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    Cooling new Asus 590SLI

    Alright, so i have the new Asus 590SLI mobo and my room is in an attic and it can hit extreme temps (even with AC on) and i am having a prob with the northbridge overheating. The problem is that it has that heat pipe circuit cooling and i dont want to take it all out, what is the best...
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    crossfire on 590 chipset?

    Quick Q, been out of the loop Will crossfire with 1900 cards work on the new asus 590 sli board?
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    Cheap ATI cards

    Not sure if you guys know this but ATI has an "employee purchase program" that employees of Circuit City, best buy and pretty much anyone that sells ati cards can take advantage of. The prices are pretty nice, for instance you can buy an x1800xt for $360 with a $50 mail in rebate, so if you...
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    low 3dmark05 score

    What kind of score should i be seeing with my setup below? Right now im getting 5500 with stock gpu clocks, that seems low
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    8 pipelines?

    I just got an x850 xt, i was playing around in ati tool and noticed that the prog said i had only 8 piplines rather than 16. Flaw in prog? Or flaw in card? it should be noted that i changed out the stock blower for a Zalman 770 (or whatever) cooler, maybe i got a little extra artic cooler on...
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    Gamers CRT

    What an awesome 19' CRT?
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    Excellent Online Shops

    Well with Newegg price gouging these days, im looking for other online retailers that offer excellent prices and availability, what do yall like?
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    x800 voltmodding

    any good resources for x800pro volt modding?
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    Another SLI thread

    I was looking over my bank account, and a question popped into my head... Wont the SLI based systems be CPU limited unless you opt for a dual Xeon setup? I mean the current 6800U OCs are cpu limted up to something like 3.5Ghz, so wouldnt that mean 2 6800U OCs would be cpu limited up to say ohh...
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    best cooling for the x800

    What do yall think is the best cooling solution for the x800 besides water?
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    Tumwater press release

    If your looking for Dual xeon action for SLI then here is the solution
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    GPU water block

    Whats the BEST water clock for my x800pro, i need one thats 1/4in or someway to get it to that size, i need a good block, i wanna overclock it harder!
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    Watercooling block?

    What do yall think is the best 1/4in waterblock for my x800pro?
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    Thinking about waiting?

    Driverheaven did a comparison between the AGP and PCIe X800XT cards: They found out that the AGP card performed just as good and in some benchmarks better than the PCIe version of the card, so if you were thinking about waiting for the PCIe version...
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    Sound absortion?

    What have yall used for sound absortion? I know dynamat is what i used in my car, but i want something for my pc. I didnt wanna post in the other thread, seemed a tad off topic :rolleyes:
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    Painting inside of case

    i know what to do when painting the outside of a case, but how many layers and preperation should be done to the inside of a case?
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    painting acrylic

    Im looking to paint one of my panels on my acrylic case, are their any paints that i can see through so i can still see my components?
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    Where is a good tutorial to learn how to wet sand and apply some sort of spray paint (Duplicolor metallic)? ty
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    x800pro OCs

    Wondering what everyone is getting on their overclocks, im getting 560/610 on stock cooling, i have the sapphire, has neone upgraded thier cooling?
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    Im thinking of sending my case to SC, but $800 on a painjob is alot, im thinking that the ATX standard will be replaced soon by BTX, how long do yall think it will take until i cant find a new ATX board to go into my ATX case?