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    Westinghouse 42" 1080P HDTV (TX-42F430S) - $1035

    Hmmm... this is a really good tv. Is it just me or did it lose a DVI input and gain a VGA input instead? Can anyone confirm full 1920x1080 operations in windows XP (watching videos, playing 1920x1080 games) using VGA on this tv? If everything checks out, this monster would be a true...
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    I'm looking for your help in finding a modern 42"+ 1080p monitor/tv

    I've been digging around google for hours trying to find a good, cheap monitor that fulfills these requirements: 1920x1080 native resolution 8 ms pixel response time or below 1+ DVI input (omg this feature is so rare!! why is that??) OR 1+ VGA (if and only if it can support 1:1...
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    Westy 42" Need Help with BF 2142 setup

    I wish I still had my Westy LV42W2 (stolen) so i can give you an exact answer. But based on my experience with that monitor, you have to play around with switching video modes using your remote control until you get a signal. Also keep in mind that BF 2142 cannot do widescreen resolutions...
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    Age of Empires 3 gameplay discussion

    True story. Same ol same ol.
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    PS3 "in game" movie

    Then the Xbox360 wins by default :eek:
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    PS3 "in game" movie

    How come I keep hearing developers hating to code games for the PS3 ? That could be why it's so hard to find any actual game footages for any games on this console.. people are probably on strike or something.
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    Graphic Settings for 512megs Ram in WoW

    Are you suffering the 1 frame per minute problem at other areas besides Ironforge/Orgrimmar AH?
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    Bored with WoW, should I try EQII ?

    I'd be playing EQ2 right now if it wasn't for: 1.) Small raid sizes (20 ish is average raid. Bigger raid size is better experience) 2.) Load screens everywhere. 3.) Still too few solo content, considering you need to solo a lot nowadays with so few people. 4.) Crappy combat system. (slow...
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    WOW, 1g ram or 2g?

    The amount of RAM you need is actually not related to the lag problem in Ironforge / Orgrimmar. You're referring to the 30+ seconds of freeze where your computer takes a dump to try to load all the character data in those cities' hot spots right? If so, that lag is caused from the huge chunk...
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    Will nvidia EVER fix the shimmering problem?

    nVNews posted a temporary fix to the flickering problem. Yes, I own a Radeon 9800 Pro and 6800 GT OC on two rigs. I play World of Warcraft and do notice 6800 GT flickering like heck, while the Radeon yields no flicker. As soon as I...
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    AMD 64 3200+...Is this a good mobo?

    PC3500 is implied that you overclock. Or else you would have to "underclock" the RAM.
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    a64 3400+, 1gb pc3200, 6800u...11500 wtf?

    Hmmm... VIA Hyperion 4-in-1?
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    ATI AGP speed problem?

    It's almost like buying a car without an engine and expecting it to work right =P
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    So who actually enjoyed Doom3?

    I'm too scared to play D3 for long periods of time. =P It would be more enjoyable if I won't get a heartattack, don't take that as me wanting to reduce the terror factor, keep that as-is. Also, all FPS games seems to make me nauscious for some reason.
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    Help setting up Dual Channel...with my new 512 stick

    1.) You won't get any form of noticeable performance increase in dual channel with an Athlon XP system. 2.) Use slots 0 + (1 or 2). Slot 0 is important for some reason beyond me, in Athlon systems. It's why it's always colored different.
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    building new pc video card question....

    Actually I'm running some old school PC2100 in my system right now. Plays Doom3 smooth as silk =P
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    A64 3400 - Newcastle or Clawhammer?

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    Geforce 6800 Ultra & Antialiasing problem

    Woot, that makes 2 out of every 3 person that has problems on this forum that I've helped having issues with their mobo chipset's drivers. =P EDIT: I wish I have enough money to get your comp. /drool
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    UT2004: CPU or memory upgrade???

