers also include optimizations for Call of Duty: Black Ops...
  35. Solhokuten

    Windows 8 Ultra Fast Boot UEFI GOP

    Anyone get this to work on a Nvidia 600 series graphics card? When I enable the option via bios I get an error on reboot saying " video card dosent support UEFI GOP" or somthing like that.
  36. Solhokuten

    The Darkness II $7.49 at Get Games

    The Darkness II $7.49 at Get Games. Activates on Steam.
  37. Solhokuten

    Finally got 3D Vision working on my S27A950D

    I used the inf located here and bam 3d vision works like a charm. This is with the latest drivers from nvidia. So far I have played Borderlands 2, Darksiders, and Skyrim in 3D Vision.
  38. Solhokuten

    XFX 7970 Artifacting in Crysis 2

    I recently upgraded to a XFX 7970 Black from CFX 5870s. All games seem to run without issue except for Crisis 2 where I get some graphic corruption(flashy blocky textures) when I look at trees from certain angles and some car windows flash randomly with a black texture however the game never...
  39. Solhokuten

    EVGA GTX 590 768bit and Asus 590 384bit???

    Will the 768bit memory actually affect performance? Ugh nevermind there just adding the bits from both gpus. Shady marketing :/ seems there using the same technique with the advertised 3GB of memory. Had me fooled there for a second.
  40. Solhokuten

    Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme 5970 now available!

    Accelero Xtreme 5970 is now available for purchase on the arctic cooling website. Accelero Xtreme 5870 still MIA. The bad news is it seems to be killing everyones dvi ports and worse.