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    I'm looking for your help in finding a modern 42"+ 1080p monitor/tv

    I've been digging around google for hours trying to find a good, cheap monitor that fulfills these requirements: 1920x1080 native resolution 8 ms pixel response time or below 1+ DVI input (omg this feature is so rare!! why is that??) OR 1+ VGA (if and only if it can support 1:1...
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    Athlon 64 3200+, Clawhammer vs Newcastle, which one faster?

    Does anyone know or can point me to a location where they did a side by side review of the Clawhammer vs Newcastle cores? It's basically a comparison between 200mhz or an addition 512kb, which one gains the most benefits. EDIT: Ignore this thread. A similar thread already exists.
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    Pre-Order PNY GeForce 6800 GT $330 @ I don't know where to find a reliable resellerrating for this site, but additional info would be nice.
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    AA not possible with glow effects?

    In the latest patch notes from Catalyst 4.7, they mention Anti-aliasing doesn't work with Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. I suspect it's because of the glow effects built into the game engine inhibiting the AA from working. Since I have a Radeon 9800 Pro, I can verify that AA does not work in...
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    BFG's nVidia 6800 GT memory latencies?

    Does anyone have a clue on the memory latency settings for the 6800 GT besides its lower clock speed than its siblings? I just find it hard to believe this card can go for $200 less than 6800 Ultra MSRP just because of lower memory and cpu clocks.
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    SB Live! Value vs. SB Audigy2+

    Can anyone fill me in on what's better with the Audigy 2 series over the ancient yet reliable SB Live! series? I have my SB Live! Value sound card for over 5 years and it's proven to be an excellent product from my perspective. What is there in the new generation of audio cards that can...
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    W00t! Lineage 2 open beta on March 28, 2004!

    Hurray for dark elf ass and boobies! :D :p :eek:
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    Looking for GeForce FX BIOS archive

    I'm looking for someone that can help me find an original eVGA GeForce FX 5900 ultra BIOS or know a place on the net that has an archives of all GeForce FX BIOSes. Thanks
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    Best AMD64 memory timings, revealed!

    Keep in mind the following stuff in my Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is system specific. The data may not correlate exactly with your setup but it does bring to light the probable best settings for TRC, TRFC, and TRAS. Here it is.
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    Secret crippled nVidia GeForce 5900 Ultra?

    I've been looking through Aquamark2003 scores lately and have stumbled onto something very disturbing/strange. From the link here (My Aquamark2003 Score) and here (jonspd's Aquamark2003 Score), it seems we both have nearly the same video card. However, his is a non-Ultra version, and apparently...
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    Overclocking Vid Card using Powerstrip.

    Since Powerstrip auto-loads itself into the Windows icon list in the bottom right everytime you boot up, I was wondering if I can turn that off and still retain Powerstrip's OC while I play games. It's a bit annoying to see one more program running in the background taking up some system...
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    What is wrong with my Athlon 64 3000+?

    I just received my Athlon 64 3000+ last night, along w/ the rest of my system specs in my sig. First thing I did after OCing this baby a little was load up 3DMark2002 CPU test. I was appalled at the microscopic performance increase over my previous CPU! The tests cranked out consistently...
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    Which mobo for Mushkin Blk Hi Perf Lvl2? Please help decide.

    I'm torn between two mobos: Abit IC-7 Max3 or Asus P4C800-E Deluxe The determining factor in which board I get is whether it can truly do 2-2-2-6 with this RAM: If anyone...
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    2.4c > 2.6c ?

    I don't understand what the fuss is about on the Intel 2.4C. It seems to me the only difference between a 2.4C and a 2.6C is the 2.6C having a better value due to just $5 more expensive than the 2.4C, but having 200mhz over 2.4C and 13x multiplier instead of 12x. Would someone explain to me...