    I have never personally seen or been in any situation where a CPU of your speed is the bottleneck.
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    Artifacts with BFG 6800 Ultra

    My first inclination is update your chipset drivers too. You'd need to remove Forceware first, install the chipset's AGP drivers, then install ForceWare. If that doesn't work, check your temperator using the Temperature Settings option in the nVidia Control Panel during a run using the Real...
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    Geforce 6800 Ultra & Antialiasing problem

    Reset your BIOS to default settings through the CMOS jumpers. Afterwards, reconfigure the BIOS but only touch the settings you know 100% what they are and do. Uninstall your ForceWare (your nVidia drivers), install the VIA Hyperion 4--in-1 drivers...
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    UT2004: CPU or memory upgrade???

    Since you're asking this question in the video card section, I'm going to say Video Card.
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    Geforce 6800 Ultra & Antialiasing problem

    Which ForceWare version are you using? What's your motherboard brand, and manufacturer? Check your BIOS to make sure default graphics port is AGP, not PCI.
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    Which is better

    But when you say 6800, there are three other cards that are 6800's also. Which 6800 are you referring to?
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    Geforce 6800 Ultra & Antialiasing problem

    Or the real obvious problem might be that YOUR VIDEO CARD ACCELERATOR IS NOT ENABLED? Start -> Run -> Dxdiag -> Display Tab -> AGP Texture Acceleration -> On or Off?
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    Question about new video card

    So why does an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ running at a mere 2ghz beat the crap out of an Intel P4 Northwood 2.8ghz? Architecture.
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    Which is better

    Undoubtedly the 9800pro.
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    Worth upgrading 2500+ to 3200+?

    Is his CPU even capable of OCing to a 3200+? Is every 2500+ XP chip ever made, able to OC to a 3200+ XP? I don't think so. If he can't OC that high, he cant.
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    A64 3400 - Newcastle or Clawhammer?

    When you buy a CPU, the amount of OC that's possible on your chip is going to be random. It's best to get the chip that performs "best" for your initial stock settings. With a Clawhammer, you get the advantage of 1Mb L2 cache but DISadvantage of being 200mhz behind. With Newcastle, you...
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    Abit KV8 and overclocking SATA woes

    Lack of an AGP/PCI lock will destroy your RAID / SATA drives that's for sure. If you OC past 220mhz I wouldn't count on your data being there the next morning. What's amazing to me though is how you managed 2.3ghz on your IDE hard drive for so long without having any data corruption.
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    Athlon 64 3200+, Clawhammer vs Newcastle, which one faster?

    Does anyone know or can point me to a location where they did a side by side review of the Clawhammer vs Newcastle cores? It's basically a comparison between 200mhz or an addition 512kb, which one gains the most benefits. EDIT: Ignore this thread. A similar thread already exists.
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    I am glad I advised AGAINST any upgrade for DOOM3

    That is the precise reason why MMORPGs will rule over any FPS =)
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    Abit KV8 Pro or Epox 8KDA3J+?

    Yah, I just ordered mine early this morning from CensusPC too =) is cheap until you checkout.. turns out you pay a TON for shipping.
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    trace question

    I wouldn't trust myself with that low level of electrical work. Would just send it back for the same mobo.
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    Recommendations for an Asus K8V?

    I notice a difference between DDR400 and DDR266 ram. In Emperor: Battle for Dune you scroll much slower with the lower speed RAM. EDIT: For everything else, I don't notice at all! Though benchmarks shows a dramatic drop in system performance scores across the board.
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    Setting the Front Side Bus on my MB

    That's the problem with advertising, they always show you the bigger number. Motherboards that say 266mhz FSB means its net FSB is 266mhz, which is 133mhz core. In overclocking, you mess around with the core FSB which in turn changes the net FSB. EDIT: Athlon XP 3200+ are 400mhz net FSB...
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    Coolbits 2 and TriOps?

    Uninstall your ForceWare drivers then reinstall it. Apply Coolbits 1 afterwards.
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    Coolbits 2 and TriOps?

    I just use Coolbits 1, where everything is the way they should be.
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    How far can u safely push a A64 3000+ and a 3200+?

    Some questions: - Your mobo is the EPoX 8KDA3J right? - How far did you manage to push your RAM past 200 mhz?
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    pc2100 and Xp2800, thats a no go?

    Hey that's the same RAM I have =) Currently using it in my DDR400 system to test its max OC. It works just fine if I change my CPU:RAM ratio to DDR266 settings. Afterwards I overclock the system to see how far the RAM can go.