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    DEAD Seasonic Sycnro case plus 750W PSU: $119 after instant discount and $15 MIR Free Shipping direct from Newegg

    Ripped from SD. $179.99-45.01 IR - $15 MIR = $119.99 Seasonic MIR are slow as molasses...
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    Is the GPU dead? ASUS DUAL-RTX3070-O8G

    Brother purchased a Cyberpower PC from Best Buy with an Asus DUAL-RTX3070-O8G back in Feb. (I7-10700K, Asrock Z790a 2.5/4, latest non-beta BIOS) Received multiple texts from him stating his RE Village performance was atrocious and choppy last week. Went over, come to find out he's had his HDMI...
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    Pixel (gen 1) bluetooth issues

    I'm on the latest builde (8.1.0 March 2018 release). Since upgrading Nov 2017, I have not had bluetooth work. I'm able to toggle the bluetooth button "on," but the phone does not recognize that it is on. Drop down from the top, does not allow me to turn it on as well. I'm at a loss. Nothing...
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    MSI K8NGM2-FID and Kworld ATSC-110 issue

    I have the aforementioned components in my system with Vista Ultimate 32. The issue is when running Vista Media Center: it states that there is no tuner card installed in the computer. I checked within device manager and it shows up as a Phillips capture device. My question is, would I have...
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    How to remove Startup folder?

    I was clearing out my Startup folder last night and I accidentally dragged my Startup folder onto the desktop. I for the life of me cannot remove it from the desktop. I tried to delete from the desktop, but it keeps telling me that it's required for Windows to run properly. I used Unlocker to...
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    Super Talent 1GB stick for $59 + shipping @ Ewiz

    Don't know if this is hot, but bought two sticks of 1GB ram at Ewiz through froogle for $59 a stick + shipping. They're Super Talent, model # T6UB1GC5. Here is a link: T6UB1GC5 Here is the same stick of ram at Newegg Shipping for me came out to be about $9.28 for both sticks.
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    [H]ot: OEM E6300 at Microcenter for $149 before shipping

    I got an email advertising an OEM E6300 for $149 before tax and/or shipping. Here is a link. Good luck.
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    Viewsonic VX2025WM @ Microcenter for $349.99(A/R)

    Here is the Viewsonic VX2025WM @ Microcenter for $299.99 after $50 rebate. This is great for those that can't stand waiting for products to ship, but don't mind for rebates. Monitor Rebate
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    Broke a capacitator on my 7800gt: good or bad?

    As the title implies, I broke one of the capacitators on my 7800gt. The card worked fine in CS:S, DOD:S, and HL2, but it borked out in Oblivion. My question is, will the card be "fine" in the long run with a missing capacitator, or will I have to buy a new card?
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    Woot 250GB wd HDD for $54.99 shipped

    It's back! Enjoy :D
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    Lian Li PC-G50- is this new?

    I just found this Lian-Li case at Coolerguys: It's the Lian Li PC-G50. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this Lian Li? It looks to be a good solution to those that need/want additional cooling on...
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    Sub suggestions

    I currently have my pc hooked up via optical to an HK AVR-135 and a pair of Polk R15s. What sub with a max price of $200, would you guys recommend for this system? Thanks
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    Warm? 19" LCD for $239.99 SHIPPED ($179.99A/R) @ Newegg

    There is a Tyris LCD for $239.99($179.99 A/R) at Newegg with free shipping. It has DVI connections as well. Well, enjoy the link:
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    Questions about Forceware conrol panel?

    Is there anyway to import color profiles to a separate directory? Whenever I save a color profile, it only saves it within the Forceware control panel. Thanks ahead for suggestions.
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    Ageia PhysX driver released, but where are the cards?

    I just glanced through the guru3D site and found that Ageia has released a driver for their PhysX cards. Here is the link: Are these cards available yet? I can't seem to find them at any of the big etailers( ZZF, New Egg, etc.) So when will...
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    Suggestions: What kind of receiver for Polk R15s?

    I have ordered a pair of Polk R15s off of ebay. I was wondering what kind of receiver to use for these speakers as I'll be using these hooked up to my pc. My budget for a receiver is $200, shipping included in the price. My main use will mostly be for music listening and movies, and the...
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    Hot? Refurbed DFI LP UT nF4 SLI-D $99.99 + $1 shipping @ NewEgg

    Don't know if this is hot or not, but found a refurbed SLI-D at the Egg for $99.99+1 shipped. Here is the link: Enjoy!!!
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    Asus P5DL2 HD problems

    Hi all. I have a friend who has an Asus P5DL2 motherboard with a 930 processor. The problem is with the Raptor he just bought. We first tried installing Windows on it, but get an error stating that NTLDR is missing. From my understanding, this only happens with an old OS install, not with a...
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    Warm? Polk R15 $49.99+ shipping @Outpost

    Don't know if this is hot or not, but here you guys go: Edit: fixed above link
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    Warm: EVGA 7800GT $250 AR

    Don't know if this has been posted or not, but here it is:, an EVGA 7800gt for $270, but $250 after mail in rebate. Not a bad price, even before rebate.
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    7800GT $289.99+ SHIPPING @ Newegg

    Looks like they're having a sale on the EVGA 7800gt. Enjoy :D
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    AMD 3800+ X2<$300

    Here is an X2 under $300 at Zipzoomfly: Enjoy :)
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    X1800xl at the Egg $319 after instant rebate

    For the ones who haven't upgraded yet: Enjoy!
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    Problems using a wireless router as client

    Hello all. This will be my second post here on the forums. Been roaming around and really learned a lot on here. Well, back on topic. I bought this Zyxel router here,, at CompUSA last night when they had their...
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    $359 Evga 7800gt/mobo offer

    For those that missed out before, here it is at Tiger Direct. Enjoy!!